Beastliality Thread

Beastliality Thread,

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Why japs are so retarded? Hope the new generations isn't.

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Anyone here have telegram? Respond to this with your username and I’ll add you to a beast group

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Most of these threads are just dropped due to the site not supporting this media. Be aware.

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Richard Brie


Is that your display name or your username? Your username starts with an @


Invite sent

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Any bisexual beastiality?
I'd love to see a husband and wife sucking doggy cock together

i like the tension put in the dogs guesture. yet the perspective is broken and the dude and the bitch are.just flat.

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Seek professional help.

With the other chan dead and all other sites that I know of to talk about zoo dead, it feels kinda lonely now. I just wanna chat with other people about their good bois and my good boi

A therapist would happily talk to you about it.

Have a telegram I’ve got a group with around 70 members

That's cool and all but honeypots aren't for me


What do you mean?

Is it wrong to want to be knotted just to see what it's like?

No, as long as you don't purposely hurt the dog

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lol no. That's what I love about dogs. You get to do gay stuff, but don't have to deal with faggots. It's literally just pure love and want. You already love the shit outta your dog so getting fucked by him is way better than getting fucked by another dude.

It's not gay if he can't say it's gay.

Does it hurt them? I thought it was something that just happened.

Is that billy eyelash

Nope lol I don’t judge as long as you don’t force the dog or hurt the dog

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any group with a large number of members is always being watched 24/7 by people logging the chats so they can turn people in at the slightest grievance. it's like hanging out with high school girls but they're all mentally ill and can get you arrested.

my favorite doujin

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If you panic and pull the knot out, it will make you bleed if it's up your ass and hurt the dog.

Now that's just an accident that most first timers make, but my point was don't be abusive to the dog. If he doesn't want to fuck, accept it and move on

Beast porn is legal in most places

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What's up with this recent upsurge of dogfuckers?
It went from rare to several "you just know" threads a day.

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Are there bestiality pornsites around?

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I don't think I would panic. I've been wanting to feel it. How long does it last?

yeah but committing bestiality isn't, and you're a fool to think lots of people aren't at the very least pretending in there.

>dog fucking
>ever being rare on Sup Forums

The fuck?

>Beast porn is legal in most places

Yes, but these things are legit honeypots. The more members you get, the more dangerous.

The porn may be legal, but in some places the act itself is not, and this is not how zoophiles should be communicating.

Weve always been on 4 chan it just used to be accepted on b

Then b cracked down on real beast and people went to 8 chan because they had a zoo board

Then 8 chan recently closed down

Anywhere between 30 seconds and 30 minutes

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It's been way too long.

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And unless they post vids of themselves there’s no evidence


Then how should they be

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Lurk moar

Horse fucking is so god damn dangerous. My respect to those that walk the enlightened path.

I’ve been here since before b banned real beast

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The new generation won't even pursue relationships with eachother they're so alienated.
It's basically the end of Japan.

The actual fucking part is all on the dog. If you have a relaxed big boi then he could swap between mounting and rimming a lot before he actual makes his mark, and when he does get himself properly in, he'll go to pound town for a little less than a minute, and then bam, you're anywhere from 5-30 minutes

>New generation

About that...

More or her?

I'm not a zoophile but this comic is so bizarre that i must read it

You know how it is with humans -everything escalates. Can't just do a little, nope, nope, gotta go full tilt and fuck everything up.

It's shopped

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Literally the worst looking art.

Go find a furry artist that has a ton of zoo comics

God I wish I could lick horse cock like that. Their huge cocks turn me on so much.

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Might as well just use this thread to chat

Do you have a dog? Good boi or good girl?

Have you ever been with a horse, mare or stallion?

How'd you get into zoo? Genuinely curious how people start this stuff

Wish I could lick one with you sister

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spread your sissy pussy, confused little faggot

you should try shooting yourself

>miranda lawson getting fucked by a pig.

That reference must have gone over my head.

This is why we can't have nice things.

I fucking hate these losers that have ruined it for decent people to find good zoo stuff.

I gotta say I was real disappointed in the vixen and lise horse videos. It's like why can't they make the horse actually cum? Just put a condom on it, do something. Those videos sucked. I doubt the "new" ones would be any better.

Degenerates like you belong on a cross

The inherent flaw with making hq zoo videos is that a lot kf people watch them and you end up getting doxxed.

I tried it for the first time today. I paniced. I can vouch for the hurting part, at least hurting me. But no bleeding thankfully, just a few minutes of omg wtf hurt. Dog was fine thankfully. I feel so stupid, but now that I know I can take it, I am more confident about next time that I wont freak out.

Samurai jack

You mean like... Jesus?

Ok sorry, wont post the other I have

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Any zoo video with chicks in it sucks. I'm not even gay with dudes, I just fucking hate how in every video chicks are screaming like virgins or how the video focuses on the chick. I'm not here for her, if I was I would've gone to pronhub lol, I went to a zoo video cause I want to see zoo.

Considering how some posts are already getting beaned, jannies are watching

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yall are fucked up


These ones were particularly shitty. vixen and lise can at least fuck dogs well but when it came to their horse videos they just fumble around with it's cock and don't even get it off. there's supposedly other horse videos with them but vixen is kind of fat and washed up now and never gets naked so what's the point

Looks like I'm jacking off again.

You must not have seen a lot of videos then. There is such incredibly great amateur stuff around.



I hate this video because the dude shows complete lack of care for the dog. I mean first off: Making her do that

Second: When the horse pulls out he pushes her down to get a better look at the fortune cookie

go to media fire type login with idoubtanyonehastakenthisname at gmail and the password is 'password'

Just don't fuck anything up because other people use it too. those are just some good ones i have but there are others out there if you just look on pornsocket or luxure.. you may get a virus but they're there

Exactly. This is literally rape. It's why we get a bad name.

Oh he was in alright, we were locked for a few minutes and thats when I panicked. I dont know why, but suddenly I needed it out. But luckily no serious damage to me and none to him. Bloody stupid but I believe this made me less likely to panic again. At least now I know what pain that brings.

anyone else notice how few videos there are of horses and decent girls and the horse actually ejaculating? there's not a single video anywhere of a horse busting on some chick's face and chest. there's one with this chubby chick that has huge breasts sucking on a horse dick but it's like a 30 second clip and that's it

It's cause stallions really don't work like that. They only really like cumming when they are covered with something, and you really can't fit a horse cock in your mouth. You'll notice with any real videos with them nutting they'll have a condom on, or the person will be using two hands, one on the head squeezing it and the other jerking the shaft.

Other danger is stallions go all out when they thrust, literally no hold back and they do it hard, which means if you are in front and he's trying to blow a load, you're gonna get sucker punched by a horse cock

Now I gotta know, is this even technically illegal anywhere on the planet?

Anyone remember knotty princess on tumblr and know if she moved to another social media ?

>you jealous wh*te bo.i??

yeah but you think by now there'd be a video of what I described, I mean shit I'd be fine with them just jerking the horse off in a condom but they don't even bother doing that it's just pointless fumbling around. that artofzoo crap site has been around for ages and they've never had a single horse video