She WAS NOT RAPED and Brock Turner literally did NOTHING WRONG

She WAS NOT RAPED and Brock Turner literally did NOTHING WRONG.

Reminder that this girl had a boyfriend, is older than Brock and was perfectly happy to cheat on her boyfriend by making out with Brock at the party, as confirmed by multiple witnesses.

They were BOTH drunk and Brock fingered her outside but ran away because two retarded whiteknight Swedish faggots ran towards him. She doesn't even remember. She even states in her book that SHE DID NOT KNOW ANY ASSAULT HAPPENED TO HER until someone told her after she sobered up.

This literally happens every weekend on college campuses and Brock has been fucked over by the current sjw bullshit and the fact that this bitch thought it would be more beneficial to her to go along with the rape narrative rather than be seen as the cheating slut that she is. She was right and has monetised this fraud.

Brock is the real victim in this case and needs to release a book of his own as he is the ONLY person who actually knows exactly what happened that night.

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go sleep it off, brock.

go sleep it off, brock.

go sleep it off, brock.

Brock turner is an innocent angel who did nothing wrong

He hooked up with some chick, like a true athletic stud, at a frat party.

Everyone saw her eating his face off and being a drunk mess

They stumbled half way back to his dorm when she fell over, like the basic drunk bitch she is

Our hero attempted to help but her slutty ways tempted him to give her a gentle fingerblasting while they made out on the grass (there was also a dumpster in the general area)

Around this point, a couple of Nordic white knights came along and Brock decided to head off when they appeared to be mad and coming for him

The Scandinavian Virgins found some passed out drunken mess of an asian on the ground and took her to some on campus clinic or police station or some shit

It wasn't until she was told by those who inspected her that she might have been diddled that she decided it was rape. She can't remember anything past the frat party where she was consensually hooking up with our Stud, Brock

So that her boyfriend didn't find out how much of a slut she'd been, she lied and constructed a rape story drawing on details from the two guys who found her

Dumb bitch ruined an all american athlete chad's future career and character just so her boyfriend didn't find out she's a drunk slut

go sleep it off, brock.

>fingerbang a drunk Asian slut on the grass outside a frat party
>get sent to jail

Fuck this gay Earth and fuck that money grubbing fake victim bitch.

go sleep it off, brock

Also, other anons stop fucking black out drunk bitches or make them sign consent contracts

It's that easy

Sure is awfully incel in here today.

Incel how? He was sent to jail for some drunken fingering.

So you know this because you were there or are you some incel bitching at the matriarchy?

At this time, the defense enters into evidence, the case of Gary Dotson.

Did Brock mention that he was innocent while he was shoving his cock down your throat, OP?

I know this because I followed the case and read all eye witness testimony. There was no rape.

Y'all should come over my house, we both get black out drunk playing vidya then once you pass out I'll start making out with you then I'll start fingering your ass. Brock defenders will be totally fine with this right?

Do you hate Brock because he's an ABSOLUTE chad stud? Lose weight and work on your appearance and maybe you can finger some slut at a party one day.

She was already coming onto him and making out at the party, retard. It was all consensual. So not the same thing at all.

A stronger legal defense would have sued Chanel Miller for corruption of a junior. She was 22 an adult. Brock Turner was 19 a teen.

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He was still over the legal age of consent.

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But we were playing vidya together, that's consent to finger your ass

>but she she kissed him, that gives him the right to finger her after she goes unconscious

Are you a nigger who never went to college? This happens EVERY weekend and nobody cares. Nobody was raped and damn right that cheating slut wanted Brock's chad fingers in her wet hole.

I would love for your daughters/sisters to give me a few consensual kisses so I could get her black out drunk and rape the fuck outta them unconscious. Totally legal according to b lmao

Moderately over the age of consent. She was the adult. She was the responsible adult.

What really happened.
>Brock sees girl he likes
>talks and gets it on with her
>she is drunk, probably forgot about her boyfriend
>Stud-Brock gets it on
>someone tells the girl how much of a slut she was
>remembers she has a boyfriend, and wants to look good in the situation
>claims Brock raped her

Excellent summary. Now, how do we prevent this from happening again?

More like 2 passerbys saw a man fiddling a completely unconscious woman out in public. Was she dead or drugged who knows and you can't blame others for stepping in. If your gonna finger a lifeless body in public you pretty much deserve it. He fucked up not doing this in private and now gets to live with it. Cry me a river lmao

This. She was passed the fuck out until long after the 2 guys found them and only woke up at 4am, as attested by witnesses.

Hey OP... how about you get shitfaced drunk and I bend you over and fuck you hard up the ass? After all, that wouldn't be rape, would it??

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control your fantasies, sick fuck

She took advantage of HIM. She just couldn't hold her drink as well as he could.

