I’m a very proud Trump supporter. Ask me anything

I’m a very proud Trump supporter. Ask me anything

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How small is your dick?

Do you support Trump?

Why are you so gay?

How does it feel to be the master race? Trump2020

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He's going to be reelected, you know.

How does it feel to be uneducated and racist? That's the question I'd like to ask all you Trump supporters.

Have you and your sister set a wedding date yet?

Why isn’t Hillary in prison yet?

Trump 2020


>I'm an imbecile, ask me anything,

Yeah, no.

I make over $170k a year. Try again

Sure you do, bud

"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

Yep. I believe you. Retard

You can be a dumbfuck and racist yet be a millionaire. Case in point, Trump.

How do you feel about the fact that Mr. "Defeat ISIS in 30 days" just abandoned the Kurds and potentially freed up to 12,000 ISIS members?

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Just wait until the betrayed Kurds ally with their former ISIS prisoners and start a whole new world of shit.

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At what grade did you drop out of elementary school?

Tfw Trump did this to sabotage NATO so Putin can move in on Ukraine and Belarus

>>Just wait until the betrayed Kurds ally with their former ISIS prisoners and start a whole new world of shit.

Maybe. Or just have the Turks kill 'em all.

The Kurdish people do not seem to be united on one political front anyway.

Like the Whistle-blower, here's a Secondary Sauce ► www.breitbart.com/national-security/2019/10/11/five-things-you-should-know-about-the-kurds/

Which part of are you most proud of? Trump sucking Putin's dick? Or him falling in love with Kim? Or how about betraying America's interests all over the world?

Comment on this.

Yes, he actually said this.

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everyone knows trump is a fudd retard, still better than "hell yes we're going to take your ar15"

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How do you do a 12 o'clock wheelie?

How does it feel to be on the right side of science and basic reasoning?

does it feel good not being a toddler?

When did you realize you were politically illiterate?

Does it suck stuffing your dick into your socks every morning?

How does it feel BTFOing all the lib deflectors and their weak infults?

>supporting a massive fucking fudd who has no goddamn problem infringing on the 2nd Amendment, and then blindly supporting him simply because he pisses of liberals even though he's not only friends with the Clintons but also REALLY cozy with Israel

Did you know Libs were retarded before or after you voted?

what's it like being rich?

What's it like to burn all the greentexts with facts and science?

>samefagging this hard

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When do you plan on coming out of the closet on your homosexuality

Where do you get your ties?

does mars really have 138 moons?


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Does it hurt when you see libtards whine and want to give illegals free shit with your money?

Checked. Got it, he's a lib after all. I've been telling Sup Forums this and spergs sped out on me every time.

I think my biggest question, Left or Right, Con or Lib, is why any of you would so blindly follow any of those that are established your leaders. It's super obvious at this point that neither side is interested in your particular welfare. Why do you follow politicians like prophets, when the very nature of a politician is to control and dominate your way of life? Why do so many people choose to restrict our freedoms by blindly following the "correct" side, without questioning the corruption that taints your team?

Every single one of you deserves the amount of torment you allow the "other" side to give you.

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Did you start working at Starbucks right after you got your fake college degree for $120,000 in "Visual Arts" or did you actually try and apply for other jobs thinking it was really worth something?

fuck off with your false equivalence bullshit.

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Super mad

not even the same guy, but I know a sperg when i see one

I obviously hit the nail on the head with this. How's Starbucks treatin' ya?

>any of you would so blindly follow
I truly think the pro-trump thing is the long-meme. I only know one person IRL that supports him.. Everyone else just like seeing lib tears, and it's just too easy. I voted for him and I hate most of what he does. But he surely isn't hillary. I don't hang on his words, I don't idolize him, I just did'nt want communism in this country. I'm ancap so I wish both parties would die off and elections turned to name- and position-only.

Kys trumptard

like i said, not the same guy.

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lol 3 years into this shitshow and you're still pulling the hillary card.

Yeah, but you took offense to it. So just wear it already, ya' reeeeeee

Yeah, he will win. To have a better chance of retaking the house, the dems will need to actually try to impeach, Not just this hoax bullshit.

>totally wounded

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I;m explaining my position and why I voted. I'm not hanging on to anything.

I didn't take offense to it, I mocked you. Words have meanings Ilya, look them up. See that? I mocked you again.


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you explicitly are hanging onto it because you're still deluding yourself into thinking he is still better than she would have been. that's some mighty powerful delusion.

Did they teach you that in visual arts class? REEEEEEEEE

>the sperging continues

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I just said I want both parties to burn. What would I be hanging on to?

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>tryhading this hard

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I'll take that as an affirmative

I already said it you reading-impaired ruhtard.

Oh you're edgy

your mum took it as afFIRMative

no, he's foreign. ask him what time it is in his town.

>samefag is buuuuuurning

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That's what I thought

I'm in California. Want me to tell your fuuuu-tuuuure?

Those also include he’s being impeached comments

lol California...Belarus?

You're obviously a Eurofag. Nothing more needs to be said.

You sound like a Bay Area faggot

Same thing. Do you want your fortune?

I got some certifications in my field and went to work at the enterprise level, a job I've been in for 7 years now and that I absolutely LOVE doing.

And I owe it to my 4 year degree.

Cry harder you anti-education retard.

how do you feel on the U.S getting invaded by China?
look at twitter
look at youtube
look at twitch

every single policy lately has been about silencing free speech and hiding those that are utilizing free speech via search algorithms that guarantee they'll never been seen

this is all to appease china so they can ban anyone or anything the chinese government doesn't like their bugmen citizens hearing

You sound like a regular, multiple dicks int the ass faggot. Like really, I think I've met you. Half Portuguese?

I would never step foot in Northern California, not even to take a shit in the street. I live in the real California, being Southern California, best California, faggot.

Nobody cares about your shit tier job or shit tier degree in coffee making, faggot

why are you so retarded

fox news says trump should be impeached

>real California
>Southern California
So you enjoy the bums shitting in your street? The drugs AIDS, the chomos, the cholos, the plehue, typhus, gonorrhea, syphilis, hep A, B, and C, the Von Dutch hats, e. coli, and the Ed Hardy button ups? Yeah, you can keep that shit.

>so much pain

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Nobody even thinks about shitty northern California. When people say California, everybody automatically thinks Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, not fucking Modesto, Fresno, Weed, Redding, LMFAO

tbf Fox News would post the poll and then have Sean Hannity explain why it's "bullshit.

It would be like interviewing a retard, tough.

Remember that one time the polls said Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide...LOOOOOOOL


What a fucking retard

Which is why everybody avoids it. Enjoy your tent cities and celebucunts. I don't want anyone visiting me. You never hear Montanans saying, "I wish more people would show up".

>lib media
>thinks it's right wing

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Until Russia interfered, sure.

What the fuck are you babbling about?