Why do Republicans think abandoning our allies is a decent and smart thing to do?

Why do Republicans think abandoning our allies is a decent and smart thing to do?

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They're just going along with whatever Trump says.

There's your problem right there.

Here you go bud. I wouldn't want you to get confused so I fixed it for ya

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>implying the Turks aren't our biggest regional ally for the past forever

Both far left democrats and far right republicans are as bad as each other, they only encompass 0.5% of the US populace, the rest are normal people who have to sit day in and day out listening to verbal diarrhea from both sides.

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Its not the republicans, its just trump. Even republicans think what hes doing is insane.

oof ouch owie my democratic process

>Autistic screeching

If Trump were a warmonger you'd be crying about it. Trump isn't a warmonger and you cry about it. No matter what you'd cry about it.

Keep crying you're going to need to do it through 2024

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Exactly. Party solidarity is more important than anything else to them. Zero disagreements are tolerated no matter what the proposal is.

You never even had a democratic process. Your parents lied to you.

all the establishment politicians see him trying to pull out of the middle east and they're like "no, that's where all our weapon lobby money comes from!"

I live in America, the most representative nation in the world! FREEDOM

It's not just Trump. You'd know this if you bothered asking why they're still supporting him even after getting all worked up about abandoning the Kurds.

Not OP or American, but why do young faggots like you always assume people are angry or autistic etc? Shows your ignorance and your age.

I guarantee you couldn't give a good example on why you voted Trump except Immigration and Jobs.

If I asked you why was leaving the TPP for an exclusive deal with Taiwan was beneficial, you wouldn't have a clue, because people like you vote by keywords, and when the shit hits the fan you will be the first to project your shit life onto others to make yourself feel better, but in the end you still have a shit life.

>Zero disagreements are tolerated no matter what the proposal is.
Same as the democrats then? Theres no way you can bag on one party and not the other without looking like an ignorant and naive hypocritical moron both parties do the same shit.

why do we even have representatives? Made sense when it took someone 3 days to get to the city but now? just send us shit to vote on to our phones. Also, why do we have a president? why should one man get to rule? fuck that.

Why do democrats think dumping billions of dollars of our already dwindling resources into being the world police is a decent and smart thing to do?

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fuck you anarchist, go drink wine in france if you hate america so much

kurds are not our allies

I'm not saying zero government. I'm just saying why can't the people have more control?

How would you secure that?

we worked with kurds to stomp isis but we never intended to help them establish an independent nation

I'm euro and this has always been my thoughts in regards to the u.s.

Either the UN has you guys by the balls, or you have the UN by the balls. Don't know which.

Seeth more

Citizens in this country have a huge amount of control over their representatives. America has one of the most anti-government constitutions in existence. Who has done it better than us?

Again not American, but why do Americans think pumping 800bn into a military budget, that mostly builds stealth fighters that will never get used, will keep them safe from ISIS?

China and Russia spend about 200bn max on theirs, and neither have much trouble, because they are smart and aren't using the military budgets to make corporates profit from false pretenses.

600bn+ could be saved easily each year which could be injected back in the US economy in ways of promoting jobs, improving education, subsidizing health care so it costs less for all Americans.

Imagine how good that would be. Well thats all you can do is Imagine about it, because since the 80s Corporations have had power in the congress and senate and have been raping you hard.

Ever wonder why corporates only pay 300bn a year in corporate tax, while American workers pay a combined total of 2.6trn in tax? Because you lot fall for it.

Not even angry or upset, the fact you think I am means you are projecting that you are.

both, it's a circlejerk

People are sick of playing world police.
Warhawks don't want to lose their profits from the military industrial complex.

That simple.

It's honestly a brilliant move by Trump. Fulfill his promises to withdraw troops while at the same time causing the supposedly peace loving liberals to foam at the mouth for another pointless war over another irrelevant border in the middle east.

