What happened to my daughter that night?

What happened to my daughter that night?

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Left got the mouth, right got her pussy.

Idk double anal?

I got her ass, hue hue hue..

Could you be more specific, please?

She’s always arround guys

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Also judging by how these guys look I’d say you’re about to be a grandparent to an autistic or Down’s syndrome child

She definitely got rinsed, there's even a possiblity she got passed around or had a threesome, etc..

Look at her. In her element, that being the animalistic urges to have her holes stretched and filled. Definitely wouldn't associate with something so degenerate, prefer a more traditional woman.

>hurr durr u on 4chins u fgt virgin


Honestly from being a normal teenager and not some weird incel I would say a 75% chance of nothing

20% chance she made out with some kid

4% chance of getting fingered and maybe a crappy blowjob

And 1% chance or less she fucked one of both of these dudes. Despite what your pornos tell you about the world teenagers are still a bunch of retarded prudes

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Also arround horses all the time

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Wwyd Sup Forums ?

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That was not my experience when I was a teenager

Are you brown and/or poor ?

Mine either, Chicks were getting gang banged left and right at the parties I went to.

Did you go outside?

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She fucked an ooga booga nigger.

>high school chicks getting gangbanged at parties

Kek no stop fantasizing

yea, ,since you didn't experience it then it clearly didn't happen to me. Especially not since we are exchanging comments on an international forum.

She was murdered.
You've been raising an alien clone ever since.

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Fag I had a threesome at 17 and it was the biggest news in my school for over a year

I’m am very well versed in how slutty teenage girls are and most of it is talk, rumor and sloppy make outs.

Most women have never had two dicks at he same time much less teenagers getting gangbanged that’s why the Kavanaugh story form last year was so laughably retarded

A bunch of rich high school kids weren’t drugging and gangraping women in 1993 Georgetown

And neither were the zoomers in your 2014 high school party

The James Franco twins gave her the old pineapple express for 127 hours. Video taped it as they mutilated her with their Vicks. Title themselves "disaster artists" for some reason. Then they watched Spiderman 3.