My mum had a heart attack today and I don't know how to handle it...

My mum had a heart attack today and I don't know how to handle it. I've been to see her in hospital but have come home so they can run tests. I don't know what to do with myself. I know its more serious that shes letting on. I think i'm just going to drink my self silly tonight.

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Then what happens if you need to run back to the hospital, you going to drive drunk? Besides alcohol is a depressant, that'll just make you feel worse. Time to be a man

Agreed, don't drink OP, if you're going to be there for your mum you need to be there for yourself first

Take care pal x

You should of replied to the posts! It's your fault user!

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beta me to it

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Well shit. You're right.

Aren't you a grown man? What do you need a "mum" for anymore? Hell I'd pop champagne if my mom kicked the bucket.

+1 to no alcohol, it'l just make you feel shittier

Sorry about your mom OP. I hope everything turns out okay. In the meantime, go pick up some coke and try to find some hookers to take your mind off of things for a bit.

I've got immunity dog though? Are you telling me hes a lie?

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Your mom gonna live for many years yet. Don't worry.

Total lie even the dogs on Sup Forums are retarded

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are you fucking serious? you are gonna drink in this situation? handle it like a real man, and hold on, she'll need you.

no, he's a good boy and the real deal.

She didn't die in her sleep, so it clearly worked

Since she didn't die from it immediately, it was a minor heart attack. They can fix those.


Stopped reading right. There faggot


I'm sorry to hear OP, but he's right Besides, nothing good ever came of drinking. Those are all fun stories, not good ones. It's gonna be a long night man. Maybe some funny youtubes or something, but honestly why taint anything fun with this memory?

Just drink yourself silly. Nothing else will help. Go well bra

My mother died last March from a cardiac arrest. She was taken into surgery around 3am, she kept telling me to go home but I refused. She was scared, and the last words she said to me were "I don't want to die". She died around 6am.

Just be there, you'll regret it otherwise.

Better a heart attack than a FART attack, amirite?

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Get drunk, don't be a pussy. Your mother would be dead if it was serious. Shit, you even saw her before they ran tests.

Don’t drink if you want to be there for her, stop thinking about yourself for a minute. Know that you will cause her pain if you drink. Keep yourself together for her, show her that you are responsible and that you can take care of yourself. She will be proud of you

My grandmother had a heart attack 25 years ago, before I was even born.
She is still alive.
If she didn't die immediately she's probably survive.

Best advice in the thread. Imagine the relapse when she finds her son is a giant faggot reaking of vodka