Is Trump the only serious candidate for 2020?

Is Trump the only serious candidate for 2020?

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No. My cousin Ronald is pretty serious

"The Crooked One" lmao
I truly hope Trump gets even bigger support.

1. He actually does pretty well.
2. He has squashed all his attackers
3. He is by far more interesting and active than most US leaders I have seen before.

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wow, even bigger support than ...more than half the nation wants him impeached?

Not even a top contender. You got a better chance of running a downie than tRump even standing a chance

The trump voter's retardation was on full display on trevor noah on the 9th. Funny as fuck.

The democratic party has some great candidates. Didn't see them arguing, just readed their bios. I would bet for them

He's never been a serious candidate, and he's never taken being President seriously. He wants to travel around the world to nations he knows nothing about, stand around with a dumb grin on his face, then go to the podium and talk a lot of shit.

don't forget 2024 and 2028

who gives a fuck?

Trump has never been or will ever be a serious candidate.

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I will vote for him.
Because he is here for the US citizen.
Someone explain how politicians become millionaires on government salaries

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Funny, nobody asked my opinion.

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Why would anyone take this idiot serious?
Who would trust him to run this country?
We saw what Obama did for us.

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Tulsi Gabbard.
Dem titties

Completely biased polls

>funny as fuck
Pick none, faggot

Warren is the next POTUS

it was a fox news poll...

oh ffs. are you talking about the person who wrote two bestselling books and can now command a healthy sum on the speaking circuit?

>don't vote
your voice doesn't matter, all politics is rigged, politicians are puppets and the left/right-illusion is just a smokescreen. the elite need you to enable the system by interacting with it, even if you vote blank.

He’s done nothing wrong at least that’s provable. Every time dems freak out about “we have grounds for impeachment” media just screams it over and over without showing the actual proof for the grounds. If they actually had a probable reason to impeach he would be gone in a matter of seconds they’d jump on that shit so fast, but instead you see them constantly say “we are moving for impeachment currently” or “shits being drawn up for articles of impeachment”. It’s just to make noise.

> travel around the world to nations he knows nothing about
>still ends North Korean aggression in his first year
>still moves American embassy to Jerusalem keeping the promise that the last 3 presidents promised and didnt do
Standing around with a dumb grin on his face in foreign nations? You’re thinking of Hunter Biden

>of seconds they’d jump on that shit so fast
Thus they began their impeachment inquiry.
You have a very vague and narrow premise on how impeachment works.

hes the only faggot

Trump is the only reasonable choice
Drain the swamp.

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No they haven’t, an impeachment inquiry would require congress’ approval which hasn’t happened yet, despite every dem saying that it has, because they’re all pussies and know that when this blows up in their face yet again it’s another garbage attempt to remove a great and active president. I think you’re the one that needs to look into impeachment.

>>still ends North Korean aggression
They're still launching missiles.
>>still moves American embassy to Jerusalem
I'm not a jew or an evangelical freak. Why should I give a shit about that?

None of these examples prove Trump has any knowledge of these places, and in fact he based his decision to grant Golan Heights to them after a "qucik rundown on Isreali history".

>an impeachment inquiry would require congress’ approval
A vote to move to the next phase is required.
>First, the Congress investigates. This investigation typically begins in the House Judiciary Committee, but may begin elsewhere. For example, the Nixon impeachment inquiry began in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The facts that led to impeachment of Bill Clinton were first discovered in the course of an investigation by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

>Second, the House of Representatives must pass, by a simple majority of those present and voting, articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations. Upon passage, the defendant has been "impeached".

>a great and active president
Yup, hard at work 5 hours a day with an one hour lunch when's not retweeting Fox and Friend's talking points or spending millions of our tax dollars to fly his fatass to one of his resorts.