Has anyone here managed to have sex before? How do you do it? What's it like?

Has anyone here managed to have sex before? How do you do it? What's it like?

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When you're older you'll understand.
Also quit posting until you turn 18. It's painfully easy to tell you're underaged and new with how you still think sex is rare on the normiest board on Sup Forums.
Bumping so others can point and laugh at you

I'm 33. Probably older than you.

eventually you realize masturbating is faster and easier then you live until you die

I already know masturbation is faster and easier. That's not the point. Masturbation just barely keeps me sane. It doesn't solve the problem.

if youre on the verge of insanity due to lack of sex, theres bigger problems elsewhere for you

Humans need sex. Its part of our biology. Normies start going crazy after a few months without sex. I've gone 33 years. Of course I'm going insane.

Coming from a guy who didn’t have a first date or first kiss until I was 27, sex is fun. It makes you feel ‘alive’ like nothing else in the world. It’s a unique experience. When you find the right person things are just natural. It should feel natural, not awkward. As for how to do it, if you mean physically, well, your body kinda knows what to do. It’s pretty simple.

Sex with someone other than your wife is disappointing and pretty much just masturbation

How'd you manage to find someone after so long? What did you change to make it happen?

This. Been in a relationship for 11 years and this year hooked up with a few chicks for the first time since we've been together. Was surprised how little it did for me despite the sex being solid

How do you manage to treat the most important thing in the world like it's nothing? You "hooked up with a few chicks". Not just one. A few. Holy fucking shit. You've managed to have sex with multiple women, and you somehow treat it as if it's insignificant.

it's pretty nice
you should try it sometime

I'd like to try it, but so far nobody has been interested in trying it with me.

It's definitely not insignificant. But casual sex vs sex w/ someone you love IS insignificant. Wait to find the right person. If you absolutely can't use tinder or pay for it.

Married 15 years, wife is a fat fucking cow that hates me. I’ve morphed into chad and became red pilled. She still fucks me on a couple times a week because she’s afraid I’ll leave.

I have side hoes too, about to go fuck one over a three day weekend who is 12 years younger than me. Pussy is so tight. I’m teach her about BDSM,

Sex is great, learn to pick up women, take care of your body and mind. Don’t commit like I did. Just fuck hoes and be chad.

It's a big misconception to say sex is good, cause it can be shit.

You will get the most physical satisfaction and orgasm based on how attractive you perceive your partner to be, generally the girls who all the guys are chasing is going to be the best.

Just like eating is only fun when you eat crap. But anyway, I lost my virginity at 19 to a fat girl I met online and I felt the sensation but I couldn't orgasm or enjoy it because I didnt really like her. Then I fucked a girl I met on tinder and I came too quick, got laughed at.

Story of my life.

How long do you think I should wait? I'd love to find the right person, but she hasn't shown up yet. I don't know how many more decades I can survive like this.
How do you manage that? How attractive are you /10?

How quick is too quick? How long to girls expect you to last during sex? Is it ok if you bust a nut and then keep going, or have you already lost at that point?

I have. It was terrifying. I was all alone.

Not the guy you replied to.
I was a kissless handholdless touchless anything-less virgin until 24. Met my girlfriend online in a game we both enjoy. Neither of us was looking for it and were in the same community, but we just started talking and never stopped, then realized we want each other.
Meeting under those circumstances also makes sure she's on the same level as you in terms of hobbies. Sex itself to me is very intimate and i can't really imagine or have any drive to have casual hookups with people i barely know. For me it's the connection with the person i'm doing it with.

I only do anything sexual when I'm all alone. It's not scary. Just not fulfilling.

That connection is exactly what I'm looking for. That's why I still haven't just hired a prostitute. I can't manage to find that connection though, and it's driving me insane.

