Hey b

hey b

met a girl 5 years older than me, start sexting, she wants me to call her mommy, basically she orders me a chastity cage, starts calling me her little girl, it came today

Am i gay?

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amazon.co.uk/Nightaste-Underwear-Gstringsthongs-Underpants-Assorted/dp/B07Q2V5DJN/ref=sr_1_5?crid=19IV6EU8BN40X&dchild=1&keywords=panties multipack&qid=1570858062&sprefix=panties mult,aps,164&sr=8-5

Cute hands. Bet you would give fantastic hand jobs.

My girl loves locking me up. Doesn't get that bad though.

Post boi pussi. Wanna cum.

haha thanks

ah nice, anything to try? were gonna meet soon

i would but it aint good trust

She always talks about her exs and trys to make me jealous so my dick starts throbbing

damnn sounds hot ngl

There's also, i get to post her online on PH and only get to keep it up as long as im locked up

Dont be so negative. I’m sure it’s sexy af. I’m not gonna ridicule you fam I wanna cum to you.

post ass

this is from like a year ago, im alot hairer now haha

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good girl, that's a cute ass

I'm gay. I also happen to like chastity. I have no desire to have a girl lock me up, just guys. Is a stereotypical straight man supposed to want to be locked up? Not really. But that just makes it kinky, not gay.

And uhh, don't sell yourself short. That's a sexy ass ;)

how'd you meet her

thanks but its less cute now


You gonna post the link or what?

not surprising meetme is like that

God that ass if fucking perfect what are you talking about? Got any feet pics?

Oh god yesssssss

lads lads that was a year ago dont get your hopes up, want me to try to find some more from back then?

Post ass now plz. You’re very humble when it comes to your ass, I like that. But I’m telling you, I, am I’m sure a bunch of other Anons would love to fap your ass.

again im way hairy now

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dressed as a sissy back then too

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that's adorable

God that ass looks soooo good. Fr you’re really downplaying your looks, you don’t look even remotely hairy to me, would fuck you in a heartbeat if give the chance. Also gonna fap to this so keep posting some more...... Also, would sniff those feet until I passed out.

Please marry me.

haha thanks
this is a year old broooo

Awe I wish I could do that I want to fuck you and be you

Thirsty for boi pussy he is

haha thanks for the compliments but i dont look even close to this anymore


I don’t either


this isnt me btw

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This is me btw

Let’s become feminine with each other

what a cute pp

I want to taste your clit

ty xx

too expensive

hair's kinda hot, post something new

Where you from op

nahh im not very confident now and chubby

england mate, oi what did u say bruv

chub's hot too

Do you still have your panties and socks

nahh im not into it so wouldnt wanna post

You taking the fucking piss bruv? I’m from the hood ye and I got got bare people we can come ye and we can’t slit you up bruv you’re done

threw them away when i got depressed haha, this girls gonna buy me some

post more old pictures then

nah bruv come at me n the crew like that we make ting go splash then shag ye nan with a packe o space raiders

ngl i didnt see this as the way my thread would go

Good are you going to shave and look like a good girl

mommy wants me to haha

Nah bruv. Got some grade if you want.

What language this is?


that's cute, come post pictures when you do

I’m jealous I wish I was that lucky

haha op here its just like english chav

i will post here dw x
and you can be!!

not gay but will end up being cucked

What the fuck does this mean I’m so confuzled.

I want be turned into a girl too

Dont be afraid OP. My mistress keeps me locked 24/7, requires me to shave daily, eat a special diet and makes me crossdress, clean the apartment after i drop her off at work and ordered me a new cage. Its helped me discover my feminine side and she only lets me cum now by pegging. Im her sissy and proud to serve her
>Pic related is me

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nah we talked about it, also id just walk out]


make an erome to put the pictures on in case I miss the threads

op here
your perfect and that sounds amazing x

i willllllllll

good girl, link it before the thread dies

I want that

>Doing sexual acts with a woman
>"Am I gay"

user, are you retarded?

You aint gay but you definitely a faggot

Where did you buy those panties?

user may be a retarded faggot but he's a cute retarded faggot

What's the diet?

Pretty much this, op.

thanks :P

nice quads
amazon.co.uk/Nightaste-Underwear-Gstringsthongs-Underpants-Assorted/dp/B07Q2V5DJN/ref=sr_1_5?crid=19IV6EU8BN40X&dchild=1&keywords=panties multipack&qid=1570858062&sprefix=panties mult,aps,164&sr=8-5

Thanks. Which variety did you order?

wait no these
and the 10 amazon.co.uk/UWOCEKA-Underwear-G-String-Underpants-Multipack/dp/B078JZSTNN/ref=pd_sbs_193_1/262-6600329-5008917?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B078JZSTNN&pd_rd_r=3188664b-d1cd-48f3-bc88-7f7fba9609d0&pd_rd_w=ezPxN&pd_rd_wg=SDcRp&pf_rd_p=4fe8124b-f455-49bd-9e7d-c251837661fc&pf_rd_r=QHYHD5JG6RGZ768PZEYG&refRID=QHYHD5JG6RGZ768PZEYG

Thank you~

Also where can I buy those clothes?

Are you caged now

your not gay, you're a fascist.

your empowered feminist mommy is sorting out systemic oppression by controlling the narrative and making the **right** corrections, in order to save the world, using you as her pawn, so you can all live happily in a fake fairytale that happens to you, outside of your control.

This is why all the Hitler youth camps would end up in strange homo-erotic radical passivity and neuter of the independent masculine sexuality: cause your dick is insignificant in comparison to the systemic narrative of oppression..

Hitler was basically a futa, cucking his entire male fandom.

we are living through the same ideology as Wiemar Germany, just replace Ayrian studies with Race and Gender studies.

you are just another drone in the cucked and hollowed out culture of the individual and interpersonal navigation of life: have a nice delusional story in your head.. have you also given over your intellect to identity consciousness yet, or still only just your sexuality?

damn ok