Do you think we will ever see a Fappening on the scale of 2015...

Do you think we will ever see a Fappening on the scale of 2015? My feeling is no as security is tighter than ever and two factor authentication has all but killed any chance of password hacking, I'm no expert though

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We can only dream, user, we can only dream

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i dont want to live in a world where celebrities arent in danger of having their nudes leaked on the internet

There are many, many more candid pics of celebs in collectors hands. But being the stingy, entitled fucknuckles they are they would rather keep them in their personal incel vault than share them with the world.

Sadly I don’t think so but the Ashley Tisdale ones that were rumored would be pretty nice

still jerking to her

All those pictures of jlaw were sent to Harvey Weinstein

why hoard though? for money?

nice larp. if this were true some would have leaked, at least contact sheets etc

If only there was a way to collect all the cum people spilled to her nudes, fill up a few Olympic size swimming pools with it and show it to her. The look on her face would no doubt be cash. Then, someone gotta push her in.

me too Sup Forumsro, me too.

Those tits... I've jerked to them for years now and they're still begging to be sucked every time.

hmm that sounds like a great idea

We will probably never see another big fappening event, but lot more things will eventually leaks, maybe in little batch or just one set at a time. There still so much thing hoarded, thing obtained 5 years ago or things obtained after the fapenning, lot of people entered the game aftert and with the sony hack that gave away many celeb emails any faggot could try his luck.. sadly apple eventually increased the security but lot of icloud accounts were still accessed.

They came down pretty hard on the guy that did it. So i dont think youll see it again

You guys are the reason that newfags leave so soon.
So thank you.

Wanna set up a sperm donation page? #JizzForJlaw

did you say fappening

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>why even live?

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implying there was only one guy

i can be a sperm donor

honestly no i dont think there's ever gonna be another. not just because cyber-security has improved so much but because now, there's a precedent. so the next dude who does that will get like 20 years in prison. nobody wants that lmao

The very first fappening had one guy leak many celebs. Obviously there have been many more leaks by many more people since then.

yes please!

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As can many, many more men.

Many of those leaks are intentional to get celebrities coverage


as long as I get hot naked celebs to fap to I don't care if they're leaking their own photos

The fappening was not one guy, retard.
The fappening was multiple leakers that leaked sets obtained from trade from multiples traders that were trading sets obtained from multiple hackers.

I think a bigger fappening leak is about to come very soon.

based on what?

Amanda Seyfried

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Too bad most celebrities now have bodies like teenage boys because that’s what these kike producers prefer

The fact that someone posted about Fappening in the 1st place. And 2nd because It's been a very long time. People should get new content.

the media put a particular guy up as scape goat though. and he was claimed to have leaked a bunch of celebs. obviously not all but a many none the less. Subsequent fappening leaks have been many many people though.

Hahaha I thought she looked a bit like Jeri Ryan, but I was like where did the tits go and why is her face weird?

well that's solid evidence...

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There have already been Fappening 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0s. Maybe it'll be something big this time. Maybe in 2020?? Who knows.

>jeri ryan

fucking criminal nothing of hers has leaked

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Can't wait for that video to drop.....if it does

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ya who knows, so why say i think one is coming very soon? no one knows shit other than the few people with pics.

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I fucking know right??

Exactly this


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gemma arterton

They're waiting for billie eilish to turn 18 so they can include her in the dump.

>censored pussy
what is this shit

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It's an advertisement. You go to the e-mail address, negotiate payment and you get the real thing. DUH.

It's a preview. people make previews when trading

Goddamn religious freaks... why you hate that busty fuck toy?

>fat coal burner

not from the original fappening but one of the best leak

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It was all only ever a distraction from something much more important.

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whos that

Alison Brie

you dropped "coalburner"

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epic tits indeed

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Before she got aids and became a lesbian wrestler

I cant help it if you're gay


All the things that leaked are probably only the tip of the iceberg, people are probably hoarding so much good shit that we will never see.

Is it too much to ask that Sabrina Carpenter or Lindsey Sterling be in the next Fappening?

Needs more Jlaw and Brie

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That's correct. We've only seen, like, 50% of what they had.

>But being the stingy, entitled fucknuckles they are they would rather keep them in their personal incel vault than share them with the world.
Why would them though? it would end up backfiring them... didn't the one who leaked the pics got arrested?

If Sabrina Carpenter leaks I hope to god she has a dick in her mouth or something to cover up that permanent duckface syndrome.


it was glorius! there was lireally over 10k posts in the thread!!!

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Every fappening needs JLaw and Brie... We also need more avril lavigne, those bikini photos from the her fappening leak showed her body is waaaay underrated. Time to get a bunch of good high res nudes from her

2 of double D

yep. does i.b. stil exist?


gemma chan?

literally whos?

Some permanent duck-face thot who's clearly got confidence issues and some broad playing the violin. Barely famous nobodies.

Security is always going to be as shit as always. There's ways around everything and two step verification doesn't mean shit if you know a little about the person.

Go to college for Digital Forensics (computer hacking) like I did.

probably not, unfortunately. But it HAS made it easier for any celeb to "leak" their own nudes for the spotlight, and claim it's just another icloud hacker. But then again leaking their own shit has always worked i.e. KK

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Unfortunately we’ll never see 1/10th of what was actually stolen.

I have a hard time believing there’s not tons and tons of videos out there somewhere

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I know this is Sup Forums is all about traps but, stop it, please just stop.

Say what you want but the moment you get a video of her titwanking some guy before he busts all over her face and titties, you're gunna be wanking to it like the rest of us.

Anyone got a mega of the fappening collection?

Kek this. You could find more attractive milfs anywhere you look.

These "celebs" look like shit

The big one was on August 31st 2014

You know nothing kid, these things exist in tiny and big scales

To trade for other pics