Doggo just died :(

Doggo just died :(

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too soon OP, what the fuck?


Sorry man. That's tough

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Lmfao, what do I do with my dead dog? Her joints are all stiff, so moving her will be awkward

She was old, and I cuddled with her for the past two months, I'm not sad just kinda awkward

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RIP doggo, u were a good boi.

Looks like is bbq time


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Take her to the vet and have her cremated, you should call and ask the costs and if that vet does cremation. But I think it's around $90. Easier than digging a hole.

give it to me. give it to me, maybe I can still help him

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$220 for the ashes. Called a buddy to help me move her, it's really awkward weight, cant roll her up in the blanket because her legs are so stiff. ty.
:( RIP Sasha.

But check out my avocado eyes skeleboy!

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You won't be sad now, but it will hit hard out of no where later

Yeah I know. It's probably going to hit me when I come home from work on Monday and dont have to help her up to go outside.

You don't want the ashes. They usually do several dogs at once, so you'll be getting a bunch of dogs ashes. Sorry it costs more than I thought, probably due to size. But it's the right thing to do. If you have an old shovel handle, you can tie knots in that sheet and slide the handle through. Carry it like a long stick with a bag hanging from the middle, but takes two people. Or use a wheel barrow.

That shovel idea is actually pretty good, thanks. I hope the knots dont slip... but yeah that gives me ideas. Thanks a ton

put the good memories on repeat and make some simple anons wafers for us

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post her butthole

Didnt notice she shit herself, as expected.

Also fuck you for requesting, but I am a legend.

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you can get services that'll pick up the corpse and cremate it. if you are a poorfag, time to grab a shovel and dig in the garden. just put a few towels around the body, then lift it up. yea it ain't easy if you are a faggot.

If I hadn't requested you may have accidentally touched her poop trying to move her. yw and rip doggo

Thanks for the requesting a picture of my dead dogs asshole, asshole.

Bet your middle school thinks you're the coolest 13 year old in the school, huh? Do you use the words thot, and lit too? Tool.

Shut up nigger, he was defending my dead dog.

Keep your pansy ass censorship away from my dogs spirit.

Put gloves on and stuff the poop into her vagina.

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Haha faggot

I'm sorry man, That's really shitty. hope you have a better rest of the day buddy

Rip doggo, I will pray for you

Great. Fuck animals! They have to be killed. Dogs aren't good for food that's why they are useless. Also feeling empathy for animals is mental illness.

I'm sorry man my condolences
Losing a dog is tough

How did she die?


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feast on its carcass to display dominance

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Nice meme

She was old, idk how. She was having trouble standing for about a year, and she finally passed

Take the dog turd and stuff it in her vagina please. I know it's a strange request, but trust me. You'll feel a sense of closure after it's done.

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Sleep Tight Doggo :(

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This needs a sticky

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Oh wow. Apparently, unless I'm getting lied to, the crematorium keeps her ashes separated from other dogs so I'll get just her ashes. Even if it's just a spec my dumb superstitious human brain will be satisfied. Got random dog shit on my shoe at the facility though so that's shit.

Sad, hope she was asleep when it happened.

The other dog looks so sad

Dying of old age seems like a pretty good way too go at least it didn't have to suffer too much

Is it your dog, and are you serious

Sorry my man

Took pic a week ago

Yeah no nenes here, just paid for the cremation and am about to bring the dog into the vet office

OH Boi that's going to hit hard later on
Believe me I've been there
When you get home after work for the first time it's going to hit you like a train

This pic sorry, forgot to attatch

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RIP doggo, may there be a bounty of bones for you in heaven.

shoot yourself

The hostpital called, they need you to come back, psycho, humans like YOU are useless

You all realize the dog isn't dead right?

Oh god, had 3 dogs, cried for days when everyone of them died.

Dogs are like family members, i remember all 3 of them, always happy when i came home after school or after work.

You're not dead, faggot.


My condolences man. It's going to hit, you're going to hurt. You gave her a good life, and she's resting now. You made her happy. Give that little pug a treat from me, alright? And keep your family and friends close right now. Don't force yourself to cry alone

Lol you caught me, I just happened to have a bunch of pictures of the dog in the same position, one with poop coming out her ass and one in my trunk all for (you)s.
Did you even look through the thread lol?
They took Sasha and I'm heading home now. I said I have an urn but I'm just gonna buy one on amazon or something. They're gonna put it in a basic free box, so I'm gonna have to do an ash transfer, so that'll be fun.
Love your dogs folks, and when they're old put up with their shit, literally and metaphorically


having a pet dog confirms you as worse than subhuman nigger filth. glad you outted yourself as a sub 100 iq knuckledragger op. I bet your little precious doesnt bark and keep the neighbors up all night either, nigger monkey knuckle dragging fucking jew.

No u

tis just a shit tier breed anyway. no big loss

The hostpital called, they need you to come back, psycho, humans like YOU are useless, is it fun to be sick in you're head

'Happy birthday, dear doggo, happy birthday to you'

Found the guy with pimples on his ass. Post your address.

I'm sorry, I meant to say your mom's address.


Another one that is sick in his head



noo :(((

OP here, to be fair, I think Bulldog variants are shit tier, but my dogs were my parents dogs. Good dogs but I wish people stopped breeding them, they have health complications and its torture to barely be able to breathe your whole life. Gonna get a lab, pinscher or german shepherd once the old puggo passes.

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Sorry about your pupper user. Was he a good boy?

Did the dog died????

F for that good girl, ill wank one for her tonight

If you have a yard just bury her. I have a collection in my back yard all next to each other.

She was a good girl, 13 years.

The dog did dieded

> I have a collection in my backyard

Shame what people did to pugs. Selective breeding is fucked.

3 generations, alas the last one past 2 years ago. Was over 20 years old no shit, damn thing outlived cats.

God damn, hope it was a good dog, I'd be pissed if I was stuck with an asshole dog for 20 years haha


He was a good dog, small mixed breeds can last a while apparently.

Viking burial, its what pup deserves.

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sorry for your loss. Your dog was sure a nice doggie

Laughed harder than I should have.