The lonely losers VSCO/Facebook/Instagram/Soundcloud masturbation station

The lonely losers VSCO/Facebook/Instagram/Soundcloud masturbation station

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More Jen plz?

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think her pussy lips are pink or darker?

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mm, god those tits have me stroking

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I really need to drain my cock before sleep, need help.

mmm so sexy keep goin

mmm, keep goin

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oh lord yes, moar

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Cute e-girls and e-boys in this server. Pic related

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less on

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yes yes yes, i am diamonds

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What's really good witcha? you already know, it's ya boy Ramiro

Had a few things I wanted to say before I hit the gym this morning. First of all, I just got out of the shower wit my ***** Maria. 95 pounds, 5'3 and has the body of a goddess.[She just blew me, **** was SO cash].know how I pulled her? Being a real man, something you nerds don't know **** about. All you know about is books, while I'm out in da club poppin' bottles and cheating on my ***** every night with the lushest breezies in Jersey.

Did I **** that skank in the shower just a minute ago? You know i did, it was clutch. And she wouldn't dare cheat on a greek god looking specimen like myself, I give it her good, all day, every day. Don't believe me? Ask your girlfriend. Know what I'm saying? Face, *****.

You chumps make me sick, hanging out on your nerd website all day jerking off to fat chicks, I roll out with my boys 5 nights a week, the chicks can't resist my bangin' guns. When I walk up in da club, *****es can't wait for the Alphabet ['cos i'm the ALPHA male and you can BET on it] to wrap his pimp mitts around their titties.

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need more sideview and assview

I am the hottest guy any of you will ever have the privilege of being amongst. I bench 240 and do 500 sit-ups a day. My abs are hard as a rock and my ****'s the size of a cucumber. When I walk down the street I can smell your girlfriend's pussy getting wet. She wants to **** wit a real boss, not a chump change loser like you. Just playin', you ain't even got a girl. All you got is Warhammer. You play that ****, imma be playin' wit girls tits in da club.

Don't be hatin' bro', Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. Captain of the football team, have a .312 batting average (not that you **** even know what that means), and can drink all of you pussies under the table.. What sports do you do, other than "professionally not getting laid"? I also get straight A's. Dang, you wish you were me! **** aint gonna happen son, you're all wastes of good air who should just kill yourselves.

On the grind.

- Ramiro the champ


Girl pop about masturbating

pretty af

Mmm, those legs

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Sexy feet and legs

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yeah she is

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What does Sup Forums think of Nina?

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those thighs would make any man cum

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keep going

kinda girl that'll make you stutter with just a smile

god so fuckin cute

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Sorry I'm late, moar Jen coming right up

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Instant boner

nice bod

Still around OP? sorry I was a bit slow to reply.

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more ass?


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mmmm no problem jst means my cocks warmed up for her

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She looks like the type of girl who would keep hitting on me at a bar while I try to bang her friend but fail so I end up with her instead, good head but bad kisser, then after she wakes up the next day she runs away and acts awkwardly if I ever see again

great body too

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Nice tits

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She's nice. More

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perfect position to get on top of her and spread her legs

She has me stroking for her

she will make you cum guaranteed

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