I don't know, someone smarter than I could figure it out I'm sure? Is it really that different from voting machines, decides we can watch the office while we vote?
I understand what you're saying, but your reps can go back on what you want or change their views depending on which corporation is giving them more money this month. Same with the President. There has to be a better way to do it than we currently have, to give the people more control.

American, but I don't live in the U.S. anymore. The american government and both parties are guilty of this. Increase defense spending, increase military spending, it never ends. Then you have the para-military corporations meddling in everything politicians do and all that coupled with the fact that the american government has a hero complex and the budget gets way out of control.

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others."

>It's honestly a brilliant move by Trump.

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Because our "Allies" do jack shit for us at all in truth.

You're an idiot.
The problem isn't because the US is going to save a little bit of military money,
the issue is that no one in that part of the world will ever trust the word of the USA again.
Trump is an unreliable, unfaithful actor,
but now he's given the USA that reputation as well.

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>why do we have a president? why should one man get to rule? fuck that.

I think you need to sit through one grade school government class to learn at least something.

Right, they're our allies because we paid them money and equipment so we could help them liberate their own country from ISIS. We can't go and backstab Turkey by helping them to build a hostile Kurdistan right on their southern border.

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Nah, other user is right. It's not a great look for the left.

Fuck off with that, Norway is even more deregulated free market capitalist than America, moron.

There's no reason why we can't have a group of people instead of a president run the executive branch.


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Norway: Lots of Oil
United States: Lots of Niggers

Really makes you think.

its funny how people still believe that most republicans support trump

and what are they doing to stop him? nothing,just like when he violated the 2nd ammendment

that we need to liberate norway from all that sweet oil?

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They don't! It's literally just Mr Trump. The republicans in the senate and congress are as pissed as the liberals.

socialism isnt going to be the paradise you left wing morons think it is

I'm not smart enough to figure it out, but what I can tell you is that our current implementation of the internet is unusable for truly secure communications. If we can't reliably secure our banks with it, how could it possibly be usable for something as important as appointing our government officials?

What the hell good would that do?
The executive branch is just one branch.
The president isn't as important as your average idiot makes him out to be.

yeah,there so pissed that they just let him do whatever because "he's makin murica great again!"

if they were pissed,they'd get rid of him and mike pence would be president and clean the mess trump left and start running america like a republican should be

faggot anarchist, go suck off a marxist professor

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Warmongering Democrat Scum.

there's always going to be a level of insecurity with the internet. I'd be curious to see where we are with it right now vs voting machines which we know are insecure.

Norway tax businesses correctly and inject that into the country giving the benefits to everyone.

US taxes businesses 10.5%, rebates 9% of it back. Quality of life is shite in the US. Having to pay for your healthcare which is the same quality as the majority of the world. Having to pay full stop for shit that is enjoyed as part of taxation elsewhere.

But media channels have you fooled into thinking you are actually well off and rich as you munch onto your meat-glued products which is made from scraps and sinew.

Americans are the most delusional people on the planet, even North Koreans know how shit their country is.

>Why do Republicans think abandoning our allies is a decent and smart thing to do?
Kurds are not our allies. They're Communist muslims who attack christian militias in iraq and syria.
They're loyal to nobody but themselves. If they had aligned with Assad they would have been fine and Russia would have handed Turkey their asses, but the kurds are a bunch of assholes.

I suppose it depends on how you feel about executive orders, foreign relations, and war.

The troops are still in Syria. They pulled 50 soldiers out of two observation bases. They are still very much there.

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Obama fucked healthcare even more and in no way is he responsible for any increase in jobs. Even though it is true more people are employed, were working more hours for considerably less money.

Fuck off, nobody wants to live in a socialist America, freedom and individual liberty are not negotiable.

How did they not figure it out after this? Anyone who's still a Trump Supporter is a fucking idiot.

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What Reagan did do was start the ball rolling that Created Al'Qaeda.

