Guys, when did you realize you were in love?

Guys, when did you realize you were in love?

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How old are you OP?

the right age to have a boyfriend

well bad news for you, greta is NOT a guy

she's pretty though. old enough to save the planet, old enough to slam her ham net

from the begening
hope she saves the planet

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heard she sucked some dicks on at least one of her protests

pie face potato incoming

Rule34 please

Delet this

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Pls someone feed that poor creature

about 2 years ago since the TELEVISION told me

I've never cummed harder in my life than when I fapped to the video of her sperging out the thought of her being uncomfortable and experiencing sensory overload makes me rock solid.

she got disgusting feet

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When it was over

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what video?

I can't wait till she realizes just how awful and stupid people are. Her and her supporters wont accomplish anything. Great speeches wont change things. Blocking streets wont change things. A million man march in multiple cities wont change things.
At this point the only solution to get through to the brain dead retards that inhabit this earth is violence or the threat of violence. The sooner she and her generation figure it out, the better chance they will have of a future. I hate you people so much.

go fight the jews

You're the type of person that needs to die.
All you did was reply with 2 extremely overused meme phrases that you have seen repeated thousands of times before you wrote that.

I have seen this same defeatist retardation thousands of times before as well. Always gets disproved.

>You're the type of person that needs to die.

Good luck to you and your generation noodle arms, lmao

I thought this was a meme, but she indeed has a soft form of down syndrome, wtf

imagine the smell

The he fair, the planet doesn't even need saving. It will survive regardless of what humans do to it. Worst case is it may no longer have a habitat that humans can survive in. That's a best case scenario imo.

You have seen that same thing written thousands of times as well. No shit, the lifeless giant rock floating through space will survive. Such a fucking legendary mind you have.

Good luck "saving the planet*, faggot

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SO brain dead you couldn't even manage a single word. You all need to die. You need to be killed.

This guy gets it

No one's willing to give up enough luxuries to save this place. No one's talking about limiting births. Everyone thinks we can just keep kicking the can down the street by giving up tiny things here and there. Everyone thinks protests can't end in tanks crushing you or corporations buying the people you were screaming at.

His best case scenario is the the most beautiful place in the universe with the only known life ceases to be as beautiful and full of life so that other lifeless rocks may be preserved. Brilliant.

>yOu aLL NeEd tO DiE ;_;
>YoU NeEd tO bE KiLleD ;___;
>Help me? Anyone?

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When did you realize that you are a pedo and should kill yourself

about 11 years ago, to a woman who was basically me with a female body, but cuter, sexier and more determined. There isn't anyone I'll ever meet that completed and complimented me more than her. But she was a godamn whore with no self respect with a side of crazy that would drive you crazy. Sigh... Good times.

At least she thought for herself, unlike Greta. At least she accomplished things, unlike Greta. At least she actually helped people, unlike Greta. She was able to take care of herself at 16, unlike Greta.

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Go fuck a tree, hippy

Do we have r34 of her?

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based and redpilled

If those are her feet in the bath... do we have other photos of her in the bath?