Your name is Johnny because you always wear sunglasses. We're currently in a bar, DUBS decides what happens next

Your name is Johnny because you always wear sunglasses. We're currently in a bar, DUBS decides what happens next.

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Rolling because I remember this game

Sneek hand into pocket playing with my nuts.
Feels good

Fight the big nigger

Kill the nigger and nigger lover on the left

This was my roll niggers - go talk to the pink girl in the back

Go talk to the girl in back. Her date is on the phone and she'll probably go for it.

She ignores you

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Stare at her boobs

>Your name is Johnny because you always wear sunglasses.
Is his last name Douche?

This game fukn sucks


take a shit on the counter

You go back to your seat and order another drink. the guy next to you calls out your rejection playfully

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Wtf I got dubs again my niggers.. Okay this time talk to orange hat guy

Whip out meat scepter

Dubs are flowing in this thread lol

First you have to get drunk..


You have to do mine first talk to orange hat guy first hes talking to us anyway

You stand up and whip out your cock. the orange hat guy is stunned

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Ah OK..

oh nice man, was at the last johnny thread you did, i see you upped the budget, good luck

order shots for the whole bar and ask the other gentlemen to take out their fellows as well. it's about to get wild in here! down the hatch!

Pee on him to show dominance


fuck yourself

rape nigger

Thanks and hey you get a choice now lol

Damn winrar

Goddamn it hes not gonna want to talk to us now great u blew it.. Now make him blow u

this just got interesting

You rape the nigger

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My choice...
Force him to suck da cock

but then big nigga attacks you

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finish in his hair, like a friend

ask hatbro for help

everyone gang banngs me

Ask the orange hat if he wanna join the party..

kill big nig then ask pink lady if she want to see your anime collection. keep asking until any response at all.

triple backflip kick attack to the face!


cut of his head and fuck it


Try to poop on his head



The police come plant drugs on the nigger and shoot him


Gods holy intervention rescues you in the shape of a gun materializing in your hand. So you shoot the nigger

nigger rapes me




This threads awesome lol
Thank you op

Too late.. Shiiieeettt

Make a wish

stick dude says but to nobody in particular
it must be doen

You and hatman kick his ass

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Leave the bar see whats outside

hat man and me rape him

I’m the user that got dubs.
How about rape the woman in the back for ignoring you earlier

Pull out ar-15 destroy the bar

the nigger you raped has called the police

Fuck what do trips get

Re roll

free sticker set

pull him up, tell him no hard feelings, and order a round of liquor for the bar, doubles with no ice!

Re re roll


pull up big nigga and tell him no hard feelings, then get really drunk with him and orange hat guy

You and orange hat look at each other..
He know what you think..
double team the pink lady.. No mercy..

suck balls

Piss on the bar and patrons

Based hatman

Sorry ma man but dubs make a decision..

And finish him..

kill self

Stick dude shows the pink lady his impressive collection of memes.


nice try

Break up the couple making out next to you


slap the orange dude around with your massive stick cock

rape the closest person

Thank you OP..
Nice thread Sup Forumsro

Stop wasting dubs

OK thisRoll


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You pull out your Ar-15 and spray the room. you leave the hatman alone of course

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sweet victory


Fuck still-warm pink lady.

Let dubs decide

barricade the door and pour another round of drinks for the two of you. he can leave if he wants to but you'd prefer someone to drink with.

rape their bodies with him

wtf everything is destroyed. kill hat man and leave bar.

You and hatman necro rape everyone

use the blood to paint evil symbols on the floor and walls

But everyone is dead.. Fuck it

But now you can fuck her

holly fuck I win