New feet thread

new feet thread

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nice :)

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would worship

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Ugly whore

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Bored? why not check this extremely hott active server, forr the best lewds of females and traps!

discord gg/T4HYhgU

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socks welcome in this thread too

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average girls with long feet are the best

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Fuck off faggot

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I'm OP, my rules cunt.

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love this foot slut

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God yes

I stand with op

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Got my first footjob last week. Only cause it was the only thing my drunk ass could get it up to. Honestly it lived up to they hype.

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Your queen

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No her but too bad she's a wings fan.

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Socked feet are far superior

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She could write the entire works of Shakespeare on those feet

How thy feel about thoth?

more like this with just one sock/sock halfway off?

Soaked feet are superior

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Ive never understood why everyone only posts soles in feet threads. what about those cute little piggies with painted nails? that shit gets me rock hard but who the fuck wants to look at filthy soles.

because soles are the best part

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i like both

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Yeah ive always preferred soles

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kik setback90 for exes feet pics and vids

post here, no one gives a fuck about your kik

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I wish I liked toes more. They're cute and get me rock hard in public but I just want to see her take her sandals off and put her soles before me, theres something about it that's so hot

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Her feet

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> usurper

This one's a classic. Used to jerk off to this on my PSP like 12 years ago.

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Detroit rules nigger

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Hey. Wings didn't become a major franchise by accident. They do have some excellent players on the team currently. We just have to get them back to the top where they once were. Then we'll get back to smoking the rest of you.

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Fuck smooth as hell. More

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My girls coming over. She let's me takes pics but doesn't know I post em here. I take alot of cig breaks so stand by.

just imagine those big bare feet trampling all over you.

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Foot Feetish Friday

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this chick used to be a basketball player lol

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reply if saved.

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does this exist with sound and a cumshot?



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maybe.. kik toesofinstagram

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at the beginning of having this fetish years and years ago I was repulsed by soles, but now they're literally the best fucking part for me. Can anyone else relate?

gf's soles

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glad you appreciate! her tops and toes are equally hot i think

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anyone got pics of the girl who's stroking?

My girlfriend stroking me to completion all over her leggings. Love that slut

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