I am Latino, Afro-Latino more specifically. Ask me anything

I am Latino, Afro-Latino more specifically. Ask me anything.

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what's the deal with airplane food?

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What is up with that stuff?

why's your dick skin so dark compared to the rest

Not sure just born that way

are you gay or bi or what

Im what

show erect for science purposes. here's tits

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Thanks for the tits

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That’s a sad pathetic dick

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I like that thickness, 9/10
I wanna jerk you off, just sayin

thanks user appreciate the compliment

What gets you hardest?

hmmm hard to distinguish which i like more, fat asses or big tits

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eh maybe a nice firm fat butt is better lol

Circumcised? Still kinda rare in latins

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it is but I live in the US

I was uncut until around age 4

nice ty

That sucks dude. Id love to see what that dick would look like with a foreskin, and how it feel to stroke it

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ITT: Bunch of faggots

If you gotta reply sage you faggots

nah don't

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should I post any other angles


Here’s another

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>Ask me anything.

Any chance of you holding your dick next to this pic of Cooney?

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Show it with your gf

I’d like to watch you stroke that over my gf face.

i posted it a million times here already rather not use stale OC

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You into dudes at all?

I am not, sorry user

Damn. Ah well. I can dream. I see your cock in trib threads sometimes, I'll enjoy it there. You have a good day


What did you name your pet earthworm?

7 inches long and a little more than 6 inches in girth

same to you user

The Alaskan Bull Worm

I'd suck ya and let ya know cum down my throat. Once it's done I'll leave and say no homo.

that’s a compliment

So is yours.

How's the weather?