Work on yourself. Use the energy that you're not using on sex on doing other things. Putting the energy into work tends to be a decent way out, tho I personally recommend sports as well.
Don't expect nothing in return when you meet a new girl, classic mistake. Girls tend to get scared away easily.
An issue I had for a long time was not showing actual interest in the girl, quickly changed till I started seeing women that I was genuinely interested about instead of every single one that crossed my path.
Best of luck OP.

I’m almost 22 and still a kissless virgin. Hell, I’ve never even had a single female friend in my entire life. I had severe acne in high school and girls were turned off by it and would avoid me. (Because I honestly looked super gross). In result I don’t know what it’s like to be desireable and I’ve never had the opposite sex interested in me even platonically.

I don't even like to admit it, but It's like a problem I am considering talking to my doctor about.

Really attractive girls make me sweat and get really horny and I struggle to hold in my ejaculation. When she kissed me i presumed and we got undressed and put it in and after 3 slow slams I just nutted a tank of cum in her.

She looked at me in disgust after I said I done and she left. Don't really know if the dating game is for me, girls don't really want any guy like that.

Salty milk and coins

When I was all alone for so long I was gonna try to actively go look for someone. But the realization that, at least for me, having a relationship (and sex) with a person i don't really like that much, or someone whose annoyin quirks and tendencies i have to ignore, are a much worse way to live than just being on my own and doing the things I enjoy doing.
I don't really know what to say to help your situation as you're clearly desperate, but maybe going to a hooker and getting disappointed (which you will) will help you put you into the same mindset I had before I met her.

its like fucking your hand but someone elses and its moist

Work on yourself. Girls are generally attracted to men that fill certain social roles. This means that if, for example, you're a nerd, be a nerd and own it. If you wanna be a chad, be a chad and own it.
Confidence is key. Make sure not to confuse confidence with ego tho, easy to do.
Also, if you're really struggling with sexual frustration, make sure you do something else that you like. For example: sports, work, socialize. Whatever you do, do it with a purpose, to improve yourself and how you perform at it.
You'll meet someone soon enough. Make sure to make a bunch of guy friends btw, they can usually hook u up.
Best of luck OP

if i may suggest having sex with inanimate objects that would be just as much fun for you with less bullshit and more jealous girls talking in your computer

I already put my energy into work. I bought into the bullshit advice that career is one of the most important things in life. Now I've got a good career, make good money, and I'm a depressed kissless virgin at 33. I'd trade it in a heartbeat to be a minimum wage cashier in a loving relationship.
How do you recommend showing interest?
Have you considered being more attractive? Then they probably wouldn't care so much if you're a bit premature.

im kinda in the same boat im 27 and never had sex

now theres a man this is fun

Humans dont need sex, it is a biological desire but Your not going to die if you dont get it, stop being retarded

It's like two bags of sand.

How do you go from that to sex? I have hobbies. I have a career. I work hard. It's not working out for me. If I just keep focusing on career, I'll soon wake up and realize I'm 50 and still never experienced the most basic human interaction.
Maybe I won't technically die without it, but living without it can hardly be considered living.

Spotted the retarded virgin faggot

I would argue with that statement on the basis that lack of sex harms mental wellbeing and physical health.

So therefore, without sex you would feel lonely, worthless and depressed because you're not doing the thing you're programmed to do. This could induce harmful behaviors such as overeating, drug/alcohol/smoking consumption and a sedentary lifestyle because you feel you are worthless in nature's eye.

So technically, humans need sex. I for one, get depressed when I can't get sex when I want it.

Not who you’re replying to but I have never related to anything more than this. I’ve had three gfs and a couple flings but I honestly don’t like being invested in other people. I want to do whatever I want, go where ever I want and not have to worry about checking in with the other person. I don’t want to put up with shitty personality traits. And I don’t like texting all the time. At times it legit feels like I have to take care of a child... I don’t know if I’ve met the wrong women but they all expect me to be there emotionally for them every waking second or else they come to conclusion that I don’t care for them which isn’t true... I don’t know if women’s emotions are stronger than their LOGIC or what the hell.

if you're good enough at foreplay to get a girl to orgasm, it doesnt really matter how fast you are after that point. if she got hers you can bust in a second and you'd both be fullfilled.

do that enough times and you'll get used to it and it'll take you longer.

