I so got to get this girl into swinging and gang fucked, but I haven’t got a clue how to go about it, help please?

I so got to get this girl into swinging and gang fucked, but I haven’t got a clue how to go about it, help please?

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That’s funny, but I know she would be really good and enjoy it aswell, I’m sure.

if it's the girl in the piture looks like she's swung a bit too much already lmao

It is her, she likes toys but I want to see her handle a group of men instead.

Make her pretend a dildo is another guy and make her suck it while you fuck her and vice versa until she gets used to it

This looks like my ex megans pussy and that shit smelt so bad all the time

Its all about seeding the idea in her mind. Expect she wont' be receptive in the beginning. Suggest it once...wait a few days, suggest again. Then while she's sucking you off fuck her with a dildo and tell her to close her eyes and imagine its another man. Eventualy she will start to warm up to the idea once she realizes its not taboo to do with you. But you have to be ready for her initial push back, its like violence on TV...most of us would be suffering from PTSD seeing that shit in real life but on TV its basically normal.

Did her last name start with an F? Sounds like my ex

Does she have a lot of toys?

megan griffin

That could work

sorry, i meant megatron

A few yes

Thanks, so plant the idea with her then wait until she suggests it for real maybe

Just tell her that you had a dream of her in a gang bang and that instead of jealous you were super turned on by it! then ask her if that kind of thing turns her on etc and sort of ramp up from there. Use it in dirty talk in the bedroom etc I think alot of girls are actually into it but dont want to admit it, dont be pushy and laugh it off if need be but plant the seed. Thats what I did with my wife and after a year of fantasizing about it in bed and doing low risk foot in the water type stuff (got her to masturbate on cam with strangers for example) she is basically begging to do it for real. SO yeah baby steps and youll find she comes around.

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Tie her arms to the headboard, blind fold her, and warm up the most realistic ones. Make her guess if its you inside her or which of her toys it is. Ramp up the dirty talk and that can be your intro to ask something like:
"Do you think you could tell the difference between my cock and another guys?"

>worked for me to at least get her receptive to the idea

Maybe take her to watch first, then mention how would you feel about being the girl getting fucked by all those men, go a few times then one day when she’s really horny I’m sure she will try it.

Yeah I think it will take a while, I’ve mentioned it to her before and laughed it off so but if I say I’m ok with her trying if she likes, it could work.

Now that’s a good idea.

Has she done one yet?

Take her to a sex club so she can feel and smell the sex, then say would you like to be on stage having all that sex with all those guys, see her reaction.

Where are sex clubs? You guys always bring this shit up. I know of no such place and I am a degenerate.

London and most big cities in the uk have loads of sex clubs.

Even sex shops have a room out the back for sex.

Take her to a sex shop, use the room with toys then get the owner to invite a few guys he knows to join in. He probably knows guys in some of the films so they should be clean.

Bunch of homos back in the "arcades" as they are called here

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a rope, the next thing you need to do is to slip it around your neck. I'm pretty sure you can figure out the third step.

Where are you from?

Midwest US. Have lived in a few different cities. Same story everywhere

Get over to the uk friend

Quit being a pussy and just tell her the next time she's wet.

No thanks, I don't like wogs

go to a kink site a date someone into that

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Yeah invite ya friends round to fuck her

That’s true