Mia Khalifa has really let herself go...

Mia Khalifa has really let herself go. I guess she turned to binge eating to deal with the fact her own choices have ruined her life.

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she has never not been fugly

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because you've ever seen a hot older persian woman.

Would bang.

Provide more photo evidence please.

Still hot

faggot this is an old photo of mia khalifa from high school before she got into porn, she lost weight and got into porn and she's never been this fat since

She will go full retard feminist "victim" within a year

Did she have fake tits in high school?

Already has. She needs to accept the fact that she is only the victim of her own choices. This is why I'm working to get a boycott against her going to deprive her of any mainstream fame or income.

no you stupid faggot she was fat in high school

mia is a 3/10 at best

And that's just her outer ugliness. Inside she's a 0/10.

I think she looks pretty hot.

Literally the only reason she has ever been popular is because she got a lot of advertisement, and NPC retards worshiped her literally just because they were told to.
If she was any other amateur porn slut, she wouldnt have any success.

Let's not forget that Mia Khalifa is also a racist that would only perform with black me if they wore a condom but had no problem going bareback with white actors despite black actors undergoing the same testing as white talent. Don't do business with this racist!

A shitty person in general. No wonder she went to porn, that's all she can offer, really.
>that podcast where she got giga triggered over the hosts introducing her as an ex porn star

need more caloridos

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I wish The Architect's influence would spread to all porn stars.