Incels have literally no logical argument against eating bugs...

Incels have literally no logical argument against eating bugs. They're just acting like emotional manbabies and think it's "yucky".

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I don't want to.
That's literally the only argument you need.

>I don't care how my decisions affect everyone else REEEEEEEEEE

How does someone eating bugs affect someone else?

Well, yeah.

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Meat consumption affects us all.

Be more specific.

Because I like dead animal tissue better.

okay Schlomo.
the next threads will be about not having children, being queer and loving niggers?

saw one episode of adam is a faggot and think you know it all now

did you notice his references are a fucking blog with no research

This Black Propaganda is Cringe, bro. You posted Cringe.

I'd eat bugs in a survival scenario but since we can get our protein and what not from meat and veggies it makes no since to force that down people's throat

Carbon emissions.

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hey it's the same argument against teh gays, will you look at that.

I'm actually a huge proponent when it comes to eating insects, but I'll never agree to a fucking thing a Democrat has to say. We could feed worlds, but you had to make it cringe. Now I'll side with the people who push for Population Reduction.

so you want us to switch to bugs? are you mentally challenged? eat grass nigga

I don’t have a logical argument but I do have an argument nonetheless.
Fuck you, I’m not doing it. And if someone ever forced me to then I’d shove those bugs up their ass

Waste of dubs. Neck self

>le angerey semitic face >:ᴧ(


Pretty bold of you to assume I'm angry, user