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I can't be fucked with work today, its shitting down with rain and I'm pretty god damn tired.

Please can you help cheer us all up with gifs and webms of ISIS getting REKT with a healthy dose of Freedom and Democracy.

Pic unrelated

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Sorry anons, I've got nothin'

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Dont have and Isis rekt pics.

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Dont have any Isis Rekt pics, damn sideways keyboard.

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nice trips
can we just have a thread of badass us military pictures?

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And that's me. Sadly not that many War Pics are uploaded here.

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You live in the Illinois area, OP? I got out early at my job. We didn't have any work for the day so I'm taking a big old nap and playing resident evil later.

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That guy is a captain, this meme is retarded and whomst’ever made it is a civilian not a citizen.

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'Incident' in Germany .... oh wait ... I'm not surprised that they lost the war ... what a shit ...

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he jumped on an acorn to protect his squad, it turned out to be a dud but he was honored for his bravery

Ah, thank you Sup Forums I have kek'd muchly

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Does anyone happen to have the gif of a bunch of middle-easterns in a crowd, where a boy bangs a drum and then the crowd explodes?

Filename generally along the lines of "Abdul and his magic drum"

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No, it’s: lvl 99 bard

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BOOM! Thanks user

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Mans doin' the Hot Shell Boogie!

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Wasn't isis the one analy raping dudes and making blackmail videos so people wouldn't desert?