Not true. I’ve never had sex and the only time it depressed me was in high school. I have friendships, responsibilities and hobbies that are 100% more fulfilling than the idea of sex. That’s not to say that I DONT want sex, but it’s not something I think or care about 99% of the time unless I’m horny and need to fap.

On the other hand I know people who are miserable going without it for a few months... but those people are the ones used to having a partner frequently.

Sex is cool I guess but it isn't something to whine about not having. Honestly, genuine love and affection feels infinitely better than sticking your cock in a meat sock.

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Lack of sex depresses me all the time. Every time I see a happy couple, I'm reminded about how alone I am. I can absolutely understand how people could be miserable going without for a few months, because I've gone without for my entire life and I'm barely surviving.
I want genuine love and affection, but that feels like an order of magnitude more complicated to find than just someone willing to have sex. And even that is practically impossible for someone like me.

> I bought into the bullshit advice that career is one of the most important things in life.
Yeah... classic mistake. Not your fault tho, probably got brainwashed by shitty afvice at a young age.
When is the last time you had fun with a female, OP? Do you have any female friends?
> How do you recommend showing interest?
If you're actually interested people can usually tell. Show that you can listen to what she's saying and that you're enjoying the moment. How so? Let me put this in another way. I imagine you've had a few conversations where you felt like you could open up to the person that's infront of you. Learn from those experiences. Ask those people and learn from them how it is they do it. These things are better learnt in person, tho there are plenty of videos online that can help with that.
> How do you go from that to sex?
Sex should never be the end goal. It should come naturally to both of the people involved. Imagine how many men girls meet that are only interested in sex. If you're attractive and sociable sure, you can pull off some moves, but if you're not, you gotta play different cards. Like, for example, what I talked about earlier, showing actual interest for the girl.

Important question: Dicksize? in a scale frrom 1 to 10, how attractive?


That look of disgust is her realizing she accidentally let someone out of her league jizz in her. You should be proud. Maybe next time that happens say something witty like. Wow never thought you’d be dumb enough to actually let me fuck you.

Some people, monks for example live very fulfilling lives without ever having sex.
Some people are asexual and never even have the desire for sex.
Everybody is different, you shouldn't generalize by saying everybody needs sex just because you feel like you do.
I myself have the option to have sex every night because I have a horny Latina girlfriend but choose masturbation because after 8 years of sex with the same person it kinda gets old.

I have female acquaintances, but not really any close friends. Last time I had fun with a female was earlier this week when I went on a group hike with a few women and men.
>listen to what she's saying and enjoy the moment
That doesn't show that you're interested sexually. That's just basic friendly interaction. When I'm talking with women, we generally have a good time and enjoy each others company, but that's it. Absolutely nothing even coming remotely close to possibly being construed as sexual.
>it should come naturally
Yep, it sure should. But it doesn't. I can't just wait around for it to happen "naturally". If I do that, I'll still be wondering what sex is like when I'm 60.

My wife says I’m an 8 now. How? Flirt with women all the time outside of work. Chat with women all the time. Dress nice, groom yourself, stay in shape.

Don’t be afraid of bombing out with women, they are a dime a dozen. You got this man.

Do you maybe set your standards too high?

Dick is 6 inches, but I don't know how that's even remotely relevant. A woman isn't going to know my dick size before the pants come off, so it has no effect on whether she finds me attractive enough to have sex with or not.
Physical attractiveness, probably 4 or 5. I'm not bad looking, but definitely nothing special. I can't rely on my looks to attract a woman.

