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what opinion

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I don't get why everyone is ignoring the fact that the climate of Earth os exactly where its supposed to be. The earth climate goes in cycles and the data exists for 1000's of years that shows we are currently in a warming cycle. We are supposed to be warming right now lol and the temperature is no different to the normal cycle.

If the assertion was "lets stop puollution" then every one could get on board with that but the fundamental premise of her assertion is incorrect as the climate is supposed to change. Earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling and we are in a warming cycle now thus we are supposed to be warming right now. Whats the problem?

>thinking that conflating the issue means there isn't an issue
Do some research that isn't on conservative blogs scientifically illiterate fuck

Lets stop limate change is like saying lets prevent the earths natural cycles.

I mean wtf. No thanks kid.

Come to daddy

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citation? I’ve heard this theory before, and perhaps it’s accurate, but accurate data from thousands or tens of thousands of years ago about temps all over the world seems to me like a hard thing to come by

Im not conflating anything. I am stating that we are supposed to have climate change. Trying to prevent the earths natural cycles is retarded.

Yeah I did, and found out what ?
No matter what we do we cant stop or reverse the cycle, only slow it down at best.
So the temperature will rise for another decades and even shutting down all emision wont stop it ?
So where is the point in doing anything.

You ever been checked for autism?

Why not lets stop pollution?

At least pollution is a real problem.

that people can't attack her message, so they make fun of her instead. it's pretty pathetic.

I love seeing trump semen guzzlers become fucking enraged by this girl. She might be the best troll I've seen in years

There isnt and the sooner all l of humanity realizes it the sooner I will rise.
Muwahahhaahahhahhahha cough cough* uuuughhahahahahaha

I love living my life based on a pluralist media component that I dont have the mental intelligence to realize is propaganda

is this the girl that trims the crust off of her bread to save the planet?

Literally no one in the world thought that. Ever.
Some do say "Let's have some investigations onto these 3 industries that are responsible for 74% of worldwide pollution, and stop bending over to let them fuck us in the ass everyday" and it just so happens that it does make 100 very rich people spend a tiny bit more money off of their tens of billions, to pay workers a living wedge and to not use highly destructive production methods to save off a little profit margin.
Basic economics show how unsustainable the american political system that has been, how it's hurting the middle class since decades(when looking at wedge stagnating, you gotta take into account inflation increase the price of everything, reducing the value of money) and how rolling back all the progress made by Franklin D. Roosvelt has hurt america to an absurd degree.

Turn off your power then, coz over 70% of electricity is produced by coal and gas, 10% by nuclear plants. You cant have a fridge or a computer or anything if we stop the emmision.

That doesnt get people nobel peace prizes anymore, only screaming in fearmongering and bombing foriegners does anymore

One person turning off their power won't change shit. One entreprise following some common sense regulation will make a damn difference.
When you burn a plastic bottle at home, no one gets hurt. When China produces without any restrictions, people in South Korea have to wear masks in Autumn to bear the air pollution.

Read this: skepticalscience.com/climate-change-little-ice-age-medieval-warm-period.htm
Absorb it, and unfuck your brain from Dunning–Kruger

Yes, we value our food and money here. We don't want either going to waste on some climate boogeyman. Is this a problem for you?

Still mad she lost?

Let's make sacrifices so China doesn't have to.

>when you look at
When you realize American politics isnt based on facts and good campaigning but on absurd buzzwords and popularity because y'all suck facebooks dick, then shit might change. Until then, keep on American'in

Citation: read a fucking book some time.

epic meme

Literally no one is proposing just stopping using coal and gas without a replacement system ready to go. Stop being retarded on purpose

>if we dont throw money at the sky its gonna eat us!!
I think the message pretty much defeats itself, mate.

>When 600,000 people throw plastic bottles in the woods, it doesnt fucking matter!
Great logic dumbfuck.

The mental intelligence as opposed to what other type of intelligence?

What the fuck? Really? How would that save anything?

Yeah, earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling. Earth is extremely efficient at killing life whenever it wants, as it already happened multiple times. What do you think will happen if we help earth going down that destructive road, by burning the few things that help renewing the oxygen we all consume everyday in burning the Amazon, by letting fish die, by letting all the food birds eat die and losing a lot of species... But most importantly: by creating climate refugees. If the middle east isn't habitable by humans anymore because of too much heat, they're all gonna leave and go to better countries. Most massive immigration humanity ever known, just because we helped Earth in its cycle of warming, and helped middle east being inhabitable sooner. They've broken record temperatures more and more years after years.

She's never said that tho. Do you often make things up to win arguments?

Holy shit found the first year polisci major
Or are you just an extra special enlightened libertarian?

>muh fake news
No thanks.

I think we should just do what we want and let the next generation deal with it

billions of years ago the atmosphere was 90% oxygen or something. The climate changes, deal with it

Lmao she lost? Did daddy tell you that?
Nice quads btw

Humans didn't exist billions of years ago

>says the guy shilling for climate change

Fuck off boomer

I have some literature from patriotic freedom university of america that disagrees

Fuck this gay ass earth.