He was not old enough to drink. She raped him. She got him drunk and took advantage of him

>completely unconscious
Nah, just drunk as fuck. Brock was drunk too.

I think you may have a case here.

Did you rape somebody because no woman would willingly touch you, and are now facing to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life, you fucking crybaby?

Most reasonable, rational and intelligent people know this.

This might come off as victim blaming, but Brock, as much as I feel sorry for him, He had it coming.

He was young, fit, good looking and wealthy. He could have had any girl he wanted, yet he chose pathetic sluts like that ugly bitch, and he got stung. Dont go kissing girls you dont know and certainly dont do what he did.

If he walked into a nigger neighborhood and got stabbed, you'd be like, Brock, da fuck were you doing? This in many ways is the same thing.

He's a smart kid, and probably still keeps fit. I hope life turns out well for him.

I highly doubt she was unconcious at any time. She froze upon being caught doing something trashy, and pretended to be passed out.

Are You Fucking Retarded?

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Go sleep it off brock.


>This is your brain on I.N.C.E.L.

>He was young, fit, good looking and wealthy.

You do realize that she lived in a million dollar house and has rich parents right?

She wasn't raped. Deal with it.

Good old fashioned MRA rage thread.

You losers ought to learn a bit about the law, specifically around consent.

And game, while you’re at it. Losers acting like passed out girls are trophy fucks. Keep your fantasies in your heads, and go get a girl that’s conscious and wants to fuck you.

Assuming you can find one.

not really, just guys who dont fall for this girl victim bullshit.

Get over it, doesnt matter what the jury concluded on, we're not stupid, we know that girl is trash. She got caught being trashy, and all her teachings throughout oife taught her to devalue men's live, and sacrifice them to save your own reputation.

Agreed, if he would have had some fucking class he would have fucked her drunk at a hotel or his dorm. Instead deciding to do it in public, play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Theres the point in what you said, she didn't know, thus she didn't give permission, and he took advantage.

I don't know either of them, and I don't really care to know either of them, but it is what it is.

Kissing someone at a party is trashy? I thought even you MRA/incel y'all Queda Nazi types would approve of such wholesome displays of courtship.

precisely the reason no one could ever know she voluntaily engaged in trashy behavior. So she pretended to to be passed out, and falsely cry rape

Daddy must never know

Smearing a rape victim won't make you die alone any less you know.

You are not well

consenting to being finger banged behind a dumpster is trashy. Thats why she played possum when she was caught

I always forget just how stupid his face is.

For that incelarious story you just made up on the internets.

Im a faggot and will be married soon.. I got no fucking dog in the game.

Just telling it like it is. White males are the new Jew.

>this happens every weekend.

Yes. Yes it does. I used to live in a college town and pulling snatch was a fucking cake walk. A couple times I just had to cruise the side streets near the bars until I found a half conscious college slut lying down on the sidewalk.

This poor asshole had the bad fortune of being caught and accused of shit that didn’t happen. You can tell the woman is hitting the wall. That’s when she wants he most attention...

>he totally raped me cause nobody wants to fuck me anymore...

Remember though, incels don’t need facts or evidence. They’re experts on women.

It’s why they’re so prolific in their sexual endeavors.

Whatever I may be, just glad Im not a cucked faggot that protects and defends blatantly malicious females. You're the lowest of the scum

>there was also a dumpster in the general area
Everyone is completely overlooking this important detail.

Brock's a chad and that cheating slut was all over him. You're simply wrong. Nothing mra or incel about this. She gave consent when she was tickling his tonsils with her tongue.

I agree with you that the surge of SJW rhetoric has increased the stakes for these kinds of cases, but the take away regardless is that if you're a dude on a college campus? Gotta think with the right head, gotta keep your hands off the bottle.

Alcohol causes lots of other problems beyond creating these kinds of ambiguous scenarios to begin with and it's not like the current trend of media circuses being created in light of these situations is any help either.

says the faggot that demands everyone belive women. What typed of cucked fag holds women on the infalliable pedestal like that?

which is rape if the girl doesn't consent, which she didn't

was there consent?

They were on their way to his dorm when the stupid drunken cunt pulled him onto the ground because she was too shitfaced to walk to his place.

He went to prison for getting to 2nd base with a horny slut.

of course. She was conscious the whole time

Girls actually aren't allowed to drink too much at a party or get their drink spiked and pass out in piece in your twisted little world?

They deserve to have anything at all inflicted on them while they are unconscious especially if they showed some sign of attraction to someone before hand?

How did you get like this? Were you always like this? Did some male father figure teach you this world view?

Albeit, consent she forgot.

>rape victim
You must be confused


fuck off faggot.
She was conscious the whole time.

Yeah but I'm still correct.

Why no, not at all my rotund friend. Aren't you losers always crying out that men shouldn't be called rapists until they've had their day in court and the right to presumed innocence?

