I am pansexual

I am pansexual

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So, you fuck kitchenware?

ladies fulfill my heart much better


so you like wolfgang pucks kitchen ware?

I dunno

No, you are just confused by your circle of circunstances.

I wish you and the waffle all the best.

No, you retard, you're bisexual. Stop making shit up so you can feel self-important. No one will ever truly give a shit about you anyhow.

you know better than my therapist

thank you I appreciate it

being pansexual doesn't imply I'm weak and your post just makes my penis harder

I am happy. I feel loved and I have pleasure often enough

This guy speaks truth, stop deluding yourself.

Pansexual is a tumblr-tier term and you only look like a dipshit using it.

oh ok. I'm straight then

What the fuck is pansexual? Gay for pan flutes?

Pansexuality also means you are willing to have sex with literally anyone with no bias about body type. So you'd want to fuck a super model as well as someone who qualifies for disability because their flab has overflowed their couch.

There is no difference between "bisexual" and "pansexual" because they're are only two genders.

Good to know there are infinite sexes then.

Let's go down the rundown of sexuality shall we:

Heterosexual: you're into the opposite sex
Man likes vaginas: women likes penises.

Homosexual: you're into the opposite sex
Man likes the penis (other men/men pretending to be women): woman likes vaginas (other women/women pretending to be men)

Bisexual: you like both penises and vaginas.
Man likes penises and vaginas: woman likes penises and vaginas.

Since there doesn't exist anything other than penises and vaginas (as well as male/female) there is no possible reason pansexuality can exist.

**Homosexual: you're into the same sex

This is the big truth. While gender expression can be whatever the fuck some fags want to make up, there are only ever two genitalia possible.
Sexuality is about sexual attraction, it is not to do with gender identity or expression.
There is only three sexualities possible, and of course asexuality, which is the lack there of.

You're a bisexual faggot that needs to feel ultra special about how your parents touched you as a child

I don't believe asexuality exists. Anyone who says they are not sexually attracted to anything are liars. Reproducion has been with us before we even developed complex brains. It's hard coded into our dna

wrong, your bisexual, dumb nuts

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>there are only ever two genitalia possible.
not technically true but I'll give you that one since intersex people are extremely fringe

I'm still a little torn on this myself. As someone who has a lot less libido than all of my friends I know what it's like to not have much of a drive at times. Sometimes I won't masturbate for almost a month without even noticing, so to me it's not particularly hard to imagine someone who is like that just all the time. However, I think most people that claim they're asexual are just convincing themselves into it.

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Shit, I forgot what that means

I've been getting dubs all day, what do?

True hermaphrodites don't exist in humans though, only one of their genitals actually function.

(for e.g. a hermaphrodite with a functioning penis/testicles that's capable of producing sperm can't produce eggs/has a non-functioning vagina. Opposite for one with functioning lady parts.)

Here is some pan gayer, enjoy.

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no, pandas

Well sure but just because they're not both fully functioning doesn't mean you aren't something outside of the category of "person with penis" or "person with vagina" (sorry for all the negatives, just reread it)
Basically I wouldn't look at an intersex person's junk and say "oh well only the penis/vagina functions so that's all that matters" there are a lot of good reasons to consider the "nonfunctioning part" as part of their genitalia