You have 10 SECONDS to prove you're not an AMERICAN

You have 10 SECONDS to prove you're not an AMERICAN.

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my teeth are all fucked up

This girl has been flirting with me but she's dating a guy way bigger than I am. It might just be my imagination but I think she wants to fuck. Her BF does jiu-jitsu though and I don't want to get my head beat in if he finds out but man I want this girl bad. What the fuck do I do?

I bet you're calling "american" a citizen of the united states of america?

Easy, I was born in California.


Idk but Greta is so fucking hot

I call cigarettes fags

I don't need a health insurance

eat my bollucks you wanker!


The land of the homeless and the pooper

Because I'm jealous of america

When I look down I can see my own dick.

Not in debt, I'm educated, I've lived with a physical health problem for most of my life, I'm not fat, and I vote in my elections

She's an angry little gremlin who likes to talk but not walk, I hope she falls

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my BMI is 21

Sweden has peaked in idiocracy

Grab your glock, we're gonna go smoke some fags

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Isn't Australia has the riskiest real estate in the world? or top 3 if I'm not mistaken

I feel the best way to identify with minorities is to dress up like them while apologizing

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I can speak , understand and write multiple languages.

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im not obese

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I'm a 39 year old virgin and it's well known fact there are no permavirgins in USA

Got foreskin

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Ich weiß nicht wie ich das beweisen soll

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I don't have fear of a mass shooter while out in public

I'm obsessed with Americans

my teapot is armoured

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i have socialized healthcare, retard

I'm 1.86 m

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I have bad teeth, a goog sense of humour, no medical insurance and I drive on the correct side of the road. Guess my country to?

My dick is 21.5 cm long.

I love Greta. Right wing snowflakes melt down faster than the polar ice caps.

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Greta is a victim

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ah, the anti-semite is here

>bottom and right pictures are clearly from the exact same protest
why not throw a few more in there jackass?

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I’m not a pansy-ass bitch that worships government and am afraid of firearms.
Oh, wait, that’s europoors.

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who me ?

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I'm not a fat retard


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I weigh less than 100 kilograms

i expect rain tomorrow but precise details have yet to be pointed out

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my princess is black

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heee nederlander

i dont pretend to not care.

there is no intelligence in that pic

I willingly have sex with and allow my wife to fuck Russians and Muslims in an effort to destroy my own culture which I am also told doesn’t actually exist.

I'm an american

I don't have access to toilet paper or air conditioning.

Yeah she should have taken up singing like mom

I smell and have a bad attitude.

aluminium's pronounced sold-er not fucking sodder
no one shot me today
petrol cost me 127p a fucking ltr today

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south america... so u fail ... you are american, sorry

My country has healthcare.

10/10 Best thread on Sup Forums!

fucking nigga crackhead

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I’m poor

WTF does that even mean Mohammed..

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calm down you wanna get arrested by one of our 4 foot 11 inch 12 year old police girls ?

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Her name is pronounced tuunberj

We have three flavours of poptarts here

I can't buy spoons without ID

literal gallopinto

This poor child is clearly unwell and just being used as a tool by people with an agenda. Saddest thing to watch her suffer under this intense public spotlight while her handlers use her as a shield from criticism.

problem with thames valley police is, theyre in Cuntnecticut and therefor, that whole state does not matter just like assatwoshits

el papa dijo que tenemos el mejor cafe asi que TOMELA

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The British amateur television club must be some kind of front for some perverts

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I want an AR-15 but I can't get one where I live.


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freaking Maple syrup eh?

i go to bed at 23:00, i eat my meat bloody, i'm 16 and legally fucking a milf while super drunk and my dick size is 21 centimeters.

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theres thames in Connecticut, and everyone from that state is not a person

i dont fear for my life when going to school or public places

i can't go to jail for saying nigger online.

fuck, i've been caught.

My name is not jamal

we know how to treat our slaves

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I am a faggot

ah now it makes sense

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pedo detected. I can't wait till society castrates all you sick fucks.

No a japanese living in spain

I don't own a gun and believe in strict gun laws.

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Island dweller