Seems even when they have all of that and get found guilty your only childish response is "S-she cheated!"

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She did consent. See

user, shut up and listen:

>Girls actually aren't allowed to drink too much at a party or get their drink spiked and pass out in piece in your twisted little world?
There's a fundamental difference between what an ideal world would look like and what reality actually is. Girls are allowed to do whatever they want. What girls aren't though is shielded from the consequences of their actions.

>They deserve to have anything at all inflicted on them while they are unconscious especially if they showed some sign of attraction to someone before hand?
Just because you believe she was unconscious doesn't make it so.

>How did you get like this? Were you always like this? Did some male father figure teach you this world view?
How did you make it so far through life without getting the memo that women are just as capable of deceit as men are? How?

Yeah, she was a 22 year old woman who took advantage of a teenage freshman by plying him with alcohol before sticking her tongue down his throat, all while having a boyfriend.

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> infallible pedestal

Being this fucking stupid.

The kind who actually gets to have sex.

Have sex.

>implying believing all women

fuck off you cucked fag.

If she was unconcious simply because she said she was, then Brock's testimony that she was never unconcious is equally valid.

oh but Brocks a male, and therefore automatically a liar
fuck off dickhead

He should have to do a walk of shame a la Cersei

>A couple times I just had to cruise the side streets near the bars until I found a half conscious college slut lying down on the sidewalk.

So you raped semi-conscious women and think they're sluts because they couldn't stop you.

Brock wasn't found guilty of rape, you pretentious ignorant faggot. At least get your facts straight before shitposting, fucking moron.

>of course. She was conscious the whole time

Except for the dudes who found her outside and said the opposite.

they were both drunk as fuck so neither of them were fully (if at all) conscious of their actions

case closed.

>they couldn't stop you.
Maybe they didn't want to stop him, faggot.

Responsibility is irrelevant due to loss of consciousness. Stop talking about things you either don't understand are purposely manipulating because some girl won't touch your boner faggot.

>loss of consciousness.
Prove it. How do you know she hadn't consented before falling asleep?

It's almost like there were two decent human beings who found her being mauled while unconscious/delirious and provided a corroborating testimony. Stay mad incel.

OP, read the wikipedia article.
She was unconscious when she was found. When she was taken to the hospital she was unconscious.

She wouldn't know an assault happened to her because she was unconscious.

Dude. The consent stops the second she loses consciousness.

He didn't do anything wrong, but Men and Women can't be alone together like this because "he said she said" shit always happens and there is no way to prove or disprove it.

People in the 50's had it right

OK, OP. Based on what you've described, you pull down those tighty-whiteys, and spread your cheeks. I'm gonna fuck you until you pass out. This sort of thing happens literally every weekend, so I better not hear a peep from you, fag.

Brock was a betamale loser who finger banged an unconscious asian.
Betas are not supposed to reproduce, they're supposed to grow old and die virgins in mom's basement.

Fuck off, you retard.

>provided a corroborating testimony
What about the testimony of everyone at the party who saw her all over Brock. If the roles were reversed, and Brock had fallen into a drunken sleep while she had his penis in her mouth, would those two whiteknights have intervened? Would it be a news story? Would it go to court? Would there be book releases?

You know the answer. You should also know that you're a faggot.

> be gook
> somehow get White college athlete to rape you
> write book
> profit
deal with it incels

People v. Turner, formally People of the State of California v. Brock Allen Turner (2015), was a criminal case filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court which convicted Brock Allen Turner of three counts of felony sexual assault. Turner was a student athlete at Stanford University on January 18, 2015, when he sexually assaulted 22-year-old Chanel Miller while she was intoxicated and unconscious.[1] Miller was referred to in court documents as "Emily Doe"[2].[3][4]

Turner was caught by Peter Jonsson and Carl-Fredrik Arndt, both Stanford graduate students from Sweden, as they rode by on their bikes and spotted him on top of Miller. They stated that they intervened because Miller appeared to be unconscious. Turner attempted to flee as they confronted him, at which point they chased him down and held him until police arrived.[4][5] Turner was arrested on suspicion of attempted rape and penetration with a foreign object.[6][7] He was released the same day after posting $150,000 bail.[8]

He was charged with rape and convicted of aggravated sexual assault.

HE WASN"T CONVIKTUD OF WAPE hurrrr !1 !1! !!!one!11

Guess he only ran away when they busted him because he could tell instantly in one second they were part of a jewish feminazi antifa cult trying to persecute him and was just trying to survive long enough to get the word out to the I.N.C.E.L operatives so they could carry on the good fight huh?

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>Brock was a betamale loser who finger banged an unconscious asian.
Fuck you talking about? Brock is an ABSOLUTE stud.

Yea I should have been a lawyer. Would have made more money doing that. Instead I fix forklifts and post on b when I'm on the clock sitting in my van