How about an actual ylyl for a change?

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>How about an actual ylyl for a change?

All I see is cringe

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Don't ask what has Rome done for you. Ask what have YOU done for Rome.

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I'm done, you're on your own now, friends.

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I love that autism threads are the description of millennial humour

but why ?

okay you got me

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Looks more like You LOVE You Lose.

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This made me laugh more than all these memes

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Have sex

>lol niggers gettin whacked


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you’re retarded kill yourself ;)

uyi table?

uyi tauyieh?

"I bless," not "I miss."


I hate that I know what this is

Found the nigger faggot

You have no personality whatsoever.

I remember that thread lmao

Ы Table.

It's just a ukrainian supermarket.

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Your all niggers, that is all.

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Never too many cute kots.

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Fuck, i didn't expect to actually lose

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(translation is not really required)

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RIP possible italian anons who see this.

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fucking lost at 33 lunar seconds.
Is this the time the moon needs to move 33 seconds around the earth?

i dont mind pineapple pizza

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eh, they give it to rats and check the effect on skin or the effects of oral consumption.
But if you can explain soundcloud I legit would be impressed.

Consider committing scirocco.

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live a little
iif exotic products werent welcome, we wouldnt have tomatoes

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I know, it's a joke. it's just that many people, including myself, can't stand sweet fruits on savoury meals like pizza. Tomato, while technically being a fruit, is still salty enough to be used as a vegetable.

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All right, my comrades from the other side of the globe, I'm off to get some booze, hope you're having a good day too.

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its definitely not for everyone, i just cant stand people taking a very militant stance on it (and that not as a joke)

Tatars vs Bashkirs

half life 3 cancelled

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Yeah, I mean I've met both of those nations, and I honestly can't see a difference between them. For me personally the fun of the picture is the combination of tatar cat's confusion and the bashkir cat's positive indifference on the world.

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idk, what's the reference?


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Jojo + Heroes of Might and Magic III

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Kots are the best, aren't they.

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I eat those sausages raw. Tastes great!

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cute and amusing as fuck, and slightly evil.

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Why does that cat look so sad what is he feeding him?

They're intended to be eaten raw. Try them out chopped to small cubes, added into instant noodles and topped with some mayo. It's extremely unhealthy, but tastes godlike!
They have a personality, good and bad sides, like humans. For some reason I don't see that in dogs, they just seem stupid, doesn't matter if they're loyal or malicious.
He's feeding him tushonka, canned beef provided for the army. Idk why he looks sad, probably just the camera angle.

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