Cuck thread, post your girl, stories, wwyd, post kiks etc

Cuck thread, post your girl, stories, wwyd, post kiks etc

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Will wwyd, set your girl as my phone background etc. Kik is cgr941

Cattoboii89 if you're looking for a bwc

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pic unrelated i assume?

Assuming very wrong

Any bulls for my girl?

Kik me: mrmarving69

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Kik: laurasmiles90
Sharing my girl friend. She has no idea I’m a cuck bitch.
Speak about her like shit and can speak to me like shit to.

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For tributes of your girls

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My roommate is pounding this petite latina on a nightly basis and it turns me on so much. I usually jack off right outside of their door as I listen to her moans

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Wife on the beach on honeymoon....I wonder how many guys were staring...

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If that's you gf, you're a lucky man

only kik?

wifey. way more if interest!

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Fuck yes love her

yes sir

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come see mine. 21 yo busty natural blonde imig dot es/c/DSh6P7o

More, loving it.

how about this 1

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Tell me what you'd do to my gf

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Nice, got anything pantyless?

no :( sorry

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Kik anon444555 cuck

Let me see that ass first

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gf riding my friend

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Looking for detailed WWYD - eighteighteight888

kik - jack1112121

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I want to see one of her teachers fucking her

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Damn, more pls

show her tits

I love to share m< girl kik bwcboii if u want more

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That face deserves to be ruined

Ptm fuck, she’s hot af


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I just sent the pic to his kik post more shes hot anyway

Please make it happen, would love to see


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You got a kik? Telegram or some shit like that? I’d be 100% down to face fuck the shit out of her

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Yumiyumi69, but I'll answer in about an hour

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He thinks its before they got together but tbh i doubt it

It's not

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Brooo his reaction
You have to have more


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Fuck shes a nice peice of ass keep posting godspeed

Got a big black cock for your bitches text me on kik at lakerda606

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I developed my cuck fetish when I walked in on my GF getting fucked by our neighbor... AMA

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What did you do at that moment?

Have some more with the dick? He hates that


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Cucks don't exist you retarded little porn-addict.

Reality much?

Is she made for bbc?

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This is fucking gold my guy want screencaps?

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Honestly just froze when I walked in. He was fucking her from behind and they didnt see me. After I processed it all I yelled and he pulled out of her. Fucking monster dong covered in her cum.
She started apologizing but I walked out and before I even hit the door I heard her moan again as he shoved it back in her

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yees what a slut

I'd make her my slam pig, tie her to my table and let the boys take a turn plugging her too

I came so close to my partner nearly fucking her work colleague, but back fired and didn't happen.

Now she dont want to do stuff at work case people find out etc and she wants it to happen more natural like in a night out

But with work we both rarely get out and I dont want to do night clubs as kinder past that scene

Anyone got some good tips to take her where chances are she will get hit on

>I want to see one of her teachers fucking her
I may have a way to make that happen, fyi. It worked with my girl and I was able to tweak the plan a bit to make it happen with my buddies exgf as well.

yes, send away

This kid is wrecked so obviously post more

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I went back home later that night, she seduced me and I busted the biggest nut of my life, thats how I became a cuck

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Anyone in Virginia who wants to see if we can't convince your girl to allow me to fill her up with my cum?


>being this dumb as to actually use this porn term as though it's real

If you are somehow this out of touch with the real world, whites have larger cocks, on average, than do blacks. It is simply a scientific fact.

PROOF (with citations):

The belief that penis size varies according to race is not supported by scientific evidence.[6][17] A 2007 study reported that "there is no scientific background to support the alleged 'oversized' penis in black people".[18] In fact, a study of 253 men from Tanzania, the 6th most populous nation in Africa, found that the average stretched flaccid penis length of Tanzanian males is 11 cm (4.53 inches) long, smaller than the worldwide average, stretched flaccid penis length of 13.24 cm (5.21 inches), and average erect penis length of 13.12 cm (5.17 inches).[19]

A study of 115 men from Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, found that the average flaccid stretched penis length of Nigerian males is 13.37 cm (5.26 inches) long, which is near identical to the worldwide average, stretched flaccid penis length of 13.24 cm (5.21 inches) and average erect penis length of 13.12 cm (5.17 inches).[20] A 2015 systematic review of all the published research papers in refereed scientific journals globally concluded that all such compiled data clearly demonstrated that black males actually have on average a smaller penis than do white males.[1]

1. BJU International. 115 (6): 978–986.
6. BJU International. 99 (6): 1449–55
17. Penis Myths Debunked". Live Science. Retrieved 9 Jul 2018.
18.BJU International. 95 (1): 8–9.
19.The Journal of Urology. 190 (2): 544–50
20.Orakwe, J. C; Ogbuagu, B. O; Ebuh, G. U (2006).

