Xray thread - where are the photoshop masters at?

Xray thread - where are the photoshop masters at?

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>where are the photoshop masters at?
I wouldn't call myself a master, but can wield a bit of Gimp. What are you after?

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Did the person who made this not account for the potato camera?

Sometime in these threads you have to work with what the retards give you. Screenshots off smartphones are the worst.

Well since nobody else is gonna post photos to be x-rayed...who wants to give this a shot

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Unlikely - that fabric is pretty thick. I'll give it a shot. Back in a few min

Sweet, fingers crossed for a win

Is this doable

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Thought not

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Or this

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i do this bro

No point. Black is totally saturated

>Is this doable

>Or this
Again doubtful. Shitty photo with lots of jpeg artefacts and the girl in white is clearly wearing a bra

I'll give the girl in orange a shot, but I'm not optimistic

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Can this be done?

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this one if you can

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Beyond my meagre skills

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Do my coworkers ass please

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Protip. Swimwear is mostly designed not to go transparent when wet, which means xrays won't work

>possible to do this one?
No. Potato quality

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i fix it a little sorry

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black is hard, sorry

Would this work any better

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Nope. Too saturated. There may even be cups in the top - weird line on the left on (as looked at)

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i do this for u

>Would this work any better

This swimsuit is pretty thin.

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You're spitting into the wind, friend. Nobody seems to understand how x-raying works... they just post pics of pretty girls and hope we can magically make them look naked.

Again, when you look at the original the white is pretty saturated and the fabric is both thick and textured

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>This swimsuit is pretty thin.
It's pretty opaque on a pretty poor image. No point

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>i do this for u
Good luck with that

Nice job shooping on nipples that don't actually belong to her. That's fakeray shit, not xray

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Sister in law but guessing it will be hard to do?

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Would be easier to spy her while bathing, mate.

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Please do this one

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Nope. And picture shows you why. The narrow range of colour frequencies in the selected section shows just how saturated the colour is - it's virtually all or nothing, no real graduation

You must be fucking trolling

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Not X-ray. That’s a shop. You can see the bra you shopped over

xray please

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Deepfake shit. Nipple perspective is off and the right one (as viewed) is out of position.

Anyway guys, I'm out

i see pokies her top are xrayble? try and the bottom

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Let me ask you a question. is that a swimsuit?

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This possible?

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Give me a challenge

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Nice, Thanks user

This one too dark?

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Nice fakeray, but you moved her nipples quite a bit

Able to do this?

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Do this one

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Can someone do this one?

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let's get a better look at these

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Possible? She asking, have more

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Asking for it

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Well it can’t be x-rayed

if you look better you see pokies

and here you see her nipple

xray pls

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