Ya dun it now niggers

Ya dun it now niggers.
Got banned by some faggot tranny for some bullshit again.
Look what you made me do.
Out of sheer boredom I made a reddit account after 13 years of just being a channer and I goddamn hate that place.
You happy now?

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lol what? you were banned for that? bring back moot pls

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Not only that, but as soon as I got banned all my current posts got deleted as well. They were all decent posts too. No shitposts.
We have a serious moderation problem. This isn't the first time I got banned for frivolous shit.

racism outside of Sup Forums
>Sup Forums existing

>This isn't the first time I got banned for frivolous shit.
Ignoring a global rule is not:
> "... frivolous shit ".
Infringement of any global rule that applies on the board you are posting to merits a ban. You should consider yourself lucky that it was only a three-dayer.

Ba bam

calling someone a nigger is a staple of our culture and has been since forever
this infringes on my freeze peach

>I made a reddit account.

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>making a Reddit account
>Unironically browsing Sup Forums
That's two strikes.

Was your post responding to someone torturing animals

Fair enough - if it is confined to Sup Forums
but OP posted it on Sup Forums where it has never been allowed, even if people have got away with it from time to time.

>unironically browsing Sup Forums in 2019
right back at you. This is the first time I've been here in 10 years. Just didn't wanna call the mod a nigger on Sup Forums and get banned again for a stupid technicality (hurr durr muh global rule 3) cause I'm a little bitch with a static IP

The wordcount for the word nigger on this site in in the billions

>instead of learning not to be a racist shitposter who unironically moralfags about animals, he makes a reddit account
you made the tranny ban you.

>Instant damage control
>Implying dis-irony of Sup Forums posting isn't still shitposting
Guy, it's extremely easy to switch to dynamic. Make a call to your provider and boom. Or y'know, just reset your modem. Unless it's a net ban. Either way, three days ain't shit.


maybe you could express your disgust of hurting animals without saying nigger


abusing animals is retarded but so is being racist, might as well start abusing animals retard.

Shut up, Nigger.

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>three days ain't shit.
I have come to experience that after spending nearly every waking minute in this place for a decade, 3 days of not being able to say anything feels like an eternity.

lose weight

maximum edge

Quit being an edge lord on of all places then, retard. Learn to put a filter on your speech so it doesn't all come out as autistic "lol nigger" drivel.
But I know you won't.

Nigger Maximus

Maybe you should realize that it's a forum full of teenagers and you'll be drowned anyway because your opinion doesn't matter to a bunch premature ADD riddled children.
Tldr, lurk. There's barely any difference between that and posting. It's still a shit experience.

>Quit being an edge lord
So I have to quit being myself?
In 2019 chopping off your dick and insisting you're a girl is perfectly acceptable but being edgy is a bannable offense. I too enjoy this clown world.


>So I have to quit being myself?
Yes, that's what he's saying for the most part. It's not your forum. You don't make the rules. There are consequences to your actions. Free speech laws don't apply here and anything going on outside of the forum is completely irrelevant.

>You don't make the rules. There are consequences to your actions

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I support you, OP. That thread is full of other faggots who called that guy a nigger, and I doubt that tranny banned them all.
Even then, calling people niggers is just a thing we do. Global rule 3 my ass.


that always pisses me off but bad people shouldn't be allowed to exist, and that's got to suck

Sup Forums died of cancer years ago because underageb& camwhores made every single thread /soc/posting and everything became Sup Forumsitical, so now it's time for us to colonize this free real estate

If a mass shooting is aggression, then billions of microagressions is come out to kiloaggression.

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wait, there are actual rules against racism, globally enforced on Sup Forums? what the actual fuck?
I need to lurk outside of Sup Forums sometimes

Why don’t you just switch to cellular or use your phone as a hotspot?