This triggers the Americut

>this triggers the Americut

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oy vey

>this triggers the Europig

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Doesn't trigger anyone but the chick who has to taste you are smegma covered dick

I've seen multiple uncircumcised penises, and none had even a speck of smegma. It's not an issue if you have access to clean water.

so hot

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>assuming all Americans are cut

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I really don't care, honestly.

Why does the rest of the world care so much about what America does or doesn't think about something though? It's a little obsessive.

>user's peen getting suked
>by a chick
as if

European rarely shower. You seen alot of cocks at your job?

Not at my job lol

>Only one group of people are cut

in the real world of cut superiority
>Every woman buys "cut" dildos
>Feels better for the woman
>Looks better and healthy
>Took me not time to heal at 18
>Feeling is more involved and not squishy while inside the pussy
etc. Getting cut was the best thing I ever did.

I'm American, and probably 70-80% of the penises I've seen are circumcised. Excluding Hispanic guys and immigrants from India/China it's probably closer to 90%

Uneducated people are often the most vocal


literally all opposite reasons are true

it's also scientifically proven that uncut feels more pleasure from sex. for both women and the guy.

Actually most of the men in the world are uncircumcised.

Who cares? I was cut at birth. I wish my parents didn't make that decision and just let me choose that in the future, but they didn't. There's no need for me to worry about what the pros and cons are because I can't change it. There's also no sense in me worrying about what others do in a completely other country than mine. These threads are dumb and come off as borderline obsessive.

just disputing his fake facts.

i was born uncut. when i was young, around 8-12, my parents told me that i needed to get cut and i begged them that i wanted to, because some friends found out and i wanted to fit in. i wanted it to happen so bad and for the next 10 years probably i was ashamed of it.

but really, it's not that bad. it is natural, first of all. when i see cut penises, i think "wtf is that mutliation?"

also, i've NEVER had whatever those white things are called. smegma? yeah. that shit. never had it once in my life. i think it's the equivelent of getting lice in your hair if you dont wash that shit for 3 months. luckily i'm a civilized human being that knows how to shower.

definitely germs are probably easier to catch, and it can smell a little funky from dribbling piss, but again, never had any health issues due to it.

and believe it or not, girls do not actually notice that i'm uncut. this is my personal theory, but everytime i've slept with a girl without a condom, they become addicted to my dick. like, they love to fuck as much as possible. i am pretty cynical so i know when they're telling the truth or not. my last girl litterally would tell me she couldnt get enough of my dick. i even told her i thought it might be the extra flap. she doesnt believe me.

anyway, i think the whole debate IS dumb too. u know why? because we all know it all comes down to being cut = unnatural. but people want to throw out all these fake made up benefits of it.

>European rarely shower
Which ones?

Ask your rabbi how it tasted when he sucked your baby cock as a "religious reitual" faggot

I understand what you're saying. I am cut but I don't believe the horseshit about smega and all that. I personally just don't see circumcision as a necessary thing to do unless there is a medical reason to. I would rather be uncut but oh well.

You chose a disgusting picture on purpose?

FYI this is actually rare. Only Haredi Jews do it.

sorry brother. i understand because for almost half my life i wanted to be cut because everyone else was and i thought i was weird and embarrassed. i guess its always greener on the other side.

>Tfw not American
>Tfw still cut because my mum is a /u/fag who didn't know enough about male biology to tell me to pull my skin back regularly
>Tfw skin got too tight and I tried to pee so hard that I ended up getting a hernia so they did a bunch of corrective surgeries on me, including stealing my helmet
>Don't understand for the life of me why there's such a debate over a subject that a lot of people have little control over
It really doesn't fucking matter if you are cut or uncut. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The only one who should care which you are is your girlfriend, anons.
If anyone else (or god forbid, another male) tries to give you shit, you tell them/that faggot to fuck off and eat shit.

Why have you seen so many dicks

Are you Canadian?

The world is peanut butter and jealous.

>one of my first life experiences was losing thousands of nerve endings/part of my dick
Gee, thanks mom. Christians really gobble up whatever (((they))) tell them.

>The only one who should care which you are is your girlfriend
And only regarding whether she accepts you as you are. If she ever tells you to get cut for her sake, dump the bitch and find someone else.

Nah, a Brit.

I'm gay.

Interesting. I've heard that it's quite rare among non-Muslim and non-Jewish Brits under 70ish.

I was born in 1977. The choice was made for me. I'm not bitter. I enjoy sex just fine. But it was unnecessary.
My son was born 2 weeks ago. He is not cut. If, when he is older, he decides of his own free will to get cut, there's no reason he can't.

Agreed wholeheartedly.
If a woman unironically expects a guy to go through life changing surgery for her own personal preference she needs a firm cock slapping.
Yeah, definitely not the most common thing in the world. In my case I was just unlucky. Thankfully I wasn't old enough to miss it, though I do wonder what it'd look like with the hood still attached, sometimes.

based father

Good on you user, that's some fine parenting.

>White "dicks"

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First time I figured out I could pull back my foreskin I remember it was a bit painful. So day after day I would pull it back slightly more to see just how far it would go back.

After about a week I could pump it up and down easy.

Being uncut is simple if you know how water works .

Most guys aren't very impressive, no matter their race

I did the same with my son, user.

Those balls though wtf? How are ones balls 4 times the size of the dick?

imagine caring this much about another dude's penis

If it interests you, it's possible to restore. It's not very hard, and it restores like 70% of the sensation from what I've heard.

Weeks of blueballs, guy came gallons but I don't seem to have saved it. No homo btw.

luckily my parents were hippies and I still got that sweet floppy turtleneck

Didn't answer my question, how many cut baby dicks do you think he sucked before he sucked yours?

Almost nobody really cares what kind of cock you have, nor do they want to see it. This applies to everybody.

What the fuck is wrong with your dick?

It's uncircumcised, like God made it.

Huge uncut white dick master race

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Ew wtf

I think he's referencing the reason the black plague spread so easily

Good job goy

In what reality do you live in?

soap exists

Fucking idiot

>13 subscribers

thats seriously pitiful and the fact that he tries so hard

Nice anecdotal evidence.

Reported for cp. No way that belongs to an adult

The only people who are triggered are the ones who make the threads. Lmaooooo.

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