Anyone ever been fucked in the ass?

Anyone ever been fucked in the ass?
What was it like?
I wanna try it but I’m nervous

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It feels like you need to take a shit but better

pretty great.

use poppers.
use buttplug before getting fucked
clean out until you can dildo without the toy smelling like ass.

It will hurt a bit so it's good to get lube
Well cleaned and relaxed
It's not for everyone, i know some guys don't feel good doing that
I think that's all

Sounds kinda gay

Wife has used her toys on me quite a few times. Just clean clean clean. And use lots of lube. Makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

Having a real cock is so much better than a toy though

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Wife uses dildos on me, I fucking love it. As posted prior make sure your pooper is clean. docuhe til your poop shoot is numb. I have zero attraction to a man but love when my wife plays with my ass! I can cum so fucking hard with a dildo in my ass

Not attracted to dudes. Sorry

Is gud

It kind of feels like masturbating while taking a shit

Oh also. ENEMA AND LUBE UP BEFORE ATTEMPTING! Always always always!

This. Prostate play is a whole new level. I was hesitant at first but after some persuading by her she got me to play along. It’s not even role reversal stuff, just stimulation. I have to be in the mood for it though.

It definitely takes getting used to. But you know that awesome feeling when you are taking a shit. It’s like that but better. The first time I got fucked in the ass I wasn’t impressed. The first time I came from it I was amazed.

It really is awesome. Just clean, stretch, use lots of lube, and have your top go slow at first. But when that moment arrives when you want it fast and hard, let him go crazy on you. And that moment will come. Trust me.

And please be safe.

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i wish i had a top go wild on me

Download Grindr or A4A or Manhunt and find one!
And trust me. There's that moment in sex when it become filthy and animalistic. It's so hot.

I have gridnr but it seems to be a bunch of basement dwellers, weirdos, addicts, and drunks. I just want a hairy straight acting dad bod top to give me the business while wearing a condom.

Clean yourself, dont eat for a day, start slow, use lots of lube. Weed, poppers are great but not nessicary.

Relax, physically and mentally. You're not going to enjoy it if you're hung up on drama.

Dont cum for like a week, just edge and watch porn but dont cum.

>the orgasm you think you want, you dont need.

Grindr was cool 5 years ago. So many ugly fuckers and jobless tweaks on there these days.

Umm.. Then find a sexy girl with a feminine penis?

Not rocket science.

Hurt a lot the first time. Now I love it. Stretch everyday for a week or so I recommend molly the first time you do it because it will turn you into a cock demon but it makes it really hard to cum so you can enjoy it longer

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>It feels like you need to take a shit but better
This, but it feels more like youre actually shitting. But better.
I miss it every day.

not as many gay or bi dudes in my country
this isnt america afterall
plus im a trap and local be either too broke for hotel and dont have a place or they wanna fuck me in their car
im too picky i guess
been trying for a year

KYS fags

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Recruit somewhere else Discord faggots

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How old are you ?
The ultimate in the first anal experience is when your in your teens and you get an older man to break you in. You will always strive for that first cock feeling . You want it to hurt and continue to hurt for a couple of days afterwards.

Na i dont clean my ass that much i like being fucked in my ass filled then licking and sucking his cock afterwards

feels like taking a fat shit over and over again but it feels really good

Feels grate just reamber to lube and find a comfortable position or it will feel like someone has lit a mach in your ass and tor some skin

I'd want to but I'd only let a cute trap fuck me and all the ones I've met are bottoms

OP is a fag

Please die of AIDS

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Ik right its trash

come out of the closet already.
if you weren't cock starved, you wouldn't be here.

So you DON'T enjoy the idea of men sticking their dick in your ass, but you will let your wife stick a dick shaped object in your ass. That is a contradiction. Enjoy being a closet faggot.


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This, 18-20 is that prime moment when you get broken in. I miss 50 year old married dads fucking me better than they do with their wives.

I hired a SF strap on model who came with a James Bond brief case with a range of dildos from small to huge. I douched before hand. She was a red head wearing a pleated skirt, heels and tight top. She pounded my ass. Till a blew my a river of hot cum.

Try it sometime.

It feels amazing and some people can cum hard from it but you have to do it right otherwise it'll be painful and messy.

PREPARATION is the key to good anal. The bottom should finger themself with lubricant to get a feel for the Pubococcygeal muscle and sphincters and how they work to relax and tighten the anus. Control over that muscle takes a bit of practice but it unlocks a WHOLE new level of enjoyment and pleasure for you and your partner no matter what sex you are.

Put a finger in and practice relaxing your PC and sphincters. slide your finger in and out a couple of times them try to close your sphincter over it. Never be afraid to add more lube if it's not slick enough (that goes for fingers, toys and dicks. If you need more lube, NEVER be afraid to do so or say so. The more slippery you are, the SAFER you are and the more enjoyable your activities will be. Your lover should definitely understand this.)

