I swear to god straight guys are missing out

I swear to god straight guys are missing out.
Just fucked myself with a 12" dildo and it feels INCREDIBLE. I still adore and am attracted to women and I haven't had gay sex(yet), but goddamn butt stuff is awesome.
It's strange, it's pretty fucking gay, but I think every man would enjoy butt stuff, once they get a hold of it.
It's like jerking off, but instead of just your cock feeling really good, your whole lower body is being jerked off, so much fun.

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Pic partially related. Not me.

everytime i fuck myself i feel like taking a shit, how do i get rid of this sensation?


Insecurities still dominate guys minds. too afraid

Lots of lube and different toys?
I find larger better. Small ones make me feel like shitting cos it doesn't expand my anus nicely.

I tried a 5in dildo with shitloads of lube after having cleaned myself and it felt like the most uncomfortable thing ever. Disappointing tbh.

pegging is not gay, its more of an acquired kink.

Show dildo newfag


That's why I said when you get a hold of it.
Firs time i tried anything like that, I didn't really like it, but I had this ball that felt good when I inserted it. So I started exploring and I used the cologne bottle that worked as a plug and I really liked that, then eventually moved on to try zucchini, which was a game changer, great shape and size felt incredible.

I've never done, and have no desire to do anything with a man. My wife started playing with my ass though and its fucking amazing! I cum buckets!

You will never get rid of it.

I have no idea what getting the hold of it would be like for me though. I've spent the better part of a month trying my best everyday and still couldn't get it to feel good. I tried different types of lube, positions, speed, roughness, whatever. It just never worked. It sucks because I'm really curious about what a prostate orgasm must feel like but it's just not meant to be for me.

I fucked myself in the ass with a small dildo once and I liked it. My ex once put a finger in my ass while she blew me. Both experiences were pleasant, but nothing so mind blowing that I now crave something up my shitter every time I jerk off.

let a nigger fuck you
its your only choice user

I'd rather give up altogether.

>tfw dress up girly and fuck my ass and choke on cucumber for an hour
>feels good af but can never do it fast enough or rythmic enough to cum
>start jerking dick while pounding ass and cum super quick not even needing a boner
>that was fun but not mindmelting enough to make me need it again right now
>week goes by
>damn i kind of forget how getting my ass filled feels
if only i could just cum over and over and over from anal. i dont feel like im missing out because i rarely see people cum from pure anal. so its delusional to adopt a lifestyle where getting anal’d is a primary goal.
op it feels good, just not good enough to destroy civilization which is why fags will never be the majority.


Might not be for everyone tho, don't force it. I just personally have enjoyed it alot, especially big ones, fingering or small objects has never done that much. However i'm not planning to go bigger any time soon, this 12 incher is amazing, I sometimes use my smaller one too.

I'd compare the anal stuff to sports. I wanted to know what the fuss is about having that post gym euphoria, took me very long time to finally enjoy it. Before it was just feeling good about the fact that I'm not just sitting on my ass being lazy.

I've never had multiple orgasms... I think. I've had loads of cum ooze out of my cock which is hot, but it doesn't feel like orgasm after that I can cum just from anal or prostate if you will.
Prostate orgasm does feel more intense, but it really depends. Sometimes I've cum prematurely on my first insertion,(which have been disappointing) cos I've edged alot and I've been horny as fuck.

checked and I suppose you're right, it's just not meant to be for me I guess. Glad you're capable though.

Hold up guys, I'll upload some pics in a sec. Kinda shame that I've let myself go a bit, I used to have better skin and i used to be thinner couple of years ago, these would be more appealing(no homo). Gotta start dieting again.

go deeper. don't just play around the hole. those nerve endings can trigger that response.

Gotta shave next time.

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What dildo is that?

Basix 12" great product.

Thank you! Also, that was hot.

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Really? Thanks, I'm so annoyed that I deleted bunch of similar pics of myself from few years ago, I was insecure and I didn't realize I was in fairly good shape, I was proud of those pics and I need a comparison.

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If you use the word adore you are definitely not attracted to women, but, that's perfectly okay.

Fuck yeah. Also the juices dripping down, damn.

