Celeb Thread + Welcome to LiL Ariana Grande's Mansion of Bum!

Celeb Thread + Welcome to LiL Ariana Grande's Mansion of Bum!

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if that wont cure aids, i dont know what will

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>mfw I will never have Kate squat down on top of me and as soon I slide in bareback she comes close to my ear and tells me she loves me
Why even live

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Fuck celebs

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if it doesn't, she can suck it out

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I wanna KISS Lindsay

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This thread is very colorful

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Ariana hates America you know

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along with your soul

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God she is ugly and creepy

Absolutely terrifying

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What all do you think she does for him?

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Sexy Lily

Fantastic tits though

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that goes without saying

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imagine what the other girls in this photo are thinking

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I want to make passionate love to her pale soft body. She probably doesnt like that, but i cant much care anymore

Lil Ari went out to boston on tour and did her
best! she flew back to her mansion and after
soaking her bum in a coal and lime oil bath
a good long while she huffed, sneezed and
withered well what length had the day long
been! it wasn't long when her bum through
lack of zzzs had collapsed into her blankets
on the bed and gone to sleep!

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She's great

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try saying that too her face and see what happens

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That smile when he grabs her

What a submissive bitch

Same user.

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Dove is a well known sub

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i know this isnt everyones cup of tea but my god... those legs

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...so thin

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So where's all the bum?

Besides, she's the one who decides to make her red lips look so inviting in every single vid

I wonder if her bf cares or if he knows it's just part of doing business

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...so tight

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its like that fat bitch from euphoria lol

old bastard does not give a single fuck

Thats pretty awesome honestly

i want jeesica aba to stop car and order me out from my car and order me onto the pavement to lick her shoes clean for ______ minutes.

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good to see you have good taste user
true true
nah she used to be nostalgia chick

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Nope he doesnt. I can't lie id be doing it too if I was him

What it would feel like dying in Nats hands after she slashed my throat? Would she be merciful as in staying with me through the end, accompanying me as I draw my last breath?

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lmao you going to send her bitcoins to make fun of your small cock?

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Epic PWNAGE user


i want jessica ala to make cry for ______ minutes by telling me how inferior I am and spitting on my hair.

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Wow he doesn’t just put an arm around her, he full on grabs her and pulls her too him
She really is a daddy’s girl

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She does have a bf but looks like he knows she does what she has to do.

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Feminist domination by lindsay ellis sounds like a dream, user

Hollywood’s fuck toy

Has to do? I bet she loves it

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my waifu


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She Hollywood's toy. She probably loves riding that fat old fucks cock. Little whore.

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>my dream of being a in a Netflix rom com Christmas movie, based on a John Green book, with a cast of super talented hot people has come truuuu!!

oh no no

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She's so fucking hot

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why that nigga bald tho

2 guys both eyeing kiki

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That Christina Ochoa is the hottest one there.

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I mean fucking look at her
These pics are basically an advertisement for someone to come use her

Does she have anything remotely lewd though?

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I just want lindsay to get on top of me and tell me what i want :X

Thats why she posts them on insta. Wonder how much she charges.

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i need to swallow cum for her

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Absolute goddess

Shaddap bish

would you let her black boyfriend fuck your ass if it meant you could lick her feet?

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not really other than having nice tits and lips
has a
captain america video where her bra is quite visible throughout
would be nice

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Dat mouf

Leave him alone.

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Yes she is. If I were her bf I would do nothing but fuck her 24/7. No birth control and id creampie her every single time. Her body is begging to be bred.

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Wtf? Fucking incel faggot.

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Her bf is white moron.

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fuck you too faggot

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