Once you're good with your finger, get a toy. Smooth is best but penis-shaped is fine too and I recommend one that vibrates (helps ease it in at first if its vibrating). Do the same thing with your toy--test in and out movements and practice your PC clenching and relaxing again. This will likely move your bowels and trigger a BM. That's good. You want to clean out your lower tract and rectum for safety and enjoyment. Some professionals douche for this, but I've found that using your fingers or a toy to stimulate BM is just as effective and much quicker.

ALWAYS empty yourself out before anal. It's hygienic and healthier to have anal without "dirt" being involved (though some people are into dirty as well). Wipe well and play with your hole to make sure there isn't another load coming down that you will need to excrete first.

Starting with a toy or your fingers and lube is the best way to warm yourself up for anal and should be done 30-120 minutes before the act is planned.


Whats a SF

it feels like being fucked in the ass

I was 14. It was amazing.

You’re already a faggot in your heart, when not live it out? Faggots all over the world are fucking each other up the bunghole, can’t be that horrible (if you’re a faggot).

You sir are a glorious faggot


I.e., of the city & county of San Francisco, usa

DONT do molly it will ruin sex cause it will never be that good same goes with straight sex

dubs means hes right

Post 2


So you're ready to have some anal fun and you've prepped yourself, cleaned yourself out and warmed up.

1. SAFETY FIRST - anal is the most transmittable form of sex there is due to blood vessels that are very close to the rectum at aid in absorbing water and nutrients from food. SMOOTHNESS IS THE KEY. If you're going to use condom, DO NOT use ones with ridges or ones with any texture at all. The less smooth it is, the more likely it will cause bleeding and the less pleasant it will be for you. For this same reason, never use "improvised" sex toys because they often have mold seams that can cut you inside. Sex toys are specifically designed not to have this problem.

I actually recommend not using a condom because of this, but you have to have DEEP trust in your partner for this. If it's not monogamous, then go with the smooth rubber.

Have him ease it in slowly, he will likely do this anyway, but you can can control his depth by reaching back and holding his hips and applying pressure away from you. Dicks are generally thicker than toys, so even if you're pre-lubed and played with fingers or a toy beforehand, it will likely feel very tight and a bit painful on the first entry. At this point, you should have him take it out completely, wait and breathe for a few seconds to relax again, then have him enter again. This usually eliminates ALL of the pain. Again, you should NEVER feel pain in anal. If you do, Stop, slow down, relube and try again. Once he's in all the way, establish a rhythm that's good for you. You can control the depth of his thrusts easily by spreading or pushing together your buttocks.

Best positions are Doggy (most natural feeling, matches the angles well and you can adjust angle at the hips), Doggy on a bed, bent over a bed with him behind you (good hybrid), or missionary (easiest control, plus you can kiss).

Remember, good anal is never painful and NEVER be afraid or embarrassed to ask to shift or relube.

I was in your exact boat about a month ago. I had been playing with my ass a lot that night. Doing some stretching and toying with some large objects. I was drink and on a business trip away from the wife. I decided to open a grinder acct and try it out. He wore a condom which was probably a good idea. I wanted it bareback but he insisted on a condom. Fair enough. So he fucked me good. He was gentile until I loosened up. I played with my ass for over an hour beforehand and I was drunk. My ass was all tightened up. It was good, I really wanted to try it without a condom though. It probably would have felt way better. I want to do it again next time I have a business trip. So to answer your question, it felt good after a while but at first it felt really forign. I'm used to controlling the object in my ass, when he was in there I had no control over the in and out.

BTW I cleaned my ass really well. Like I put a lot of water up my ass, many times. I think 1 reason the guy wanted to use a condom was fear of shitdick. Reasonable. I usually push out a bit when I'm toying my fuck hole. When I pushed out like usual when he was in he said I kept pushing him out. So I had to try to relax and not push out so much.

Sodomy is not sex. You are masturbating yourself in another's lower digestive tract. Absolutely degenerate.

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What ever it was I want moar

Sodomy is also oral sex and frottage.

If anything, it's masturbation that's unnatural, since we're "cheating" nature and tricking our brain into rewarding us for ejaculating without having done anything to earn it.

Sex of any kind has social power and brings people closer though as they learn to enjoy exploring and pleasuring each other, so from that aspect it's all the exact same as vanilla vaginal intercourse.

Either way, cry harder. People can do what they want with any other consenting adult and it's none of your goddamned business, fucktard.

I dont know why but the guy in the backs face is fucking hilarious. Is he a robot? is he on something? why does he look so fucking stupid?

Well lets get a picture of your ass- hole butt cheeks spead and bun shaped I can help you prepare.

I have zero attraction to men. But when I have my legs in the air, my wife is sticking a plastic juicy cock in me, and I am moaning and panting like a bitch all I can think about is how straight I am.

Got fucked bare back by a dude. Wasn't my intention but did it on a whim in the heat of the moment. Was worried he'd cum in me (thankfully he had control and didn't) hurt real bad at first. Like an intense burning. Made me sit on his cock so I could at least control the pace thankfully. After a bit it started feeling alright I guess. I ended up
Cumming from it but I think that's cause I was close for a while lol. Don't think it's really
For me tho. Hope this wasn't tldr

Real question here, hypothetically whats the least amount of money any of you guys would accept to top a friend you didnt know wants it like a cock hungry faggot?

