Risk game

Risk game
High risk - no time limit
Delete your own pics if you chicken out
OP will do room cleanups
No dox. Possible pins
Post saves here


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how to connect?

imig dot es slash c slash code

i have ban on imig lol. i cant paly this

pc or phone user


Delete cookies and change your IP.

Then post away

Invalid link

What's up with that retarded fucking shoop? Are you brain-damaged?

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Also stop posting the same bitches when the first you posted of her had no interest. At least wait for some hearts.

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any one know this girls name? start with an m?

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This is some basic bitch stuff


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Ex lol

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anyone got that 2 minute vid?

Which one?

side by side of the girl talking, with audio preferred plz

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Celeb on vola


who is she?

Famous slut whose exit is outing her it looks like


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volafile org / r / 11rmdyr7m

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>See this imageboard. (random section)


Thx user, downloading a celeb spreading her pussy now

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Damnn is she kiko

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tits out?

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Haven't seen them yet. I maintain hope

Anyone got more of her?

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anyone got more of this slut??

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Probably doesn't have any, never has shown them

No shit. He's just baiting me, huh?

Getting closer

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does anyone know this chicks name?

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How do you type that in? And where? Im down to play.

that's ceceseptember

in the address bar of your internet browser

shes amazing

She looks finished.

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Fucking love this vid

I'll need a lot more of this one.

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bump it up

we gotta keep bumping

more bumps

im in love

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So many pins. Need to tidy. Suggestions?

anything below 10 likes

Keep trashy.


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hate to be picky but the tanks are ruining my boner

yeah plus theyre attention whoring

Its old stuff she shows them

wtf is this shit, Normandy? why the tanks?