Sex is good sometimes, sex is not so good and leaves you feeling dirty sometimes. First fucked a girl when I was 15 and haven’t really had any long dry spells since. I always tell my friends just talk to a girl like you would to me, they are people too - friend sill puts girls on a pedestal and gets no pussy. Friend is taller than me. Shorties that don’t think girls want them just have an attitude problem, that’s the reason they don’t get girls. Pick up a musical instrument, girls love that shit.

Get tinder, find slut.

Look up Roman. Shit works for real it’s cheap and easy

Well if you're an 8, that would explain why it comes so easily for you. You're hot, and women are instinctively attracted to you. As an average looking guy, it's probably 100x harder for me than it is for you.
I'm just looking for a human female who's willing to have sex with me. Is that too much to ask? I don't think I can drop my standards much lower than that.

It’s soo crazy that this is a serious thread and not someone trying to be alt comedic. Maaaaan.


I don't treat women any differently than I treat men. When we're talking or hanging out, I interact with both genders identically. That's probably why I have the same amount of sex with women as I do with men (zero).
Does tinder work for average looking guys? Every time I've looked into online dating, I've looked at some of the guys on there to gauge the competition, and realized I had no chance.

I’m also not rich or in any way famous, probably a 5/10 on looks. Little bit overweight now. Still get more girls than my better looking friends cause the act all awkward n put on an act to look cool in front of girls.

Considering how many jerk off threads there are to still-image clothed women, I'd say no. None of you have.
Sup Forums is dead forever.

Yep. I feel like I barely qualify as part of society anymore. Everyone else is having sex, and I'm an outcast.

I've been married 13 years.

Same girl for 24 years since we were 15/16.

I try to spend as much time with her as possible and we are best friends. Pretty much everything I do is for her and we have sex 3 to 4 times a week.

Never even thought about cheating.

Sex is the best ever if you live someone.

t. cuckold

Sex is very much a mental thing as well as physical. The thought of being inside someone else’s body is such a strange and intense feeling. This other human is letting you do something that is very invasive but at the same time, intimate. It is nothing like jacking off and as much as these fucks say that it’s all you need they’re dead wrong. The physical sensation of someone else’s body; that thinks and acts on its own (usually) free will, that wants to be doing that with you is like others have said, a very unique experience. No you don’t “need” arc to live but once you’ve had it it’s hard to go without it. Cuck virgins will never understand.

Sex to live*

like a bag of sand

Dude he needs to get laid. Shut up. He’s not a monk he’s not on a quest of enlightenment he’s on a quest to fucking have self worth. You have the option to get laid every night. That’s precisely why u prefer fapping bc it’s no big deal to u and has no value bc you have it. He doesn’t have the option that’s why it’s eating him up. This isn’t about sex it’s about fulfilling his biological and psychological needs you fucking twat go take your 2 cents be retarded elsewhere

This may come as a shocker but being in a relationship and sex is more of a detriment to your sanity. Women are a hassle. Yes sex is amazing but it comes with a hefty cost

> I'm just looking for a human female who's willing to have sex with me.
Well, call me crazy, but setting your standards too low is also an issue. Tho it is too much of a lengthy reply.
Best possible answer I can give to you in your case: Have sex with a prostitute. Make sure it's with one that fits your physical standards. Make sure that it's not only penetration, but that there's kissing involved too. Pay for a long time and maybe even get to know her a bit before you get to it.
From my point of view, this could help you lower the standard you've set for sex.

Damn, that sounds amazing. No wonder normal people have sex so much.

Legendary reference

well yeah im 47 and married for decades.

t. An insecure brainlet

I fucked. Premature ejaculation each time. Then erectile dysfunction. Feels pretty awful mentally but the physical sensation is great. I think it's cuz I jack off too much.

I think the key is just being not caring too much. Like, girls don’t want a guy that’s coming on too strong. Subtle flirtation always plants a seed that will make it easy to get laid as long as you seem laid back. Don’t get weirded out about her talking to other guys. Jealousy turns chicks off. If you’re in a relationship it’s all cool if she talks to other guys, anything beyond friendly touching is a no no though, if she’s like that she’s all about the attention and won’t be faithful.

