Do you believe that you have the capacity to kill someone and get away with it?

Do you believe that you have the capacity to kill someone and get away with it?
Why or why not?

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Although I do often fantasize.

I am way way too unlucky, I would make a silly mistake and get caught immediately. Even if I didn't, I don't know if I could live with the guilt.


turns out all the csi shit you see if fantasy

Kill someone sure, get away with it no.

What, you mean I can't enhance an image?

Well that idiot in germany the other day killed 2 people and escaped like 3 times before the cops showed up and he decided to have a shootout with them lmfao, looks pretty easy to me

What an odd choice of Tattoo for a girl to get. What exactly do you think this girl's kinks are and how do you think she got them?

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Only 2% of murders are ever solved or taken to trail. Human error make sure of that. Cops are shit atheists that join the town guard after there dreams die. So most are super stupid. So shit get thrown out just don't pull an R Kelly and give your full name an soc on tape or film and you are good

Already have. Got to love the military.

crimes don't get investigated that deeply

they'll talk to uncooperative witnesses at best


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Don't want to kill anyone, sorry to let you down b, no live streams from me.

If you think long enough about it, it might surprise you how little has to change in your circumstances for you to be able to feasibly kill another person. A lot of people will say no right away out of reflex, but with deep, introspective thought, the line becomes clear; and for a lot of people, it's too close.

Nope, if it was unjust i would propably cry and report myself. If it was self defence i would still cry and report myself.

Killing another human is a threshold i do not want to cross unless defending anyone i love.

yeah literally. it's actually quite shocking how little they do to solve a murder.

Thank you for your service.
Thanks to you, there's no chance the draft could be reinstated and useful people will never have to be put in more harm's way than a ride to work.

kill someone? well it depends on the method but ultimatly, yes.

Get away with it? probably, but I wouldn't take the risk.

take care user

Idiot is the correct word. After he found their door to be locked and he had to yell out FUCK. He should have just went home.

What fucking waste of space.

With no motive or connection to the victim? Certainly. Just don't be seen.

seek help

only in a drug fueled impulsive state

Nah, knowing my luck I'll probably be caught within a month.

Germans don't have guns that's only an American thing

That pic confuses my dick...

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They had guns after Hitler took over. Things got a lot better very quickly after his rise to power.

The only people who were forbidden to buy and sell firearms and ammunition were the Jews.

>Do you believe that you have the capacity to kill someone
>get away with it

I've watched alot of true crime shit. There seem to be some simple rules. Stick to killing total strangers, the less contact they have with you outside the murder itself, the better. Dont do it in your house or car, you arent dexter and cant account for every drop of blood or thing that could happen. Have a way to incapacitate your victim, a taser works well. People will surprise you, especially when fighting for their lives, and you need none of that shit. The less blood, the better. Strangling seems cleanest, but this is the fun part, so you do you, killer. Finally, dont be a lazy fuck. You cant dump that shit on the side of a road somewhere. Dig a fucking hole. It's not rocket science. You dont want to give them anything to work backwards from. Also, make it like at least 5 feet deep. Animals can smell that shit and will dig it up so be aware of your local wildlife.


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Yes, but I don’t believe I’ll ever have reason to/have to.

No, I'm too much of a pacifist (which is a euphemism for pussy).

>Also, make it like at least 5 feet deep. Animals can smell that shit and will dig it up so be aware of your local wildlife.
wrap up the body in garbage bags and cover it with lime. the lime absorbs the smell.

Would moral fags actually be upset to the point of confessing or Turing themself in if they commit murder? I don’t think I would lose sleep, not that I would actually ever do it

good advice, much appreciated fellow user. careful not to leave prints on the bags tho, just in cast. it's best to cover all bases.

Kill someone yes. If it's me vs you I'm gonna win every time. Get away with it? No. I'm not confident that without lots of planning I would be able to get away with it.

Another thing to note is the prevalence of cameras and facial recognition software in the world. You'd ideally conduct all your business in disguise.
Avoid becoming a suspect as much as possible, but realize that's pretty difficult, so here are some things people might forget:
- Shoe prints if you're ever a suspect. Best to get a pair of the wrong gender and too small shies.
- Tire tracks, too. If you must use your own car and your plan includes driving across snow or dirt, you can consider getting a set of used tires for cash ahead of time and swapping those on and off the vehicle.
- Pet hair, too! While you may not have enough hair to leave at a scene, if your pet's hair ends up there, it could be tied back to you.
- Be aware of the victim's weight and be prepared to move it. Limp bodies are surprisingly heavy and awkward.

I am THAT kind of guy and that tattoo is repulsive. Bitch has no class.