So is the hong kong/china situation going to be the new kony 2012...

so is the hong kong/china situation going to be the new kony 2012? all these retard liberals are going to show their support for a country they've never seen in their lives

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You're overthinking this. Just remember the important part, which is: China Bad! Hong Kong Good!

i take it back,liberals probably hate would be trump supporters who show their support for a communist country,since their president loves china

>overthinking this

nah,im just waiting for "i disagreed with the iraq war,bush was bad.even though republicans elected me as their president"donald trump to send military troops to china if he hasnt already

Yes, Trump loves China so much that he's wrecking their economy with the tariffs. That's true love there.

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>wrecking their economy with the tariffs

this is how you know trump's supporters are poor and ignorant.america is suffering more then china is

>only liberals want personal freedom
Obviously folks are bandwagoning because its in the media, but standing up against autocracy is generally a good idea.


STFU China Shill.



time to put the crack pipe down kid.we just got done with 8 years of a liberal president and now are on year 3 of a fake republican who has lived his life in a liberal city and all they've did was take our freedoms away

i could give a fuck less about china,your a complete moron if you think america isnt suffering more then the country your draft dodging president is slapping tariffs on.this is a losing fight and your to ignorant to see it

Yea since you have all the hot intel from China's side right which shows they aren't affected badly

>what is reading comprehension
>politics is binary hurrdurr
>m-muh crackpipe

My point stands.

no,i just have common sense.unlike donald trump and his supporters,you guys lost the house majority and continue to fuck the country up so badly where your no doubt going to lose the senate and presidency in 2020 also.and good riddance.republicans deserve it for tolerating trump and his supporters bullshit for 4 years to begin with


oh right,some libtard with his many times have you shouted "not my president"today snowflake?

Retard, why they have to be there to have an opinion about it?

Shut the fuck up fence sitter.


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because who gives a fuck? im sorry you think a bunch of retards who's only knowledge of china and hong kong comes from their liberal media's opinions should matter

tell that to donald trump retard,im not even chinese.i just think its funny all these hillbilly morons keep talking about china and hong kong like their shitty country will be effected by whatever they are doing

>china and hong kong like their shitty country will be effected by whatever they are doing
yes we are affect by China you stupid fuck.

I'm sure you have proof of this right? The stock charts of both countries have gone flattish and both countries are using monetary easements, and it looks like rough sailing ahead for the next few years for both, so it looks even from those metrics. However, once manufacturing has been renegotiated and ramped up with other countries, the US will be fine. China on the other hand, will be absolutely fucked.

So how is China looking like the winner here?

actually we arent,just because your president kisses china's ass doesnt mean your effected because a communist country is mad at some other country or whatever the fuck is going on

im just waiting to laugh when the us military sucks it up and decides to be cuck's and obey a draft dodgers orders when cadet bone spurs decides to send the military to china

>he thinks the stock market that has gotten propped up by the feds since 2008 matters

but what does proof matter to the crowd who has cried fake news at everything that makes their president look bad for the past almost 4 years? you morons wouldnt look at the facts anyway

also,the US has been fucked since 2008.and they are even more fucked now with trump as president.try not being a trailer trash hillbilly and maybe you'll see why america is so fucked up

what happens in China now will happen in US later if we don't fight/ support now.
hope ya'll register to vote so you can fight in WWIII
absolute morons

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All you fucking ching chons say the same shit get a new script

nah,americans are to lazy and stupid to do what china is doing right now.i know your right wingers fetish about taking over the goverment,but you couldnt even do that in nevada let alone the rest of the country

not a ching chong

also,not a china shill.but whatever,stay getting mad when the truth is.sooner or later cadet bone spurs will send the military to china.all while his supporters clinch their buttcheeks while getting fucked by him once again

>Hurrdurr the Fed has propped up the markets so much that they've more than tripled in value

Thanks for confirming that you really are retarded.


whatever,i bet you think donald trump has made the economy better.when in fact.he's did the opposite,go figure a guy who couldnt run a casino without bankrupting it would be shit for the economy

the saddest part is,trump's voting base are poor and even if the economy is shit under him,they'll still support and vote for him.because they dont know any better

educated republicans never wanted donald trump.but i guess they were to pussy to tell the extremist morons to fuck off

Thanks to the stupid orange piece of shit we have in the white house every one is calling China bad. He started this whole fucking thing by attacking china from the start.

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Where did I say that Trump has made it better?

Here, I'll break it down for you so even your stupid chinaman ass can understand me.

Trump is completely unlikeable. Got that? I don't support him or even like looking at his face.

But he's right to go after China. Why? Because it has to be done eventually. The trade imbalance that has existed for decades cannot continue, as it's enriching China at the expense of the United States.

Putting it off will just make it worse, which Trump, or maybe his advisors understand.

Got it? Now go find a dog to eat or whatever the fuck your kind does for fun.

>the US will be fine. China on the other hand, will be absolutely fucked.

China is the largest manufacturing country in the world. The US economy is totally dependant on China. US economy has no productivity whatsoever. You fucking spaz

Gee, maybe that's the whole point of moving manufacturing out of China? Jesus fucking christ you chinks are stupid.

