Morning pokemon box

Morning pokemon box

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Always wondered why it's called a box thread. Is it referring to the pc stuff in game or is it some stupid joke?

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yeah alright but why's it called box

A common question nobody knows the answer to

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Requesting Noivern

I like to think it's the pokemon storage system so when your main party is out training the rest are here

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I have never heard of this name. Sorry.
Its likely that

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pokemon were made to please their masters
or dominate them
either way human x pokemon are the OTP


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All of this around cheap pornography and low level psionic dampening and enhancing, giving this polari victims their stockholm syndrome as tones of voice were discovered to always seem like the "leader" and golem like commands of impossible authority could lead an "actor" to literally bang its head on a wall till it cracks open because its scalp was now blond.

Discovery of this cultural triggers led the local government to disappear around 500 people that believe themselves still in 1979 UNAM Mexico City, the real moment of the so called Tlateloco Shootings

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I wish pokemon were real.

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Retch backward as new information about a secondary long lived kind of man, actual different species, is hunted down and farmed into sexual servants that lead to the Civil War!

Observe as this subhumanity is the cause of the myth of the mystery of Babylone.

All the while different cultural developments lead to superscience experiments discovering a drive to mutilate animals in a certain way. Heave and vomit as its underlaying reality appears to be sexual in nature. Hurl even more stomach when the discoveries in animal mutilation lead to the "esperpento" off shoot of man into being farmed into what seeped into culture as "your mom" jokes.

Kill yourself when the culture south of texas still sexually stimulates itself with monsters like the cow, hidden inside almost clever boxes with fleshy holes.

Watch from hell as an entire stadium is filled to the brim by Equatorian fake enterprises and your mother is made into a joke inside a fingerbox 2 cents worth a penetration!

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requesting more salazzle

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It's too bad this artist's skill isn't as high tier as his taste.

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holy shit those thighs

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Rescue 911!
with ur host
the Captain Kirk

this is an actual phone call, recorded live as it happened, no actors are involved or have any previous agreement.
what follows is a re enactment and testimony

tijuana tortillas/operator 52 voice by tara strong
the leon voice by the leon voice tm and c viacom

tijuana tortillas/911 operator 52 noomi rapace
the leon cory haim
911 operator 52: 911 (full script) ... interrupted
the leon: they are kidnapping my mother
52: your mother?
tl: yes my mom
52: its your mother
tl: *screaming* yes its my goddamn motherfucking mother
52: you should not yell
tl: they are taking her from the room below!!
52: please calm down and stop screaming, you are a very rude person
tl: they are taking her on a gold jeep liberty!! i kno where!!
52: please stop yelling at me
tl: goddamn motherfucking cunt, they are taking her on a gold jeep to the address
52: dont yell, that attitude needs adjudsment
tl: goddamn cunt, listen u bitch, she is being taken under heavy drugs u goddamn imbecile cunt, this is no game
52: wat did you say to me?
following our sponsors, the interview without the leon and the re enactment of harassment on phone lines


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