Sup Forums is addictive, who agrees?

Sup Forums is addictive, who agrees?
hooked on it since 5 Years now

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Any online content that gives this kind of instant gratification and promotes mindlessly scrolling through a pile of garbage to find something seemingly more valuable is addictive, in a sense. It’s one of the biggest reasons young people shouldn’t have constant access to such things. Eventually your whole brain starts to rewire itself so that it’s happiest and most efficient when performing mundane, repetitive tasks.

It’s all part of the psyop to make us into better, cheaper workers.


11 years now

I have not been here for long, a couple months maybe, my boyfriend showed it to me when we first started dating and now he gets upset I’m
On it when we drive and stuff lol

5 days now

I was addicted to Sup Forums maybe 5 years ago, but I rarely ever come now. The appeal was that you never knew what you were gonna get, and you could see shit you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but today you know EXACTLY what you’re gonna get.
It’s just the same porn dump “pics you shouldn’t share”, “tribute”, “Facebook/insta/vsco”, and similar garbage. Sup Forums has become the most soulless cookie cutter board imaginable.

This, but 10 years ago and I came to the same realization 8 years ago.

So yourself a service and leave this site.

I wouldn't say it's addictive. However, I can't really post about raping niggers anywhere else.

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This is what makes Sup Forums so great.
The ability to TRULY express yourself without holding back

Yet all it's used for is porn.

Very true
I’m trying to stop

Not necessarily
I can still talk about how someone I don’t like is a nigger faggot cuck jew whore cunt, without anyone giving shit.

this shithole of a board is nothing like it use to be friend

Facts. Been here since 2009 and I remember distinctly this toilet bowl having much more randomness and was pretty funny too. Everyone now is braindead, is repulsed by OC, and hates humor.

Threads similar to these honestly need to be banned to /trash/.
They’re basically general threads that are guaranteed to be posted over and over again, which is inherently NOT random.

By this metric most of the threads on here should be banished to /trash/

You heard him, faggot.

Sup Forums is marvelous. It is a perfect snapshot of our collective subconscious at any given time. In some spans of time Sup Forums was naive and did it for teh lulz. Other times it turned hostile or banded together, charged their lazors and made waves in society. Some other times it went tame and was overrun with spambots and newfags.

Today, it's self serving autonomic masturbatory aids dripfed to pajeets and gay niggers. That's where we are in the world now.

agreed..been coming here for 6 years now, now i just come here for porn tho...and to post some exes from time to time...thats the really addictive part

5 years... Fucking pleb

13 years

Only really hear after the whole 3301 incident

I still think most of the nudes are posted and commented on by bots.

possibly...i can only speak for myself..i am not a bot and i still post from time to time.

no this board is awful now, wtf normies? This is was once the best board on this site, and now it's unironically worse than /r9k. If you're addicted to anything posted on here at this point then you're probably just addicted to porn in general. Only newfags would find this board in the state that it has been for the past 4 years now addicting

The addiction played a role in ruining my relationship

It used to be addictive since it was the only good social media website.

But now normies just spam porn threads (fb fap, dick rate, show ass, latina thread, etc.) This isn't even counting the trap threads.

If Gook Moot doesnt ban "normie porn" within the next year off of Sup Forums, Sup Forums will die.

wow. what a newfag
>13 years here

>porn will cause less traffic

you misspelled
>Sup Forums is pure shit

about 5 years now. fuck

>thinking Sup Forums isn't already dead

15 years, time flies :/

On and off addiction. sometimes I lurk every day for hours. Other times I forget about it and just fuck off elsewhere.

I like the relative anonymity of it. I don't use fb or ig or any of that shit. I just want to laugh, read and or get involved in interesting debates or questions.

Are you saved and on your way to heaven op?

The Bible Way to Heaven

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This is exactly why I still come here too. Maybe not Sup Forums since it is and had always and always will be shit.