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Shut up nigger

It's time to face the facts. He lost, and the people won...

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it's time to face the facts. he won't be impeached, and he will win the 2020 election.

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How are you gonna impeach him when he didn’t do anything impeachable?

Jesus Christ, I don't know how long it's going to take for Dems to pivot back to actual issues, but it's been 3 fucking years and they still can't figure out how to beat this guy. Fucking pathetic.

They aren't doing themselves any favors but Trump is actively shooting himself in the foot by being a jackass.

51% of Americans support impeaching the man to the 39% that actually support his Presidency.

Anyone who thinks he is actually going to win in 2020 needs to either go outside, or look up from their talking point paper.

Trump is finished. He won't last another month.

Ok kid.

Good luck, socialist pos

That condescending dismissal of an opposing point of view is revealingly emblematic of the far-right’s myopic, fact-denying, and dangerously reckless worship of Trump.

It’s more about “owning the libtards and snowflakes” than doing what’s right for the country or for that matter what’s in your own best interest. And sadly, it is for some about hate and racism given legitimacy in the public square by Trump’s incessant dog-whistling and gas lighting.

That one cannot see that it is fundamentally wrong to invite a foreign government into our election is either willful denial or ignorant hero worship.

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>Trump is finished. He won't last another month.

You silly libs are going to get MAGA'd right up the ass again, and once again you're going to have no idea what went wrong.

>2016: it's over

>2017: it's over

>2018: it's over

>2019: it's over

>it's over

>every fucking day, it's over
>every fucking scandal: not true
>every fucking scandal: created by dems
>every fucking scandal: unearths more dem corruption

inb4 it's over

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Doesn’t matter if it Trump or not. It’s commitment to not a liberal govt.

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What is impeaching him going to do? There's about zero chance of him being removed.


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Basically this

Not him bu
Okay kid