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I'd love to know how some big horny guy would enjoy my petite gf if she gave him her little ass in the hotel room after evening in a club dressed in skirt, stockings and other shit she wears to tease men with

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>things that didn't happen
>being this much of a lil blackboy all over the internet and larping your porn consumer fantasy/fake black porn bullshit this hard

>not realizing that this makes you gay, because what you are really getting off to is making other males hard

>slam pig



kik me at joybushy for more of my briwn asian gf oc

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any dressed in slutty clothes?

what a fucking hot whore

Ex gf that always said size didnt matter. But she would occasionally wonder what it would be like if I was a little bigger. Im 4.5 inches

Over time she finally asked me if she could test drive someone bigger. Me being me agreed but I would want to be there to make sure she was safe. She told me that she knows her one guy friend says he has 7inches. We set it up.

The fun starts and he pulls out 9inches and jokely said he lied to impress her even more. She instantly goes down on him and begs for it inside her. He tells us he doesnt have any condoms.

So he has to use one of mine which only fits guys up to like 6inches but its all we had. He starts pounding her from behind and she "couldnt believe cocks like this exist outside of porn and never felt anything like this before."

He goes to hard and the condom breaks but she is to far gone to care and tells him to take it off and keep going because she "wants to feel it all in her"

As she reaches her orgasm she moans "im so sorry, i was wrong, size really does matter! Oh shit!"

As she starts to reach a second orgasm, he tells her that hes getting close. But she tells him that she is close too and to keep going and dont stop.

As soon as her orgasm finishes. He starts grunting and starts cumming into my ex and pushes inside her as far as he could.

I couldnt believe what just happened because she still hasnt allowed me to cum in her during our relationship. Once her friend left and she got all cleaned up. She wanted to me fuck her and she felt so loose that she didnt even orgasm from me and when I told her I was about to cum. I was all prepared to finally be able to cum in her. But last second she pulled off of me gave me a ruined orgasm and I came all over floor "as punishment for cumming before she got to orgasm once."

We dated for a couple more months until she left me for "not being able to pleasure her sexually like she knows bigger guys now can, but we can still be friends."

Last pic I ever got of her.

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I had this tradition growing up where I would go hunting with my dad and uncle. I got a gf when I was 15 and she insisted on going with us this one time. I got permission from my dad but he told me that we would have to set up a separate tent for her, as I was not allowed to openly sleep with her at our age. The second day it rained and her tent got damaged, so she had to sleep with us. As I wasn't allowed to sleep with her, the arrangement was that she would sleep between my dad and uncle and then me next to my dad. Now I've slept with my dad plenty growing up. He's a hugger. But it was still a surprise to wake up in the middle of the night to find my 15yo girlfriend sound asleep in my father's arms, with his arms closed tightly over her breasts (arms, not hands). She later said she was cold so she didn't move him and that nothing else happened. But I still can't get that image out of my head.

I dont understand

This is just some cuck posting his kik right?

Some black guy fucked his gf and posted the pics and his kik

It's just some cuck larping

My gf. What do you think

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That’s crazy hot if true

Why would u go back

A friend of mine and myself really liked each other's gfs. We were 16, horny, stupid and drunk. This all happened during a camping trip. I proposed we talked the the girls into fooling around with the other one for a night. It took forever to convince them separately but surprisingly enough when asked together they remained silent and just looked at one another kind of awkardly smiling. We took that as a yes and so I went in his tent with his girl and he went with mine. We started making out and the rush of it was awesome. Now, my girl hadn't put out with me yet, always said she wasn't ready. So I figured she would say the same to my friend. And then it wouldn't be fair for me to have sex with his gf if i knew he wouldn't be able to do the same with mine. So we just made out and touched all over. The next morning we were all hung over and awkward. Then i jokingly said "well, that sure was worth the blue balls". My friend was really surprised and said "what do you mean?". I said "I mean after a whole night making out". "You mean you didn't... ?" "YOU DID?" Then I turned to see my girl and she just stuck her head in the blanket. And that's the story of the worst trade deal, maybe ever.

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Pretty much

Did you break up with her because of that?

Got cucked at a beer pong tournament.
She made out with some guy we player against in public and fucked him later on

more pics?

Beta in the friendzone. Would love to hear how alphas would use her.

Kik: Jrourke9001

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I found this on my gf's phone, I think I'm being cucked. She never sends any nudes because "she's not like that" but I don't know why else she would have a pic like this on her phone.

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Any nudes?

Any of her getting fucked?

Yep. She's "not like that" for you.