When you give Saddam Hussein $1 trn (80s value) in goods, arms, biological agents, money to grab power in Iraq and then attack Iran because the Shah was kicked out of power there and you no longer get cheap oil for helping in Afghanistan against Russia's invasion by training Mujahideen, and to top it off shoot down an Iranian passenger jet by sailing into Iranian waters illegally. While disgusted with America and the Bush syndicate trading with their family, Osama Bin Laden goes to Afghanistan and takes the trained Mujahideen and forms Al'Qaeda.

Thats how good Reagan was for you.

And the reason why Bin Laden targeted the WTC, because of trade which he feels broke up his family values.

Where did you get socialism from? You people love spewing nonsensical bullshit out of nowhere.

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Cause like most of the citizens, we are sick and fucking tired of bankrolling everybody elses fucking problems. Figure your own shit out

Once you leftists admit the inequalities of IQ and race then we can talk economic policy

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Ya just ignore the last 300 years of cultural success and data
Your shitty pic dosen't disprove my point
>Egyptian pyramids

Was that too much truth for you, also I am not American, and everything I said is in declassified CIA documents from 2002-3.

Is your fee fees hurt because your precious America isn't as angelic as you thought it was?

Agreed, and unfortunately, I'm not sure that a truly secure system is possible; at least not without being completely impractical.

Voting machines, even the current ones, would probably be good enough if they would just keep mandatory paper printouts to ensure that results are easily auditable. The fact that this is somehow a point of contention makes me distrust the entire voting system and the results thereof.

>no one in that part of the world will ever trust the word of the USA again

They never did. Even Israel, supposedly America's BFF hates the US, why do you think they still don't have an extradition treaty with the US? They want to keep their country a save haven for their spies to run to. Every country in the middle east will flip between US and Russia depending on whose handing out weapons and whose staying out of the way of them killing other middle easterns. Its a joke that suddenly the concept of "loyalty" is important in the middle east because Trump showed some preference to one more powerful "ally" that plays Russia vs US over another "ally" that is only ally in the sense that we sent weapons to keep them from being wiped out by a common enemy. Didn't hear the word betrayal come up once when we were attacking Iraq

But you got to admit its impressive how the incas build a pyramid about 2000 years before the incas were a thing

Also just to point out 4 of those dates are wrong.

Also the stone age/bronze age period was further back than 1000BC in Europe.

It is
But still

Right, because mutual support against Saddam Hussein and continued support against ISIS troops don't count as an alliance...

The vine that doesn't pick a side dies rotting on the fence.

Are you unaware of the location of Egypt?

Is this where I'm supposed to say, "We wuz kingz and shit"?

>>Egyptian pyramids

Bernie2020 is coming, get ready boot lickers

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Are you aware Africa wasn't a continent when Egypt was in its prime? The land was there, but Africa didn't exist.

Also the Pyramids date back to 4000bc-3500bc

The stone age hut at the bottom in Europe was around 9500BC. Iron age started around 4000BC in Europe.

So anyone who believes that picture is under-educated and ignorant, and will believe anything told to them.

I don't care funny how you yanks always thing everyone is American and the thing you hate when they say something you don't like.

You need your pacifier/dummy tit?

holy shit did you use BonziBuddy to help you write this?

You sound very upset, stick that thing back in your mouth.

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>democrats: We need to stop getting invloved in pointless wars and stop being the world police
>Obama: *gets involved in pointless wars and plays world police*
>Trump: Wants to pull out of pointless wars and stop being the worlds police

>Are you aware Africa wasn't a continent when Egypt was in its prime? The land was there, but Africa didn't exist.

Is this what you millennial tards have been taught?

>Obama tripled the stock market

He came in at a low point. they only place it had to go was up. And thats including giving obama credit for the stock market surge that went down after trump won.

> The land was there, but Africa didn't exist.


You just know this guy beats his wife and has an entire walk in closet of secrets lol

So what you're saying is Obama tripled the stock market, thank you.

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