White people be like "I am masculine" HAHAHAH

White people be like "I am masculine" HAHAHAH

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Niggers and photoshop

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Unironically statistically top 5 countries with biggest dick are all in africa, congo being number 1.
Eat your heart out white boy, And keep those pics you have on your pc hidden sweaty

Checked for truth in advertising niggers have small dicks and lie OP is a fag and btfo

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White boys stay lying LMAO not a single white country in the top 10 hahahahha

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Who does this research?!?!


You mean the self reported numbers that have never been substantiated while all other dick numbers in Africa that have been measured show they are smaller than white nations. Also blacks don’t make the top biggest dicks in statistics in the America and America I smaller than European nations yet has a massive black population. Really is funny how nigger delusions don’t fit reality at all.

I'm not racist.

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Oh wait wrong thread, I thought this was the thread calling all white people racist my bad.

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prime example of "too long didn't read"

see you are literally making stuff up on the spot. all studies show whites are small penised. you will never compete. give up

bro you're like the prime example of too long didn't read.

All Jew tell us this is true so it’s true

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>self reported numbers
>implying the self-reported numbers worldwide wouldn't be 10"+

Really gay and/or really insecure dudes

statistics tell us this is true. You can cope with muh jews, or you can cope by collecting every picture you can find with a black man with a small penis and making an album on your pc. But the point is still the same:
White "MEN" are not in the top 10 countries even with biggest penises. and they never will be. Sorry small dicked white boy.

Lies that have been proven false when quantified white generally have bigger dicks blacks don’t have the top biggest dicks. We dominate all the biggest recorded dicks except for the recent absolute freak of nature popped up. Stay mad reality doesn’t follow ((((statistics)))) baby black dick is the norm and white will never compete with whites ever

Everyone knows that you're an insecure white dude, op.

astronomical level of cope and insecuritiy hahahahaha.
The facts are the facts. All studies show blacks have bigger dicks. Ask any woman and they'll tell you blacks have bigger dicks. Ask any recorded study and they'll tell you blacks have bigger dicks. You are a fucking pathetic white loser with a tiny white willy. You try to type up silly narrative to calm your insecurities even tho you know you yourself don't believe it. Facts don't care about your feelings, sweaty. And facts show tiny little white willies lmao

Or a kike or asian possibly

fuck off kike.

But is he wrong? white countries aren't in the top 10 countries with biggest dicks lmaooo

There's no way you aren't a brainlet IRL.

There's no way you're not retarded IRL because you use 5000 different muslim gender pronouns you fagg.

This isn't even shitposting, it's like a combination of normieposting and no u. How much news do you watch, user? Jesus Christ.

The baby dick nigger fights tooth and nail to proven his Chihuahua turd looking dick between his and most other niggers legs is a delusion. Fucked dozens of black women they were all surprised I was packing a bigger dick than most niggers kek. I don’t even have a big dick it’s just not small kek your own women betrayed your delusions inadvertently with a white guy. Facts in the real world and out of the mouths of black females prove kike and nigger delusions wrong you are the ones trying to cope with the baby black dicks between the majority of your legs.

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Now do iq and gdp

They are though France Italy and Hungary make the top three biggest nations

kek blacks have bigger dicks kek u mad about it kek white race gone in 50 years kek

Nig posting

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You are incel and we both know it. Stop being triggered. you have a small dick than blacks, just accept it. Take solace in the fact that it's bigger than chineese. You will literally never change facts

>watch news

How much propaganda do you consume on a daily basis? You just eat whatever shit you get handed don't you?
>Believe everything you hear
>Adopt new trend words
>Call people normies cause it's a word you perceive to be a trend word

You don't even know if I'm the same person. For all you know I could of just jumped in and hijacked the conversation, for all you know the other guy left this thread a long time ago.

You are literally responding to a list that proves you false LMAO quit coping

Kek, little peeper boy is so butthurt he is still trying to defend the myth that is his dicksize.

Still bigger than this.

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Wales is actually nr.2
Fake bullshit some nog made up to combat his insecurities

So, I am getting tired of seeing the label BBC on every black dick there is. When I go on porn hub for "BBC destroys tiny pussy" I want to see an actual big dick. You thin little needle dick is not a BBC gtfo. Being black doesn't mean you have a BBC, if your shit isn't over 9 inches, or 22cm and fat as my wrist that shit is weak.

Literally every statistic shows these countries or a combanation of them. NONE show wales or any white country in the top 10. Stop crying tiny dick white boy

I'm black and have a white girlfriend

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Tough guy

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What studies have been done that actually measure penis sizes and don't just ask the people being polled?

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yeah... he bikes lmao trump's fat muffin would break the bike.