>everyone is calling china bad

why? because of what the liberal media has said about the china and hong kong situation? you live half a world away from china.why do you give a fuck to begin with

there needs to be a new reality tv show where americans have to survive in a 3rd world country for a week.imagine how they'd feel if they had to live their life without the privileges they get in america

>as it's enriching China at the expense of the United States.

Wrong. China's economy is growing naturally, while the US's is declining.

Blame Greta
Greta Blames AMERICA for shit all Americans are like but China is worse
Greta is the Cause of WW3

>stupid chinaman ass not a chinaman

>trump is completely unlikeable

so was hillary clinton,besides.what have democrats done since their "my president is black"guy has gotten elected to be likeable? and by likeable.i mean to people who arent liberal whites and ignorant blacks

good for greta,who cares what some swedish little kid thinks.why even bother making america great again when its beyond the point of repair,its a pile of liberal shit and has been that way since 2008

Where do you think the money that's fueling that growth has been coming from dumbass

easy fix leave

Not gonna happen. US isn't even close to being the only market for China. The only thing that keeps the US economy afloat is the dollar (which is declining and while decline further as the international reserve currency in the coming years) and arms sales. China's economy is experiencing a productivity that US in the 21st century can only dream of. The trade war is not about a fabled 'trade imbalance' it's about a desperate attempt of the US empire to stop the rise of an economic power that is proving to be a threat to the US's hegemony

I think both sides can agree that the chinese are f466075

Yep, I actually blame the Democrats for not putting up somebody even remotely electable. I mean, you know Hillary had to be really fucking bad to lose to a parasitic corporate raider turned reality TV actor who has no political experience or even passable oratorical skills.

Keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, back in reality -- Huawei. What happened to them is going to be a common problem for China in the future, so get used to it. Wait nevermind. I forgot that you're living in alternate reality glorious chinkland.

This user fuckin' gets it

Hong Kong just like Taiwan is not allowed dissent. Nothing can make China look bad or like it's losing influence. But China fucked up. Hong Kong was never supposed to be political. It was supposed to be the happy Switzerland like zone and Taiwan was tolerated so long as it kept business flowing. China shows weakness if it flexes on smaller entities, especially one of it's own.

All Hong Kong wants is for mainland China to uphold their election process. China came in and made sweeping changes to allow only a very small handful of specifically hand picked officials by mainland China to run. That's all this is about and Hong Kong citizens are going to fight to the fucking death because they don't want their island to turn into a shitty corporatocracy like the USA

The dollar is king. 7 yuan to 1 dollar is shitty. Nobody wants too pay in yen. It's still the strongest and most useful system of money. A dollar can buy food or drink. A dollar is the easiest and best currency to use.

Let them fight and die then. Eventually Beijing is going to say enough is enough and just raze the city. And they'd be justified as far as I can tell because they've been far more tolerant than probably any other country in the world. K mean, China already agreed to HK's initial demands, only to be told that that wasn't good enough anymore so they'll continue to riot and cost their city and country millions per day in lost business.

I can pretty much guarantee that if a group of thousands or millions (depending on who you believe) of tards was rioting and blocking businesses for months in America, they would've been beat the fuck down and locked right the fuck up. In fact, that has happened here.

Trump is on record as admiring authortarian, communist, dictatorships. North Korea, China, and he's notorious for sucking Putins dick.

>you can fight in WWIII
time to bring back the draft.

Ching chong ching chong ping pong ding doing chinching chingchnig Ching chong ching chong ping pong ding doing chinching chingchnig

Do you know what I get at a restaurant in Causeway Bay for 5 bucks? The amount of good CLEAN food I get would feed a party of 3. Enjoy your McRib combo along with your developing Chrohn's disease

Dollar is king but it's about spending power and quality of goods

Reading that post just tells me you're an ignorant and edgy 12 year old mong that knows fuck all about world history and politics

Hong Kong citizens want the right to vote for who they choose as a community and not a mainland China puppet
>hurrdurr bey jing will bring in dem tanks!

China agreed to their initial demands because it was in the treaty when the British handed over sovereignty to HK in the late 90's. But we wouldn't want to actually educate ourselves before spewing nonsensical vitriol now would we?

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Yep, like you said, they agreed to the demands. But now that's not good enough because the Hong Kong Ding Dongs feel like they're better than the rest of the regular Chinky Dinkies.

Tell me, do you even know why a city in China was even under British rule?


You spelled Israel wrong.

>all these retard liberals
Yes because anyone who disagrees with you is a liberal.

Meanwhile, the actual retard liberals are sucking China's dick, mostly because they are and have been communist pretty much forever.

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I went to China in 2012 and found myself. A tiny, Chinese me. I adopted him and he's my son now.

>the Hong Kong Ding Dongs feel like they're better than the rest of the regular Chinky Dinkies

So you're jealous that unlike you, they actually have the balls to stand up to tyrants?

If you've ever supported China you're a fucking idiot. You don't have to have any political affiliation to know how completely untrustworthy they are.

Yep that's it. It's clearly jealousy. Good God you chinks are dense. No wonder you have to cheat and steal to get anywhere.