Whats going to replace it?
Solar energy still has a cost efficiency of 1:250
Wind has a cost efficiency of 1:1100
Hydro electric has an efficiency of 1:30,000
In otherwords coal, NG, and Oil are the 1:1 ratio of cost efficiency
>convince the corporations responsible for the infrastructure you consider a Right as negotiable

I'm gonna guess yeah, he does that a lot

Seriously though, what's wrong with letting the next gen deal with it? If it's that bad, they'll find a fix but right now it's not affecting anyone of import.

No shit moron

I was wrong though, not oxygen but CO2.

If you think humanity's death is the best thing that should happen to this world, then I would agree with you. Good plan.
But if only it was the problem of the next generation. Unless you're going to die in the next 10 to 20 years, it's gonna be very much your problem when people stop producing meat because more pollution seems too dangerous to deal with, or when massive immigration from the middle east being not humanly habitable anymore comes to your door.
Let me eat my fucking meat, just gotta stop a few rich fuckers from fucking the middle class all day.

Spatial, emotional, symantic, costive, you name it urban user

>make up an entirely new supernatural phenomena to scare people into giving you money
>"haha makes things up much fash xD"

Its worked so far right?

Have you ever stopped to think why that stuff is not cost efficient? Can you fathom that big coal and big oil have an effect on keeping alternative energy from flourishing?

Can you post a link to where she said the sky will eat us if we don't throw money at it? It seems very important to you

Not sure if you're being sarcastic but yeah, it literally has. I've never spontaneously combusted or froze in my life. Climate change isn't a big deal yet, if ever. If it ever becomes a real issue, somebody will fix it.

Holy shit, found the triggered bitch that cant accept that all media is propaganda. That his social media accounts are just a tracked profile of himself used for advertisement targeting and loan receptancy. That his "edgy" waste on 4 chan is common script left by an unwoke retard.
>yeah bro, you're a faggot

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lol, 80% renewable here.

I can link you to the definition of hyperbole, would that help? The point is climate change believers say all sorts of stupid shit that almost immediately gets proven wrong and then they say some new shit trying to cover their previous bullshit and disguise it as new scientific data or some shit.

Have you ever replaced a wind turbine (anything) at 150-200ft off the ground and charged people $125 to $200 an hour for your services?
>learn how business works


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It was sarcasm, dont read into too much like you already did

That sounds very vague and like you can't back it up without making stuff up. Just be quiet please, adults are talking here.

>didnt understand hyperbole

>climate change believers say all sorts of stupid shit that almost immediately gets proven wrong

Sorry, didn't realize I was talking to a retard

>where its supposed to be.
No one can tell you with any certainty how the climate is "supposed to be". That's a philosophical question, not a scientific question.


>cowering under the bed because of muh climate boogeyman
Pick the bottom one, kiddo.

Ever bought a 5' x 5' solar panel and then realized the $900 you spent wont even charge your cellphone so you spend $10000 to cover your roof with solar panels that can only produce enough energy to run your vaccuum or microwave for 2 minutes?

it doesn't save a thing. she's literally a trained dog.

Like literally anything that comes out of their mouth for starters.

That's sad, I hoped I had found a fellow 200 IQ gentleman. Do me a solid and show me on the map where people are spontaneously combusting and freezing.

What? No user, just stop, no ones arguing with you and your IQ doesnt dictate the dumb shit you type.

Should be easy to name one example then

>Climate change isn't a big deal yet, if ever. If it ever becomes a real issue, somebody will fix it.
They're trying, and people who profit from destroying the environment are stopping them.


I would fuck the shit out of her , her pussy would be really tight , hnnnng.

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>no ones arguing with you
I know, it's sad. You guys never have any arguments against my statements. Still waiting on those spontaneous deaths due to climate change.

That CO2 that exists in the atmosphere is 110% its "normal" level
>disregard the 175% increase in CO2 each time any major volcanic activity happens.
Its humans!

I don't have any recent examples since there's only so many lies a man can take before he just stops listening but they've been saying since at least the 70s that the world is going to end in so-and-so years and it never happens. It's all just fearmongering.

Again, literally, it was sarcasm, youre the one trying to argue about spontaneous cold or hot spots due to global wabu, shut the fuck up dude. Your point is completely ignorant and invalid.

If it worked it wouldn't be called alternative energy.

>muh environment
It's the ENVIRONMENT, dude. It's not going anywhere and if it was, telling me to not eat meat and pay more taxes wouldn't stop it.

>at least since the 70s
Its been a lot longer, know of that one book...the bible?

Okay. I'll just jot this down as a win I guess.

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youre right

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So thats why alt anything sucks

Holy shit so fucking woke
You must have just seen the new joker movie, i too am an enlightened gamer

Never read it.


Yep, you win. Global warming is summerized by a garbage movie made in Hollywood

Stop blocking your ears and closing your eyes to reality.

Pffffft 600000, China contributes a lot more than what they can at the environment but no one including yourself will talk about that

plastic still sucks ass and is currently in the respiratory system of every living thing. Just cause it's not getting warmer currently doesn't mean that the way we treat the world is acceptable

I agree

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>but thats another story
This literally says it happens with major volcanic eruptions (which happen far more often than industrialization ever has)
Your point?

She has a hot accent and nice tits. Would fuck.

I wasn't but I'll do it and then undo it. Yep, everything looks exactly the same and climate change is still clearly a lie that's trying to waste my time and money.