Realistic Loli thread

Realistic Loli thread

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I'd say Kagami Shuna is a realistic loli

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A lot of people struggle to determin who the best loli JAV is, but I think it's an easy choice

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I mean, honestly, just look at her!

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Don't you want to just hug her so tight she can't run away?

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She's also so light, coming in at under 100lbs

It'd be so fun to lift her up and fuck her on top of all kinds of furniture

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Am I wrong?

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She wears all kinds of cute clothes too in her dvds

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The kind that make girls even sexier than if they were completely naked

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facial bone structure say she is 40 years old

She is a cute 20yo! (at least in this video)

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everyone's face distorts when they're literally upside down

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you fucking faggot, OP was asking for realistic animated loli, not a fucking midget grandma porn star

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that's not how age/anything works. she is 40

>that's not how age works
Now you're the one redefining age.

She is a realistic loli
what OP asked for

She is Asian, the only difference between 20 and 40 is two wrinkles