Need opinion: ugly, average, pretty hot ?

Need opinion: ugly, average, pretty hot ?

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Ugly, average, pretty hot

pretty Body, nice legs but average Face


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Maybe better face with make-up ?

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7/10 would bang

She seem pretty cute to me

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Even without make-up at all ?

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OP is a mentally ill faggot

Holy shit you guys, the OP is the girl in the pic. Shes trying to test the waters before camming it up for cash.
You all must be nu as fuck, not asking her to show her fucking tits or get the fuck out. Shit, Ill tell you what, if you dont reply to this post your mother will die in her sleep.

I'd slide my erect penis in her holes filling each one with diminishing amounts/10.i love her look.

nice legs, torse a bit bulky and uggo, small tits. Uggo face, kinda cross eyed

Yep crosseyed

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So she varies from nice to potato to pretty decent.

Looks Danish. Would keep.

Yeah really depends if she tries

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Probably looks great naked.
Some what of a plain face so she probably is more open to doing kinky shit whereas a pillow princess is a lot more maintenance.

Biggest thing is don't waste your time with people you don't love


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Why are you saying thanks you fucking retard? You don't even know this bitch. Or if you do it's at most someone you're beta orbiting. Stop pretending she's anything to you besides your incel obsession.

no ... w/o is better ...
solid 7 body .. face is good ... you need to learn how to do a good 'come here' look ... that slightly coy, slightly sultry, but 'i want to fuck you' smile ...

This smile ?

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