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Hey, furfags, how are you doing in this fine evening?

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ow thats not?s/fur
.. well..I'll claim there's tits under there

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Are there any furcons in Europe worth looking at?
I've grown balls to attend one.


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Greetings Mer Dash.

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Hi Gerald. How have you been?

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thats almost a year later. Have you been there?

I'm decent.
It's been a boring few weeks at work and more to come.
I'm acting as security escort for outside contractors.

I have not.

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Hey, at least it pays well

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It does.

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dudes.. how many of you have girlfriends,
have introduced them to furry
and they have not found it weird (unless you make it weird. Like "babe, hold this laptop over your head, I can't come unless I imagine you are that sexy mountain lioness... yeeeeaaaah owo")

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love this shit

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My wife and I met and started talking through our mutual enjoyment of anthro art - we are both artists. Though she doesn't really like yiff unless it's our characters together.

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but that's against the rules (of introduction to fur)

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my gf (of 4 days at that point) loves dogs and wilderness, and is artsy type
So we did some fun art stuff and once we were done with cleaning up and eating,
and while I was out for a moment, I just sent her this with
>That's you in 10 minutes
Lol she was.

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I've never hid it from any of mine, and none have made it a problem. Some have developed some interest of their own.

My opinion is non furs in general really don't care. Other furs are the ones who make a big deal about it and say that it must be bad.

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VR furries Shiba squad meeting live.

Sup Forums furs and any other distant furs should meet irl too.
It's fun as fuck to know people, but then know them again

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I'll also point out that I have furry tattoo that has never received any negative comments. And I have a few furry arts hung on the walls of my house. Also never receiving any negative comments.

ooh.. show us?

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forgot video

I have no idea what rule you're referring to.

if you are both interested in fur, it's not so much a surprise..

also your line was "Screw the rules, I have money"

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It was a surprise for me, she was the first person I met that was into anthro art but NOT yiff. Though I only met a few others at that point, it was not as wide spread in the early 00's as it is now. I never mentioned money, so I don't know what you mean by that.

then I envy you, who has not watched the glorious yugioh abridged. loved them. not even a yugioh fan


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I have a furry phone background and nobody has ever mentioned it other than to ask who the character was.
As long as it's not fullscreen BOOBS AND VAGENE normal people don't give a shit about anything.

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I have a neat screen bg of anthro furry wolverine teeth barred. looked pretty cool, so I left it. It looks like actual art, rather than furry art

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I hardly know you. Why would I invite you over for tea?

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I always have a fur wallpaper.
This one currently.

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Tattoos are to show off
You don't HAVE to show anything.
Also I'd invite you for tea. I got lots of tea

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had this for some time

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now a bit cropped this.

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I have in the past posted, but for reasons other than furry I will decline today.

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More with pussies like this?