Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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Would force her on her knees and make her suck the cocks of me and two friends, before we make her jerk us off onto her huge tits, then make her walk home covered in cum

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Really gets me off hearing what someone would do to my sister

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Wwyd to her?

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Same here. Love to hear how she'd be used like a good little whore

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I feel like wwyd is cuckshit


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Would blindfold both of your sisters and make them ride your cocks, not knowing it was you. Then I'd pull the blindfold off just as you start to cum, and watch the look on her face as she realises who'd just impregnated her

I’d take her right there on the pool pull her into the water and slide my cock into her tight pussy, I would fuck her until my balls emptied while she cries maybe she shouldn’t been alone in her pool

Wwyd to these two

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I’d have rough sex with all of them, cover them in and fill their holes with my seed, and see them all months later,
Swollen pregnant bellies and huge milky breasts .

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Right looks like a right slut, I'd make left watch and touch herself while I made right suck me off, before doggystyle fucking her until creampie, then I'd make left eat out the cereampie

What would you use and WWYD?

Forgot pic

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invite some friends over and gangbang the little slut in the gym bathroom. see how many cocks we can fit in each hole. wwyd to thing wanna be model?

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Push her onto the floor, grab her pig tails and fuck her right there infront of everyone

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cum on her olives and watch if she still eats them

Ask her hourly rate

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My roommate gets to go balls deep in her almost every night she stays over at our apartment.

Wwyd if you were me?

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I’d make her my Breeding Cow

I’d pound them really rough and flood their holes with my seed

great cleavage. want to grope those tits. more

I would pull those tits out and shove my dick into the back of her throat to lube my dick up. Then I would titty fuck her until her tits and face are all covered in my cum

Would fuck her in front of the mirror and film it on her phone, upload it to all her social media

WWYD to this BBW slut?

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She yelled about how hard he was after this photo was taken

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Wwyd to my teen gf?

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that pink lipstick would look lovely on my balls

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Be honest.

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repeated facefuck. got any pics showing cleavage?


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Opinion on this sexy married bitch? WWYD to her?

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is she married to you? in that case i'd make you watch

id rip a fuck hole in her tights

Not me user

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Any user like Gilfs?

then fuck off

what would you do lads

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>See this imageboard. (random section)


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