You're are falling from the sky without a parachute from a stupid mistake

>You're are falling from the sky without a parachute from a stupid mistake
>You have 1 minute to impact

What will your last thought/regrets and things you wanted to do be before you meet your end?

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Man that chick was hot I should've impregnated her

Who's going to clear my hard drive and history

I don't know, but I hope I'd keep my wits enough together to try and manuever and hit something funny.

>realized if i survived this ordeal, i would have to pay a million thanks to the fucked up medical cost in the USA

its a lose lose

Thank god now I don’t need to suicide


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The last thing that would go through my mind is the ground.



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ting tang walla walla bing bang

Take a deep breath, destress, and pray for the best. It wouldn't be the first time someone survived a mile plus fall if I do survive. If I don't survive, then there ain't gonna be a need to worry about it.


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I would start a livestream on twitch, blaming the jews for my rocket-like comedown before I piledrive into the ground

are you retarded? most people never have a go at skydiving. i would enjoy the ride of course instead of polluting my mind with some meaningless inane shit


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I would regret not having a parachute

Well OP, I always vote a straight republican ticket, so obviously I'm gonna take one last opportunity to rub one out to some cuck porn on my trusty smart phone, and then maybe shitpost about it if there is still...splat

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Holy fucking based

Opening this thread

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