Well, I am though. I might have bit twisted view on whole attraction and all, but I'm not attracted to men at all when I'm out for example. And it's not a denial thing since I've tried thinking when I'm at a bar "hmm would I take that guy's dick?" but the Idea just doesn't do anything for me, it obviously doesn't repulse me either, since I fuck myself with dildos, but it doesn't get me horny. I'm always attracted to women, but I do wonder how my gf would react if I had one. And what I mean by adoring, I just find women are really beautiful and jerk off to them pretty occasionally. It's just perverted mind.

I've really considered posting serious content on the internet. But I definitely need to get in shape first.

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Still getting used to larger things but fuck yeah, feels amazing

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Post more!!!

I'm a guy that has only ever fucked women and don't want a real dick in me. However, dildos feel great. I much prefer inserting large plugs than pounding away on my ass with a dildo. I use increasing plug sizes until I'm at my limit then jerk off to cum.

no faggot. it just feels. youre convincing yourself its awesome.

what brand diaper

Anal does feel good once you can do it well its not great at the start tho you gota stick with it once u get 9"+ dildos in its better than wanking and yes im a huge fag

Ok. Convincing myself that it feels awesome, feels awesome.


So, what will be the difference for me if I get a bigger dildo? is it going to feel better? I currently have this one, which is around 8.

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>I'm a closet faggot and a massive degenerate using absurd sized dildos, essentially damaging my own insides for the sake of pleasure, i'm sure everyone should enjoy and share of this type of experience

I think doing butt stuff is better with a dildo or vibrators,fingers aren't really satisfying (yes,thats my ass)

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I love dressing up & playing with my ass, too, and yeah, I think most guys aren’t allowing themselves the chance to enjoy it. It’s awesome!

Have to say, though, as nice as toys feel, the real thing is SO much better!! My GF some years ago was really into playing with my ass. It started easy - her fingers, tongue, etc. Then she started with toys - buying me ones to hit my prostate, using her vibrator on me, and finally pegging me with a strap on. All the while she’d send me porn links - whatever was getting her off - mostly straight or group, but a lot of gay as well. I’d never had sex with a guy up until then, but got off fantasizing about it, and I told her I liked dressing up, so she started buying me lingerie, too. Predominantly we had a pretty typical guy/girl sex life & just sprinkled things like this in to spice it up.

When we broke up, I felt like experimenting with guys for a while & met my first guy FWB. We fooled around a lot (jo, sucking, rimming, 69, etc.), before he fucked me for the first time, but when he did - OMFG did it feel GREAT!!! Way better than anything else & I actually came hands free while riding him that night.

I since went back to girls, got married,,family, etc., but am SO glad I gave gay sex a try. Too many guys are too hung up to even consider it, but like anything, with the right mindset & with the right partner, it’s amazing!

I feel more in my cock than my ass thank god.

Have a bi thread who wont take dick but dishes it out to other dudes happily. No one's missing out your just wired to be a faggot yet aren't (yet).

I'm scared about the STD's though. Even with a condom on, for some reason.

Hey guys !
I have only sex with women but sticking a dildo up my ass is great too, i love to gape my hole and cum handsfree.
one secret, if your pull socks up you dildo and a condom u can make him bigger and bigger.

It feels decent, but takes forever to get going. I don't have that much free time, and cleaning out my ass is gross and time consuming.
Fun every now and then, but jerking normally is quicker and easier. Toys are expensive too. Still trying to find one that works best for me, but as there are obviously no return s for toys it's a slow process.

I am quite degenerate tbh, however my point definitely isn't to glorify anal stuff, just saying it's interesting how it works. And that it's interesting how lot of guys would probly be "gay" if they opened that door.
Since you obviously have never tried, your argument is invalid.
This shit applies to so many things, for example I don't understand adrenaline junkies, people who like tattoos 8rpeople who love spicy food, i think that is awful experience in your mouth, yet people do it. Anal can be awful to some, great to others, just like spicy food or other food/hobby preferences. Pretty standard shit my fam.

What if the condom breaks? That'll be interesting experience.

Yeah, likewise. That’s a healthy fear, IMO, but shouldn’t become a debilitating one. Just choose your partners carefully - regardless of gender. Be honest about your concerns, build mutual trust & don’t jump into anything. And yeah, use a condom - they work.

