Canada Thread

Canada Thread
Looking for more of her

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You know her?

Nope, old canada thread had pics and 404d. Im just doing gods work trying to get more haha.

You save them all??

got a couple

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Any sarnia?

I went to highschool with her lol. Ama?

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No clue lol

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Haha I meant ask me anything lol

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Thank you for repost this....Belleville guy here... would love to smash her anal hole shes hot as fuck

She from the county?

any from 709?

Haha fuck i smoked a bit too much this morning. God bless Canada. Name? and more pics lol.

709 Steph B

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Hahah wont give out her name. I have a few others

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Nice to know a fine piece of ass is just across the bridge... she needs to be tied up and used as the whore she truly is

She was actually really into some kinky shit

Keep them coming, initials?

God love her. Thanks for posting her man. Keep doing the lords work bro.

Initials HF. Running outta pics.

Everyone in school knew she was kinky. She didnt try to hide it

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All good. Appreciated

Glad to help

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From Picton yeah?

Think so

This 514 OP back as well

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Yes she is

Thx bro. The county is a better place because she is in it. I know this belleville guy certainly appreciates her

Parents used to run a bnb there... heard it's a ghost town now tho.

Deffo sucks in the winter


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Belleville guy here....hit me up on kik pec guy...


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Damn how big are those puppies? Nice rack on her

32dd is what she said

Can OP come back with more lol

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From where?

Fucking saved, thanks user!
See the pics I quoted before brah


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fuck off with spam granny


want moar?

Bitch sure gets around, New England, Florida, Texas, California, Canada, geez.


likes to drive

Nice! Any more 709 stuff?

519 Windsor wins?

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what want?

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Likes to shitpost is more like it.

naw, into the bin she goes

sharp as a marble ohhhh

Any Vancouver sluts?

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where are the tits


damn, cant be contained.



Any 613 ?

well post them here

If I had them, I would. She's such a fucking tease.

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please tell me theres more

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anyone got/want 289?

post em

any london or sault s marie here?

what are you lookin for?

Anyone have oakville?

I need to drain my cock to a cute canadian girl



i mean city or area, you have anything from there or just want people to drop stuff for you?


Anyone know her ? Amber k originally from van now in Calgary . Used to strip in Calgary. Has to be wins out there

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Any 705?


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Any nude?

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