Rekt bread

Rekt bread

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Murphys law

Spilled the beans

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I like LOL versions of rekt thred.

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>>Now listen to the story of a man named Jed....

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I love funny rekt threads

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Everyone died. Think about it. The whole shop was filled with a mix of methane/oxygen that ignited the instant an open flame was introduced. They were breathing in that mix, so the fire would ignite clear down into their lungs and burn them from the inside out.


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That ambulance deserved medals for all inside it. They were at the scene in mere singular planck length.


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Hi op!

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lol Chinese. Not ever.

real kurwa moment

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Man. That kid straight up took the detour scenic route. Fuck you step-hoe!

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Outta my way grandma shits

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Right? It's a really interesting clip. Just way the room fills with fire in an instant. Not like am explosion, just instant heat.

Asian Safety is number one.

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Lmao. Fucking ratchet shoeless bitch. That store owner handled it perfectly. Love how she dipped out and was like a half mile down the road sprinting! XD

Are they dead?


>allah possessed him
exorcist or high voltage electricity is required

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Looks like the guy's top half just went spectral and phased out of existence.

Drive was probably ok-ish, anyone if the back is dead or learning to walk again.

Reminds me of my ex

wasnt those made speacilly for mines and/or IEDs

Commence the DE-NIGGENING


Roger That.

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There was definitely an explosion, I assume that's what cut the feed.


Fucking love that white girl. Every time this clip is posted. Girls got sand!

They were rated to ~5kg of explosive, that looks closer to 50kg.
Insurgents were using ~5kg to fuck humvees so we made MRAPS, once they were rolled out the insurgents just made bigger bombs.

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How could you possibly post this?
>you are a monster

God that blond is scrappy.

Cheer leader who works out every day for 10 years vs jumbo who's only exerciser is getting her fat ass off the shitter 3 times a day.

Poor bastards, that's my biggest fear as an EMT

Ive seen this 1000 times.
>I'll always watch it again



OP rex

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>Murphys law

Murphy's Law is stupid fucking thinking like most of modern theories concerning hypothetical thought.

For the unenlightened, hypothetical thought isn't the same thing as axioms of truth.

Murphy's Law says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Can I die of Cancer? Will that go wrong? Can I die of AIDs after dying of Cancer? No I cannot. You see my point.

Only one thing can go "wrong" at time in that sense.

But when you look at idiots, like the one driving the motorcycle, it is obvious something is going to go wrong in that particular motorcycle over, and over, and over again. That is not Murphy's law. That is an idiot who drive-like shit and things going RIGHT when he crashes over, and over, and over again before dying.

That is not things going "wrong". That is the Universe treating it's idiots like shit.

Post 19th century over-generalized their dumbass Scientific THEORIES. The best Science came from before the 1900's. You could pull Einstein and Gates out of your ass, but they really built upon centuries of Scientific and Mathematical research. They weren't part of a Scientific momentum in history. The 1800's is where all that Scientific momentum was really it. It was full off super-stars. Everyone afterwards turned out to be a tard in some way. Einstein was practically surrounded by Hiroshima and Jew-hunting. Hardly a success. Gate was a success in terms of Capitalism. Capitalism being failure in Human history.

You dumbass, home-made Science project generator blowing up under heavy pressure doesn't mean that "what went wrong, did go wrong". It means that pressure and the basic mechanics of pressure are still working to this day.

Murphy's "Law" isn't a law. They just add that word to make his dumb ass, convoluted notions of reality sound official.

Never buy Worst Korean Products, never!
Never Samsung, Kia, Hyundai.

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You guys are faggots.

men are pathetic

reminds me of avengers end game I clapped when all the women formed together to save the men from their demise in the final battle!

Yesss! That's another great clip. Where can I find me on of these hot white girls that can pick me up by my ankles and spank me??

Tell me more about your philosophy nigger. I like where you coming from.

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Goddamn she can go

Dr. House episode

Fuck off, nigger.

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this is actually funny, would love to see a 2h documentary about this incident, like interviews whit the parents and how this video spread around the internet and shit

That explains why "Dr. House IED" gets literally nothing.

What was he swinging?

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You're a fucking retard. You're also probably a Nazi - that's me invoking Godwin's Law


that was actually disgusting, what is wrong with you?

Is this culture?

No brakes. Ride or die, you either ride or die.

what the fuck is that mayhem of road signs ?

thats heartbreaking

i don't know what you just typed but i know you're a loser with no life for doing that

Not likely. If the explosion from expanding gasses didn't kill them, the fire only would have lasted a short moment, not long enough to burn moist internals. Also the water vapor already in their lungs would likely inhibit any gas ignition internally.

Why is this so damn funny

Murphys law is an idiom, not a literal fucking theory that scientists use, dumbfuck

Go cut yourself with Occams Razor

Please can someone post the wemb of the kung-fu movie where the guy gets his jaw punched in?

Also what film is it from?

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Sounds like kung pow. But I dunno

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Story? Why'd he do that?

nigger spitted on man

motherfucker I kept adjusting my laptop screen to remove the fucking glare in the video

anyone have sauce?

im looking right at the video, that's not whats happening

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Not that film. There are two mean looking twins one in red, one in black. The one in black punches a guy and they use a puppet as the effect of the guys jaw being totally fucked up.

Wow you have no morals do you? Is nothing sacred?

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as far as i know they were praying or some shit. blackie decided to spit on man.