Most dudes don’t chose not to have gay sex cause there is no money in it. I think maybe if there was a ton of money involved some would do it. But most wouldn’t be like hey the only reason I am not knee deep in faggot ass every weekend is only because they don’t offer to pay me 200 bucks.

Gay for pay is a legit thing that exists in this world. Im just wondering what a rough ballpark would be to get my foot in the door to get cock up my ass.

I get fucked in the ass pretty often. Going to get fucked tonight. It’s pretty great, but if it’s your first time the main things are as follows;

>clean out. Get a douche if you need to. You don’t need a dirty dick. In a relationship you can get past that because it happens to everyone eventually but in a hookup you don’t wanna be that guy

>lube. Use probably more than you think you need, at least initially. Better to use a bit too much than too little, especially if he’s bigger or a pushy kinda guy

>RELAX. Allow yourself to relax. It’s easiest if you start off on top so you can be in charge of how fast things go. Once you get the hang of that you can move to other positions. I don’t know why but my ass tightens up super tight every time so usually I go through my “first time” almost every time. But I love it so I do it.

>don’t let them pressure you to go harder than you’re ready. You’ll probably want it hard after you get that first hurdle over with but if they’re being pushy and you’re not ready yet for a plowing make sure you take your time. That being said if you accidentally go to fast and it hurts go back to the previous step and relax, it won’t hurt for long, and don’t pull him out or it will actually hurt more surprisingly enough.

That’s my advice anyway. I’ve been a fag for a while now, and I’m married to a dude. So I know my stuff.

>like my first time every time

Practice controlling the PC muscle. The reason for your initial discomfort is that there are 2 sphincters in the anus, one on the front that's easy to control and one about 1.5-2 inches deeper, and that one takes real relaxation to pull off.

If you hit it all at once you get that painful tight feeling. PULL OUT, relax & breathe, then re-insert. It will still be relaxed if you do it this way.

Porn likes to show them just "getting used to the dick" without pulling out. That's a lie. Those guys use TONS of prep and stretching time to get ready and they act the rest.

More like you don't have to be, they will be behind you. Idiot.

Of course it does, but that’s a very specific type of dude that values money or whatever more than he cares about sexuality. You asked about a “friend”. Not some “straight” top online. That is a much different story.

Feels pretty good with practice. You probably won't be into it the first few times especially if you don't already play with your ass yourself. You also need to douche it out or you're going to feel like you need to shit imminently the whole time, and you very well might.

Nah I don’t get the discomfort. Trust me I do all my exercises and stuff. It’s just I get tight. Not uncomfortable, I love it.
As for the rest, I just have seen so many times where someone goes a little too fast, and so it hurts, they recoil from it (normal reaction) but they overly tighten their ass now that it’s empty which makes it hurt even more than it would if they just did deep breaths and took a second to recover and relax again. Surprisingly enough I don’t really like gay porn. Or really much porn in general. So I’ve never heard of that plot point.

He has resting fag in denial cause he thinks it's ok cause he's the top, and the bottom is not fem enough. Very common.

If my ass hurts just slightly the next morning does that mean he was just a little too big for how much warm up I did?

thorbeau is my snap looking for a dom

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May not have used enough lube or he may have been too big to comfortably take in. Depends on the type of hurt. If you kinda got that hurt like when you wipe too much you probably have micro tears from his dick, which means you need to work up to that size use decent amounts of lube (always) etc. if it’s sore it just means you’re not used to getting your ass pounded.

>Sodomy is not sex. You are masturbating
>not sex
man, you are fucking retarded

Why did you come into this thread knowing full well what it was?

It was fucking amazing, felt absolutely fucking incredible.

only twice. Once with a guy i was fucking back when i was 18. thought id switch it up. not a fan. Then another time I was stuck in portland waiting for a flight and saw there was an adult bookstore down the street. I went in and was getting eyed up by this really big guy. 6'4", muscular as hell, a bit older, the young dad type. I'm 5'6" and skinny as hell. He ended up following me into my booth, we were just jerking off together but then he pulled out a condom. I thoguht it was for me and said 'sorry I don't really fuck ass'. So he put it on his dick and bent me over. I was surprised so I just kinda went with it. Hurt like a mother fucker. I came in under 30 seconds. I told him to slow down but he went harder. I moaned like a little bitch. All the other old men must've loved it.

Yeah, it's actually quite nice, especially when they pull out and cum all over your ass and then just let you lay there like trash while you're still quivering


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It really is amazing but maybe not everybodys taste

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you have excellent taste

is tinder where its at now or what?

Tha is user, really cool

Don't do it. Have Jesus cleanse you of your gayness. Your homosexuality will be cured

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i never stop being amused by the guys who come into these threads and get angry at people its so ironically hilarious that it makes you look even gayer than the people willing getting stretched by cocks.

Its not a battle lol. nobody cares unless you are struggling with those urges yourself. Such internal projection.

oh he's jerking off like all of us. He just wont admit it