Help identify this chick, Sup Forums

Help identify this chick, Sup Forums
Do you remember her name?
>I think she went by 'Squirtle' for some reason
>I *think* she was a Flip or Latina or some mix thereof
>Someone claiming to be her boyfriend/master was posting her pics *years* ago

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No but she's hot AF bamp for sauxv

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thx bro

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I'll also dump what I have

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Last I have of the 'set' btw (probably not really a set)

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Not her tho, but kinda looks similar

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Yaas! Who? And do you have moar (bls)?

The redhead? I'm just dumping. Or the one you posted? Is one chick the copycat and the other the original?

What's with the odd filenames?

Her bf posted her some years ago.
Made an IG account for the feet pics then disappeared.
Why you interested?

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I ment the redhead. And yeah I'm posting the same chick you requested.

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Saved them long time ago man, I don't really know

>Her bf posted her some years ago.
I thought so, I'm not crazy!
>Made an IG account for the feet pics then disappeared.
Maybe breakup privacy reasons. There could be an archive up
>Why you interested
Yeeah buddy, this chick's my fetish. If only I could cum all over her feet and glasses. Do you have a zip, Imgur link, or something to that effect?

Not OP but also appreciate the posts, king

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Yeah, you're right, also she's latina.
I don't have one, I'm on my phone rn so I'll post more of what I have.
Also what else would you do to her?

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She seems way smaller than me. Pick her up like a sack of potatos, put her on a bed with a big pillow under her ass, take off her panties, pin her arms, kiss an nibble her neck, spread her legs with mine, and fuck her deep and hard with poppers dick, giving her a hit if she wants one. Spin her round, lube up my dick with KY, slowly nurse it into her asshole and finish in it after a few good spanks to her cheeks and feet. Also on phone at work. Maybe later you could post under recognizable filename I could search through archive for.


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This is one of my fave sets of her

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If what I think what's going to happen with that Nutella is going to happen I'm gonna have to use the bathroom kek

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That's all o have from the nutella part

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Still hot tho

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Rock hard

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The way she smiles just makes it for me, like she enjoys doing these poses for the camera. So photogenic

I know, she looks like that right mix between innocent and slutty

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Yees. She probably doesn't get three-hole gangbanged in stadium bathrooms, but doesn't act like a limp fish deer in the headlights in the bathroom either.

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Bedroom lol

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Such a kissable fuckable face

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>squirtle for some reason
I can think of a few.....

I know, bet she gives amazing bjs too

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It wasn't Squirtle for sure

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Is there anymore lurkers?

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Uhhuh you bet

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Someone please find this slut

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