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Is grindr worthy? Or is it degenerate city?

nice taking, show us the gaped hole pls

Have you tried Aneros? They’ve got a bunch of different models, depending on your comfort/experience level. A little pricey, but IMO worth it. You have to play with them a while over time, but they do hit the p-spot & will work with a lot of guys. I’ve had several full-body orgasms with mine. It’s a different than just cumming - way more unbridled & intense, and you can have multiple orgasms over a long stretch of time. Key is to be relaxed & use lots of lube.

Keep telling that to yourself while you stick dick shaped objects in your ass.

There you have

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It depends on your area I think. I'm in north texas, grindr is usually older guys (which is fine for me). A lot of people use it JUST for hooking up, so I wouldnt (and don't) use it for trying to date.

Nice now on u knees and cape it to the max ( O)

Enjoy your years of fecal incontinence

Twink/bottom/ etc...

My boyfriend is larger than I'm used too and I can't quite get used to his size. He's fine with it but I feel disappointed in myself for not being able to fully satisfy him. He's nothing but loving and supportive but I feel like he would enjoy our sex more if he could go all in. My last partner was just at 5 inches, current is slightly over 8.

Should I look into plugs, would that help me get used to a larger size?

They are ll from videos so it may not adjust to your demands.

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How do you get your balls so hairless?

Hard to say. I personally think dildo might be better, since you'd get used to the in n out.

Get a dildo slightly bigger than his cock and use it reg just slowly get used to it taking big cock is more about muscle control you just need to practice

Personally I use VEET hair removal jel on all my extremities. It keeps you hairless MUCH longer than shaving and doesnt leave razor marks/burn

That might be fun, buy a dildo and have him use it on me.. tell him it's for training purposes >.>

You don't want to do that you need to be in control or he could hurt you u really dont want to tear your asshole or worse the inside

fair enough, that being said my boyfriend isnt some great ape with no self control. trust me, he's exceedingly gentle when he needs to be, and not just physically.

Yea its more that even a small movement can really hurt if your not used to having a big thing up your butt and you can just react to it much faster if your in control once your used to it tho its pretty hard to hurt your self doing anal with any normal penis sized dildo

>I still adore and am attracted to women and I haven't had gay sex(yet
Yeah, it doesn't matter. No woman is going to want to fuck with your gay ass. Better call up tyrone faggot.

I'm so sick and tired of these echo chambers on b. It makes me sick, go back to tumblr, or anywhere else. Just not here. You're sitting around saying the same shit "I'm not guy bu-" "I'm the straightest guy I-" No, you're not. You're a cock sucking fag, at least some of you admit it. And the ones that do admit it, fuck off to lgbt or tumblr. You make me sick to my stomach and I almost pity how much in denial some of you fags are. If you we're truly straight you'd straighten up, fly right and avoid this shit. But you won't do that, will you.

The first fucking sentence in my post says it, dumbass. Secondly, I don't even like the lgbt community, it's all bullshit. This thread is all about erogenous zones.
I feel bad for you if this makes you sick to your stomach, you're the one with the problem here. There are loads of shit on this board that i despise, but guess what genius? This entire board is a cesspool, ignore what you don't like.
However I do agree with you on the denialism, cos traps are gay butt stuff is gay. But it doesn't take away the fact that i like girls too, but it might be impossible to comprehend for someone like you, who's """smart""" yet can't think outside your own little box where you are the smartest and rest are dum dums.
This is a great place to post shit like this, parades and lgbtq community is cancer, there is a middle ground.

I honestly couldn't give two shits if your community is cancer or not. your entire "community" makes b a fucking cesspool of dogshit. "I like girls too" Ok? Doesn't make you any less of a degenerate. I don't count each and one of you fags are reasonable or un cancer, the majority of you spam your garbage fucking threads and it makes me go bonkers. You're actually pretty reasonable? Well half of your type isn't, and that's the fucking problem. Keep it in one place. I don't want b to be your so-called "middle ground".

>If you use the word adore you are definitely not attracted to women, but, that's perfectly okay.
why do you have to say dumb shit like that it only shows your immaturity and ignorance..

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never buys a pass..thinks he fucking owns /b..you are the fucking cancer..KYSN faggot..

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>Keep it in one place
If you would please fuck off back to and keep your holier than thou bullshit to one place

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