HG Hunger Games: Sengoku era games!

HG Hunger Games: Sengoku era games!

Are you ready for the second game?
A pair of sneakers is the only tribute with lands in the map. Let's see who will be the next one to claim some lands
>you can make an alliance if you want
>An alliance is literally team up
>People can join to a pair of sneakers or start a new alliance
>Don't forget to name your alliance and the members

>First 24 are IN

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Skeletor Is ready to die

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Divine Cat

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superior waifu

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Firebrand - Hell's army

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A Helling Lovecat

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a fucking sand flea

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Richard Nixon

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Hat Goomba

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The traitor

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One Ugly Spooky Bitch

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Wait a minute, I know you...

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If we're doing alliances then these 2

Hatless Goomba

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nice selfie brah

No u don't
Absolutely disgusting

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I don't know the reason, but I love this

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Goombaless Hat

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Are you ready?

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Guy whose face vaguely resembles mine but totally not me

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Fuck yes

Swap for


is a tribute?

Hat Goomba got this.

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܂Goodluck Megumi!
Clan 4 got this

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Good luck everyone

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>Not even Patty
Lmao how embarrassing

Let's open a space for D

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Good luck

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Ffs I'm willing to bet like 3/4s of the farts/sharts aren't even him
Patty's dead lol



No bloodbath death this time, off to a good start

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Something something, there is something wrong tonight...

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I'm pretty sure's just kamen, rigs and the fran poster

That's my boy, Richard


F Hat Goomba.

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Tributes are taking castles and fighitng to death but without death

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>These fools dont know about the Coon Commander


One Ugly Spooky Bitch unleash the hell!
And Richard quits
Double kill for the traitor.

Someone tell goro about rig's situation.

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Nixon F

Land of the rising penis

TIME FOR EPIC BATTLE! Go and die... With honor.

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How many D armies are out there?

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Now, there are 0.

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Probably everyone from that Discord farts and sharts the threads up

You're not worthy as my opponent
>rigs situation
God dammit!

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He left for a pack of cigs

Uhh, this will be hard to explain: Rigs is gone.
Oh wait, it was easy.

Yeah, expect that you are wrong.

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Rigs went commando and now the US government is on a manhunt for him

Aw shit, that's bad.
That's good :D

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Rigs reminds me of J Geil, a decrepit skinhead and his mummy stand. lel

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I fell a sleep, that was bad

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He said something cool at least before leaving, or he went for the smell ya later kind of leave?

he said " fuck niggers" and left

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What's up Rigs? Kill any niggers recently?

lel really??

nah he just farted

and sharted

Time for siege.
vote for your favorite waifu.

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Hat Goomba got this

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I'm not telling, just to be safe.

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umm Mado, I guess.

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jews did 911

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