Metformin w/ no prescription

Metformin w/ no prescription
how do i do it

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What do you need it for?

Whole thing up ur butt

yes it happens

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Come to Mexico

Source: Im a medfag mexicunt

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Not going to happen, kek enjoy your diabetus

what what

I have a source. Not sharing until you say why you need it for.

lowering my blood glucose for prevention of disease, cancer, and aging, on days when im bad and eat mcdonalds instead of salads. i dont have diabetes, but damn the salads and low carb shit works like i cant explain

its not fair to hack biology and then only say some people can use it

Just don’t be a fat cunt it’s all about balance

>I don't have diabetes but I want diabetes medication

Fine here you go:
22000, Calle Ignacio Zaragoza 8382, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Ask for Pacho

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It’s being studied for reversing aging. Junkie op might be onto something.

Yo qierro taco Bell.

Metformin can extend lifespan and reverse aging. Look up joe rogan david Sinclair.

Looks like a brothel LMAO

Yeah I’m definitely going to take the crazed ramblings of non-scientists!

It’s not a brothel. Be sure to ask for Pacho. He throws a fit if you call him Pancho.

they went to college and university

>low carb shit works like i cant explain
Eat more fat. You'll lose your taste for carbs over time.
Learn intermittent fasting. It will really keep your blood glucose low.
Metformin's a crutch. Maybe use it for a while, but it's better just to feed yourself right for the long term.

All Mexican organ harvesting operations look like brothels. That's how they stay below the radar.

im a food delivery driver i need the crutch. why are only the fat fucks allowed to help themselves?

Then use the crutch. But use it to get to where you don't need it.

Be careful how much you take - it will give you the shits