Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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Tie her up and dump three loads in her ass for a week. Spoon feed her and wash her down like a nice car every day. Also make her eat my ass and suck me off in order for her to eat or drink.


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Turn her into my personal sex slave. Keep her on a collar and leash, dressed like that. I'd force her to pole dance and strip for me whenever I wanted, before I fuck her senseless. I'd creampie her and knock her up within a week.

Which would you use on her and WWYD?

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Would push her up against the wall and rip her pants off. I'd shove the handle of the mallet up her pussy and ass fuck her until I filled her ass, then leave her there

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3 loads a week is pretty weak

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as if she will get pregnant from your beta dildo colection


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wwyd? Be brutal (got nudes to share after)

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Full body? I bet she loves having hard cock between those lips

Show her the teachings of Jesus Christ to save her from her wicked ways.

yes she does, but now tell me wwyd

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Down on her knees looking up at me. She's going to be wrapping them pink lips around my cock but before she even manages to get my jeans unbuttoned I'd get her cheeks nice and rosy, slap her hard enough her glasses go flying and the tears start to roll

wwyd to Carmen?

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I'd singer her this song.

wwyd to Veronika?

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