Girls that should be taking BBC

girls that should be taking BBC

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which one could handle more?

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Perfect slut

Right seems to have more of a breeding body

for sure, you think michelle should be fucked? how would it happen?

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She’d look great on her knees in a bukkake. Paint her with cum, then fuck her

Her body is so tight, but I bet she’s still a size queen

Being able to feel every inch is all the more reason for her to be a size queen

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Think she can handle more than one at a time?

Lexie winters? Where'd you find this one I just have her insta and this isn't on there I don't think.

Gods I hope so

She definitely could

Not Lexi winters

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She’s such a good tease

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None of the chicks in this thread would even consider a black cock. The one i am posting on the other hand is who is actually getting BBC on a daily basis.

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Sounding a little insecure mate

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does anyone thing this Swedish fuck slave should be taking BBC on the regular?

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Should get her holes stuffed by a gang of thuggy grunting niggers

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holy fuck what an absolutely perfect view from the back id pay to watch a huge black cock slide into that

She looks perfect for it

Would love to be her white boyfriend going for a walk. Some big buff nig comes and bullies me for her - beats me up, bends her over, grabs her by her hair and stuffs her senseless up to her belly, busts in her. Drops her in a heap of pleasured exhaustion and cum
>ok white bitch get over here and clean my mess

Let's you have this bbc puddle then walks away like it's routine

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You sound like a beta faggot.


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you mad i happily let a black bull bitch me around and fuck my girl? they are the alpha males. there's a reason it's a phenomenon

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