>See this imageboard. (random section)...


My body count is above 35. Literally go fuck your self imma go get some pussy

Look it up read about it

Stop identifying with it that’s your problem. It happens to the best of us. Fuck it. You’re 18 again and getting pussy is what you’re interested in now. Go forward with that mindset. Have fun, push yourself, chase this goal just like you chased your career goals until there’s nothing left but to acheive them.

Also be passionate about something worth something (that means don’t be passionate about video games or some other weird fantasy shit). Things to be passionate about include: music, video, art, writing, basically anything artistic and expressive.

Most of the women I know are pretty decent people. Do they just become insane once you're in a relationship?
Most prostitutes don't kiss, right? I can't imagine sex with a prostitute would be that great. She doesn't want to be there, and is just counting down the minutes until she can leave. And you know she doesn't want to be there, so there's obviously no connection. What would even be the point?
I don't think I've ever come on too strong. I don't even know how to escalate a relationship beyond basic friendship. I have no idea how to flirt, or even how flirting differs from just friendly conversation.

The way you’re talking seems like you’re chasing after one girl that just isn’t interested. Don’t put all your eggs in or basket son.

If I chased sex with same level of passion as I chased my career, I'd be in prison for sexual harassment within the month. I don't know how to hit on someone appropriately to make it obvious that I want sex, but not so obvious as to send me to prison.

Might be the most normie thing ever but go listen to the podcast “call her daddy”. Those girls are annoying but they speak a lot of truth and have actual hoe wisdom.
If what they talk about makes you uncomfortable that’s your first problem. Seeing and acting like sex is higher than yourself will label you not good enough. It’s an inferiority complex. Confidence is key that sounds cliche but a lot of normie behavior is. Download fucking tinder you have nothing to lose.

> She doesn't want to be there, and is just counting down the minutes until she can leave.
Yes, but there's a reason why prostitutes are demanded. They are REALLY good at making you think that they want YOU, they are really good at making you feel desirable, they are really good at making you believe that they want to be there. You should honestly consider it. Fuck the side of you that tells you that it wouldn't be "geniune". Man, you have to allow yourself to have some fun!

I have sex about six times a week. It’s cathartic. My girlfriend is in love with me, so she fucks on demand. Mouth/pussy/ass. You gotta be a chad. Girls who fuck don’t like sensitive, basement dwellers.

Look up Roman? Read about Roman? What

If you mean the ED/PE I have read about it, and it does indeed seem to be a side effect of porn.

What makes you think that? There are a few women I might potentially be interested in. They might even be interested in me, but I have no idea how to read social cues, so I can't tell if they're just being friendly.
Have you tried it? Is it actually fun? I can't imagine it being anything other than awkward and uncomfortable.

Post pic

>implying Chad is a trait which can be obtained
>implying you're not fucked if you're not born Chad

It’s a company called Roman, they offer products for pe/ed. The swipes actually work no joke

It’s a mindset dumbass. You can be 5 and act like a chad and get girls.

A 5*

Nope. I'm 23 and I have never had sex.

>Have you tried it? Is it actually fun?
Yes! I would even go as far as saying that normal sex can be a bit more boring that prostitute sex.
Prostitutes I've fucked were SUPER nice, always smiling, making me feel amazing. Make sure you don't disrespect her tho, try to make her feel good too! Ask her what she likes, she'll probably tell you. Telling her that it's your first time might be a good idea too, make sure that you pay for time and not till you cum tho.

This. It’s not hard. “Get Confident Stupid”

You are not trying to let someone know you want to have sex you are letting them know that you are someone they should definitely want to have sex with. But not explicitly but by just existing as that person in their close vicinity.

- yes

- you stick it in her butt and pee

- damp